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An intimate horoscope. Signs of the zodiac in bed and in love

It's not a secret for anyone that the zodiac signs in bed and in love manifest themselves in different ways. Having dealt with what wishes, habits and behaviors each one gives to each constellation of the person who was born under it, it is easy to diversify your sex life, to achieve complete mutual understanding with your partner. What kind of erotic fantasies people hide, what to expect from them?

Erotic horoscope: Aries

If love at first sight exists, then it was invented by representatives of fire signs, first of all Aries. Impulsiveness, impressionability, propensity to rash actions - all these qualities are clearly manifested in the beginning of relations. It is curious that instantly arisen passion is able to evaporate overnight, if the object in some way disappoints the lover.

These zodiac signs in bed are also capable of turning into real fire. However, this does not happen to casual partners, since Aries need spiritual closeness too. Having long-lasting relationships, they agree to experiments in sex, a portion of alcohol can simplify this task.

Erotic horoscope says that to drag Aries into bed is not so easy. The potential partner must have an attractive appearance, demonstrate a lively mind and a high social status. The longer this sign of the zodiac experiences sexual attraction to the object of love, the more likely the relationship will turn into a long-term relationship. Cooling in the intimate sphere for Aries often means the completion of the novel.

People who are affected by this sign should not have a long-term relationship with Pisces or Capricorn. The ideal choice for them can be Sagittarius, Lions.

How Taurus behaves

Unlike the Aries, which are described above, the Taurus fall in love extremely slowly. It is necessary to give them time to discover their own feelings and accept them. The patient object of their love is rewarded by the faithfulness of Taurus, by its propensity for tenderness and romance. It is interesting that all these qualities are demonstrated only in private with the chosen one, because people who are born under this constellation are not inclined to show their feelings "in public".

The erotic horoscope says that Taurus perceives sex as a road at the end of which an orgasm awaits. They are not able to feel happy, having lost a stable sexual detente. In bed, the representatives of this sign behave like real experimenters, despite some conservatism in life. They can not be denied proximity - the main thing that a partner must learn. The rejected Taurus will feel betrayed, may even suspect the chosen one of treason.

Sagittarius and Taurus are a couple in which consent rarely reigns. The same can be said about the union of representatives of this constellation with the Lions, Aquarians, Scorpions. It is best for them to associate life with Cancers, Pisces, Virgins, and relationships with Capricorns are strong.

What to expect from Gemini

Superficial love, unfortunately, is typical of Gemini, so their lover will not soon be able to relax and believe in the reliability of the relationship. They quickly light up, cool down even faster, feeling the first hint of boredom or having seen a more attractive object nearby. Gemini has pluses: caring, tenderness.

Domination in bed plays an important role for them - as the horoscope affirms. Twins-men will never let the partner lead. They gladly agree to any experiments, including the most exotic. It is the representatives of this sign that it is easiest to entice into the store "for adults", to convince to connect erotic toys to intimate games. Do not turn off the light, going to bed with such a person, he prefers to see his "sacrifice".

A long prelude is mandatory - so learns a horoscope. Twins-women will never agree to miss the most beloved part of their sexual relationship. But these ladies are able to indulge in love in any situation, little things like candles, silk sheets for them do not play a special role. Young ladies-Gemini, like men, are open to experimentation, they gladly learn new things. Women who are born under this constellation prefer to indulge in erotic games often, so the cold partners are not for them.

Strangely enough, Gemini is best to pay attention to the Capricorn and the Rakov, able to balance them, to restrain them. Their alliances with representatives of the air and fire elements quickly disintegrate.

Cancer and sex

Dreaminess, romanticism, lightheadedness are qualities by which it is easy to recognize Cancer. A person born under this constellation dreams of perfect love, but is inclined to hide feelings for a long time. Chosen Cancer will have to take the initiative in their own hands, in return, he can rely on care and warmth.

Compliments are what they love to get these zodiac signs in bed with a lover. The more often the man-Cancer is praised, the more he tries to please the partner. These guys rarely try to persuade the chosen one to have sex, coming on the first date, they tend to patience. In intimate games, they can show some aggressiveness, show a love of domination. Women who are with them in bed, will do the right thing if the leadership relaxes and trusts them.

An intimate horoscope testifies that ladies-Cancers in bed are prone to shyness, during the first intimacy they demonstrate the stiffness, which in time passes. This does not prevent them from dreaming of reaching a violent orgasm, to which they gradually move. Women-Cancers are not alien to a certain egoism, they are primarily concerned about their own detente, giving the partner pleasure of secondary importance.

Strictly they do not fit Scales, you can count on a long alliance with Pisces, Scorpions.

In bed with the Lions

Muddling is the word that best describes the choice of a sexual partner by Leo. Representatives of this sign are seriously interested in only a bright personality, in the chosen one they want to see confidence and strength. Having fallen in love, Leo will not wait for the initiative from the object of his passion. He will certainly seek to achieve his or her own, with his own arms, making romantic gestures.

How do these signs of the zodiac show up in bed? Men want to constantly hear about how good they are in the role of lovers. The partner should extol the experience, sensitivity, caring and other positive qualities of his chosen one. Such guys are painfully experiencing any hint of a fiasco. Lions rarely change their women, on others they prefer only to admire, without going further than this.

Lionesses easily seduce men who attract their attention, as they have no equal in the art of flirting. Caught in bed with such a young lady, often her partners feel disappointed. Women born under this sign are unable to give themselves up to feelings, their appearance is always of paramount importance to them. Therefore, their chosen ones are forced to adjust to their desires, to have sex in poses, in which they look as good as possible.

Capricorn and Leo - an alliance whose future is difficult to predict. Full harmony will prevail in the relations of the representatives of this sign with Aries, Sagittarius. From Dev and Aquarius they should stay away.

How Virgo behave

Virgo are creatures in which sensuality is surprisingly juxtaposed with coldness. It is not surprising that people born under such a sign often show uncertainty on the love front, from which it is difficult for them to get rid of. To give oneself up to feelings is hampered by the voice of reason, speaking to the place and out of place. But the patient partner is able to awaken in them a burning fire, to achieve reliability and fidelity.

How do the zodiac signs behave in bed? With Virgo, you should not contact those who expect short-term relationships. They go to bed only with the chosen ones, too respecting themselves for entering into fleeting connections. Those who do not try to persuade them to have sex at the first meeting, at the end of the path, will receive a reward.

Men and women, born under this constellation, seem conservative. In fact, they avoid standard poses in intimate relationships, categorically reject the scenarios. They are able to provide partners with unforgettable sensations, welcome an unconventional approach on their part.

Virgos are advised to avoid Aquarius, Scorpio. They come first of all Taurus and Capricorn.

What to expect from Libra

The charm, born from the birth of almost all Libra, provides them with a wide range of fans. Do not expect that they will get carried away at first sight, the representatives of this sign do not belong to the number of conquerors. In the relationship of a man and a woman, governed by this constellation, they expect equality rather than passion. They will have to be achieved, which can take a lot of time.

What about their sexual habits tell a horoscope? Male scales fascinate partners with not developed muscles, but with a flexible mind. They are always ready to compromise. Such guys in intimate games appreciate a long prelude, are ready to explore every centimeter of the body of the "victim", getting rid of their "hunger". They do not give up any kind of caresses, with enthusiasm embark on the realization of the most exotic fantasies of the partner.

What about the female intimate preferences will tell a horoscope? Libra ladies also love love games. Counting on sexual contact, partners should definitely spend time decorating the bedroom. In men, they above all value the experience, the ability to give pleasure. Helping her help refinement and refinement, they evaluate everything, even underwear, which is worn on the chosen one. Conservatives should not seek the company of such ladies.

Categorically not suitable Virgo and Cancer, there is a future in novels with Aquarius, Gemini.

How the Scorpios show themselves

Strong love is a typical condition for Scorpios. Representatives of this sign are not familiar with the half measures, falling in love, they are trying to become the main partner, to subdue all his thoughts and desires. Legibility, unfortunately, is not among their best qualities, Scorpios tend to fleeting novels. This does not mean that people who obey this constellation are not capable of loyalty. To this they can inspire true love.

How do the zodiac signs behave in bed? Caught in bed with a Scorpion boy, any young lady will not soon want to leave her. These men above all put an orgasm partner, they are not able to achieve relaxation, not hearing her groans and screams. Communication with them is recommended for those who want to pass a master class for free in the sensory sphere. It is interesting that every night spent with them is not like the past or the next.

How do signs of the zodiac in sex, when it comes to women? Passion, tirelessness - all these qualities are the young Scorpions. They like pre-inflaming themselves and a partner, exchanging intimate pictures with him, messages containing erotic promises. Whatever fantasy may appear at the chosen one, they are ready to make it into reality with pleasure.

First of all Scorpios should avoid representatives of their sign. A wonderful future promises them a relationship with Pisces, Cancers.

What is known about Sagittarius

With Sagittarius, you should not mess with someone who is too serious about love and is not ready to compare it with the adventure. Above all they value the pleasure of the process of conquering the person they liked. Having achieved the goal, they are able to immediately get carried away by another object. Do not limit their freedom, no matter how long the relationship lasted. In the partners of these people, independence primarily attracts.

What warns horoscope? A Sagittarius man is one who in any sphere can embrace passion. He rarely surrenders to exotic fantasies, preferring proven techniques. However, it is easy to convince him to try something new in sex. Seducing him easily, wearing erotic stockings and shoes with stilettos. A long foreplay is welcome.

Life-loving ladies-Sagittarius rarely remain without admiring admirers. Their ability to enjoy life is vividly manifested in sex. Such young ladies more than men born under this sign are prone to experiments, they like to invent new tricks and immediately use them. In intimate games, the most important result for them, so a long prelude is not so necessary.

Sagittarius and Taurus will constantly conflict with each other, since the former strives for freedom, and the second loves to control others. A suitable choice is Lions, Aries, there are no prospects with Virgins, Gemini.

If partner is Capricorn

At first acquaintance, Capricorns give the impression of cold, dispassionate people. They are really inclined to struggle long and hard with the feelings that embrace them, therefore patience is expected from potential partners. What else is horoscope signals? Capricorn - a man who is characterized by sensitivity and vulnerability, he is hard to survive betrayal, afraid to show emotions.

Capricorn in bed turns into a hungry beast, which is difficult to get enough. Such men like to manage partners, so do not be surprised if they want to use ropes. Women who agree to enter into contact with them often have to agree to the poses they choose. Interestingly, the guys born under this constellation like to cause discomfort, enjoy the contemplation of submission to their strength.

What about women says a horoscope? Capricorn-lady is also prone to domination. She is always aware of her desires and tries to translate them into reality. From a man such a young lady is waiting for tirelessness and submission, she should not refuse to continue if she insists on it. The position for Capricorns does not matter, they are comfortable in almost any position. It is possible that a woman will want to cause physical pain to her partner.

Capricorn and Leo - a couple that is likely to have to part. Not recommended for such signs and alliances with Pisces, Libra. Everything can turn out in a relationship with the Virgin, Taurus.

How Aquarians behave

The object of Aquarius love is rarely a person who exists in reality. They tend to idealize a real partner, which often causes them to suffer, experiencing frustration. Long-lasting communication is something that it is difficult for them to decide, Aquarians prefer light intrigues. To awaken feelings in them will be possible only to those who first make friends with them.

How does a man-Aquarius go to bed? Sexual compatibility is the moment from which his relationships with women practically do not depend. Rather, these guys are captivated by the inner world of the chosen one, they want to understand it. Do not think that men who have come into the world under this constellation are completely indifferent to sex. They are easy to excite, offering to experience something unusual and new, they are a real find for experimenters. No wonder they say that the appearance of the Kamasutra is due to this sign of the zodiac.

What does the horoscope say about the beautiful field? Aquarius-woman does not imagine a prelude without kisses. She needs to know that the partner is interested in her as a person. Hardly she will turn into a lump of passion, tearing clothes on the chosen one. But if desired, these ladies are able to pretend to be real tigresses. Sex is not a weapon that helps to keep them from leaving. Rather, the community of interests and the absence of encroachments on freedom are important. What else will tell horoscope? A woman-like aquarius, like a man, welcomes any experiments.

It's great if they do not get in touch with the Scorpions. Gemini, Libra is perfect for such signs.

Pisces - what are they lovers

The beginning of a new relationship is the stage on which many Pisces stumble. Indecision hinders the representatives of this sign to make the rapprochement first, therefore they are often limited to platonic love. Recognize the love that has engulfed them is very simple by such signs as dreaminess, absent-mindedness. They are easily inferior to the elected leadership in the relationship.

What does a horoscope say? The man who came into the world under this constellation above all else is satisfied with the object of his passion. Her orgasm is an indispensable condition for his pleasure. In a love game with these guys it's difficult to compete, they conquer with tenderness and romanticism. Experiments are something that Pisces solves with difficulty, preferring proven techniques. It is curious that these men are prone to masochism, easily allow themselves to be tortured.

How do the signs of the zodiac in sex, if it comes to a beautiful field? Intimacy for women-fishes plays a secondary role. They never let strangers into their bedroom, they hate to discuss their relationship. Like men, the ladies who are governed by this sign adore "serving" in bed, fulfilling the slightest whims of the chosen one. Often, they choose the "rider" pose, which provides the partner with maximum relaxation. Own pleasure for such young ladies again.

They have no future relationship with Aries, Capricorns. Welcome novels with Scorpions, Cancers.

What else do you need to know

Does the eastern horoscope affect the sexual behavior of the zodiac signs? Is it important in what year was born a partner? Studies repeatedly conducted by astrologers show that intimate habits and desires are determined primarily by a constellation that controls one or another person. This allows us to state that the eastern horoscope is secondary.

Is it worth to believe the predictions of astrologers and in advance to sever relations with "unsuitable" partners? Or is true love capable of defeating any arising obstacles? Everyone should look for answers to these questions on their own.

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