What is platonic love

Love. How many have this feeling of a person? There is a love for the mother, for the motherland, for her child, her husband, for the wise, unrequited, and so on. However, there is another kind of feeling called platonic love. It is a special relationship between partners. Such love does not mean having sexual relations. The very concept of "Platonic love" appeared even before our era. This feeling bears the name of the most famous philosopher in ancient Greece. The sage was called Plato. This person is known for writing an essay called "Feast". One of the heroes of this story talks about very high relations. It was Plato who first suggested that the most ideal love does not need the sexual contact of both partners.

Previously, the concept of platonic love implied a special attitude of the Sage to his disciples. Now it is very difficult to understand this topic and understand how you can love your students who want to learn from a teacher of wisdom. Plato called such feelings spiritual. In the dialogue of Pausanias it was said that a country that will accept such love will develop and prosper at all times. Everyone knows that the philosopher was very romantic. He always said that love has many manifestations, and it hides under the mask of the so-called Eros of the earthly and spiritual. All people try to find their pleasure only in sexual relations. As for a more subtle and spiritual contact between partners, it has long been lost. People commit serious acts for the sake of love, often without even realizing that their feelings are ordinary lust. The strangeness of the love of the era of Plato does not end there.

So, as was said above, Platonic love is a feeling based on the spiritual interconnection of people. There is not a drop of eroticism or sex in it. There are several signs characteristic of such love. For example, Platonic love does not depend on the appearance of lovers, their age and the like. People simply feel a special connection with each other. They spend a lot of time together. And it's good for both of them. They enjoy such relationships, which are based, first of all, on mutual understanding.

It is interesting that in the eastern countries there is still a real platonic love. These feelings are experienced by each other teachers and students who study the art of yoga. Without such a connection, it is simply impossible to convey the most intimate and secret knowledge.

At present, the best example of platonic relationships is the love of Stephanie Meyer and her husband. They met when the girl was fifteen. The young people got married six years later. All that time they were united only by spiritual relations. In the life of a girl and a boy, there was no place for sexual intercourse. Now Mayer is a very famous writer. The couple have three children. The whole philosophy of such relations the woman transferred to her books. This literature has been translated into almost forty languages of the world. The very first novel of this writer in our country came out seven years ago.

Perhaps for someone platonic love sounds like nonsense. However, in our time such relations exist. It is enough to look around. There are still people on the planet for whom sex does not matter. Between them there is something more than ordinary sexual contact. This connection is at the highest spiritual level. In any case, what kind of relationship to choose for yourself, it's up to the person himself. What exactly he will prefer, how he will build life and develop feelings for his second half, for strangers will remain a mystery forever.

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