What does a man want from a woman?

What does a man want? The question, it would seem, is simple. Many believe that the way to his heart must pass through the stomach. Others think that "they only need one." But not everything is as predictable as it seems at first glance.

Of course, all men are different. But there are some aspects that are important for almost all members of the stronger sex.

So, what does a man want from a woman?

Caress and attention

Many women, alas, are dependent on stereotypes. But it is better to destroy them if you really want to achieve good relations with your chosen one. Men dream of sincere and frank caress, of tenderness and care. Yes, not only about sex. For them, the emotional coloring of this action is important.

Attention is also required to male representatives. No less than women. It is important for them to feel important and loved. Give your man to understand that you need him and that he is wonderful. Try to criticize less and praise more. You will see startling changes in your relationship. Therefore, communication with a man must necessarily contain praise.


Every person, regardless of gender, wants to be himself. That is, to say and do exactly what he thinks is necessary, and not try to adapt himself to some image. Try to think sometimes from the position of a man. Why does he do this?

Comfort and comfort

What does a man want when he comes home? Of course, to see a beloved woman who is in a good mood. Men like it when the atmosphere of coziness and warmth reigns in the house. And, of course, when the apartment is in order.


Every person, clearly or subconsciously, feels the need for love. And men - including. It is important for them to know that in this vast world there is someone who loves, appreciates and accepts them as they are. Without any "but" and "if." With all the advantages and disadvantages. It is important for a man to understand that he is not loved for beauty, not for a fat wallet, not for a sense of humor. And just for what it is. And, of course, to feel love is a great happiness.


Well, where without it. But it's not about banal coitus for purely physical needs. It means real sex - bright, colored by emotions, feelings and sensations. Naturally, there is a difference between affinity for love and sympathy. Sex with a loved one will never compare with the second option. After all, such proximity several times strengthens the sensations from every touch, word and movement. What does a man want in sex? First of all - initiatives. It is important for him to know that this is not only for him. And that the woman also enjoys. And for this, she needs to understand what she wants. At least approximately. And talk or hint at it. Men are also interested in the desire to experiment and sincerity.

Personal space

What does a man want? Sometimes he needs to spend time alone. And not because you are bored with him, he does not appreciate you and does not want to see you. No, he just needs time for reflection. And at such times it is better not to bother him. If you want to reduce the number of quarrels in your pair, try to treat with understanding this feature of the stronger sex.

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