How to charm a girl

In the distant past, girls were deprived of the right to vote when it came to choosing a life partner. First, a woman was simply taken away by a man whom she liked, then her parents decided with whom she should be legally married. And only closer to the middle of the 20th century the ladies already had the right to choose themselves, with whom they should bind their destiny.

Now, men have to make a lot of effort to win the favorite beauty, so already in their teens, the guys are asking themselves how to charm the girl they secretly sigh.

At first glance, it seems that it is simple and easy and does not require special knowledge, but is it really so? Unfortunately, many guys do not even know how to behave properly in the presence of a girl they liked. Some are lost and are silent, others start to bear a nonsense and this pushes away the young lady from themselves, and the third and at all do not know how to begin conversation, and and remain aside.

Perhaps, for this reason, there are so many courses and other training activities that give the chance to the guys who do not know how to charm the girl, to learn the basics of the right behavior with the ladies. In many respects, of course, this helps the children to comprehend the art of seduction of women and to find out what girls of the stronger sex want to see.

One can say with certainty that all these trainings are unlikely to open a new secret, how to charm a girl. How correctly men say: "All women from another planet." So, we can safely say that we all have absolutely identical criteria that allow us to assess men from the point of view of fitness for the role of "prince" of girlish dreams.

So, first of all you need to pay attention to the appearance. It is naive to assume that only girls should be careful to dress stylishly and neatly. Women also pay attention to the "wrapper", like men. Nobody says that clothes should be exclusively branded and expensive, the main thing - it should be at least clean and neat.

Those who know how to attract a woman are absolutely sure that the smell that comes from a man plays a significant role for the fair sex. It is very important that it is not the smell of sweat or cheap triple cologne. Yes, it is the aroma of good toilet water, without any admixture of sweat and bad breath, that can upset the woman's mind.

After the first impression of the woman you have already produced, it's time to start a conversation. This is perhaps the main point, which plays a decisive role in attracting the attention of the girl. It's not a secret for anyone that young ladies do not like banal phrases with which almost unfamiliar guys approach them almost every day, so delete from your lexicon "remarks" like "what time?", "But can I meet you?" etc. Be original and use your sense of humor (really want to believe that you have it). Funny phrases that will make a girl a good smile or at least grin, will help those who are looking for a way how to charm a girl.

After you were able to meet the girl of your dreams and you got into a conversation, it's time to think about inviting her on a date.

On the one hand, everyone keeps saying that you should not force events, but remember that young ladies do not like it anymore when guys are tightening up and do not show interest in their person.

Of course, you should not be persistent and, being alone with her, only think about how to seduce a girl. However, you must be ready to accept a horizontal position very soon. And in this case you just need to show your best qualities of a courteous and attentive gentleman.

If a man takes care of a girl, is interested in her affairs, as much as possible puts her strong male shoulder in a difficult moment and plus everything gives her unforgettable moments of pleasure from physical intimacy, then it is safe to say that very soon the young lady will not be so fascinated, And the ears are in love with such a hero.

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