How justified purchase of a fur coat from a chinchilla

All women dream of a new fur coat - this stereotype has long been formed in the minds of most men, and I must say, not without reason. Of course, not every woman dreams of a new fur cloak: for some, it is generally unacceptable to carry the pieces of killed animals on herself, someone prefers sheepskin coats. But most still want to buy a new beautiful fur coat.

Fur coat

Fur coats from chinchilla are not available to all buyers. For example, a mink in the floor can be bought for 100-150 thousand rubles., A sheepskin coat from a rabbit for 20 thousand rubles. A coat of chinchilla will cost 60-80 thousand dollars - for most people, this price seems excessive for a thing with a 2-3 year old. This is an average figure, but in fact, cheaper models can be fake or sewn from skins not of the best quality.

What does a chinchilla fur coat look like? The photo below shows a real classic model: natural contrasting fur color from white to light gray and saturated black. This skin does not even need to be painted, although in rare cases the product is painted. But most often prefer to leave everything in its natural form, while the most expensive are considered to be more contrasting furs.

Why are people willing to pay that kind of money? It's not just a matter of showing your status and financial viability, although this plays an important role. Just a chinchilla coat is very light, warm and airy, you can put it on a thin blouse, and still it will be warm in the street. No fur can compare with it, others even if they are not inferior in terms of the degree of heat conservation, but still many times heavier.

How to care

Once again we remind that this is a premium-class thing. And if you have enough money to buy a fur coat from chinchilla, then even more can be allocated a certain amount for professional cleaning. The thing is that the fur of this animal is not as durable as, say, the mink, and not so strong and toe as the beaver. Therefore, it is very easy to spoil it with careless handling, even the removal of excess moisture is recommended to be carried out with a special brush, having previously done these procedures on the lapels from the wrong side, in order to exclude the possibility of damage to the valuable skin.

And this is only in exceptional cases, the fur coat does not need to be wetted, and it is not intended to be worn for every day. It is, rather, a luxury item that is purchased for public appearances.

How many chinchillas do you need for a fur coat? How to recognize a fake

Many women, when they learn the number of animals that have gone to the skin, refuse to purchase. Even if the lady is not in the "green" organizations, she may not like to carry on her shoulders a whole cemetery. And the arithmetic is very simple.

Fur coats from chinchilla sew different lengths, and the required number of skins will depend on it. But even if we take into account the minimum, counting on a short sheepskin coat, we get the following: animals have a length of 19-38 cm (depends on the breed, smaller ones are more expensive), so even the largest ones need at least 60. Plus, a percentage goes to Marriage, so they take it with a margin. Plus, select the color, which also leads to an increase in the total. Plus, you can not always buy big ones. So a short sheepskin coat is sewn when there are about 100-120 skins in stock.

For a longer, more expensive and exclusive product can go and 250-300 skins.

We talked about the price of 60 thousand dollars, but in the fur salons you can find a thing from this valuable fur and for 4-10 thousand dollars. Can furs from chinchilla cost so cheaply?

In rare cases, they can: for example, if the interior itself is engaged in tailoring and buys skins inexpensively from local producers. What kind of quality they will be, this is another matter. But the real thing of the premium class, even on sales days can not be so much.

Still there is an option to run into a fake. In fact, now in every fur shop you can find a thing marked "Chinchilla Rex". Cough sellers will tell you that this is such a kind of chinchilla. But in fact, this is the kind of rabbit that the Chinese breeders brought out specifically "under the chinchilla." Things from this fur are much cheaper, and they are in demand. But in a good store you will be presented with such a product as a fur coat from a rabbit "rex", and unscrupulous will try to pass it off for a real fur coat of chinchilla. Distinguish them simply: the fur of the chinchilla to the touch is very soft, almost down. The rabbit is tougher, while the thing is made of large skins. Although sometimes cunning even when sewing - specially cut rabbit skins into small pieces.

Chinchilla fur coat: customer reviews

About good reviews we will not say: any woman in such a fur coat feels like a queen, and the surrounding look at her the same way. And yet it is warm, easy and convenient.

But there are many negative points:

  1. Unjustifiably expensive: coats of chinchilla are worth a lot, but they do not last long.
  2. A large number of skins for tailoring - for some this is a decisive factor in the direction of refusal of purchase.
  3. Fur coats from chinchilla quickly lose their appearance: the outer hairs are broken off, fur is salted, and stuck areas appear.
  4. Big risk to buy a fake.

All these negative reviews are not an excuse to refuse to buy, but remember that you are buying a thing for publication, not for daily wear.

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