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The most delicious roll in the world

Many Russians are happy to visit Japanese restaurants to eat there rolls and sushi. However, many popular dishes can be easily prepared and at home. From our article you will learn how to cook yourself the most delicious roll and surprise the loved ones with the original dish.


The most delicious roll in the world can be found in all restaurants of ready-made Japanese food. This dish appeared in the United States in the 70s of the last century, and since then many options for its preparation have been invented. For this dish you will need the following products:

  • Rice for sushi (round) - 350 grams.
  • Water - 360 ml.
  • Nori leaves.
  • Caviar of flying fish.
  • Crab meat.
  • Avocado.
  • Japanese mayonnaise.

The most delicious roll in the world, the photo of which you see on this page, is prepared as follows:

  • Boil rice in water as described on the package.
  • Spread on the working surface of the table a mat to fold the rolls and wrap it with food film. This step will save you from washing the equipment after cooking.
  • Cut the nori sheet in half and place it shiny side down.
  • Peel the avocado from the peel and cut the pulp with thin slabs.
  • Defrost the crab meat into fibers.
  • Moisten your fingers in the water and lay the rice on the base with a thin layer, leaving one edge of the sheet free.
  • After that, apply rice to the caviar.
  • Carefully flip the nori.
  • Now you can lay out the filling - first slices of avocado, and then crab meat. Lubricate the products with mayonnaise.
  • Use a mat to tightly roll the roll so that the filling is inside and the rice is outside.
  • Give the workpiece a round, square or triangular shape.
  • Dampen the knife in cold water, and then cut the roll into eight equal parts.

Put the dish on a rectangular plate and serve to a table with soy sauce.

The most delicious roll "Philadelphia"

A gentle combination of salmon and cream cheese is loved by gourmets all over the world. Therefore, we suggest you learn how to cook it at home. We are sure that your guests will be delighted with this popular Japanese dish.

Required products:

  • 350 grams of rice for sushi.
  • 360 ml of water.
  • Slightly salted fish (salmon, salmon or trout).
  • Philadelphia cheese".

To prepare the most delicious roll, carefully read the following recipe:

  • Boil rice in water until done.
  • Nori sheet cut in half.
  • Cover the mat with food film.
  • Cut the fish into thin wide plates - try to keep them the same thickness.
  • Place the sheet glossy side down and apply a thin layer of rice on it. For convenience, wet your fingers in water.
  • Cover the workpiece with the free edge of the mat, gently press it and turn it over. Now the rice should be at the bottom, and the nori at the top.
  • Lay the cheese in the center of the sheet, leaving the edges of the base free.
  • Roll a mat with a mat and roll it over the table a few times. This is necessary to ensure that the billet is sufficiently dense.
  • Put the slices of fish on the mat close to each other and wrap them in a roll.
  • Cut the workpiece into several pieces with a very sharp knife.

Beautifully arrange the rolls on a platter and serve to the table.


Another popular dish is worthy of the fact that you have learned to cook it in your kitchen. To prepare the most delicious roll, photo of which we placed on this page, please stock up with such products:

  • Avocado.
  • Philadelphia cheese".
  • Cucumber.
  • Crab meat.
  • Sesame.
  • Rice for sushi.
  • Wasabi.
  • Nori sheet.

The recipe for cooking roll read here:

  • Boil rice by checking your actions with the instructions on the package.
  • Prepare the mat and put a base sheet on it.
  • Cut the cucumber and avocado into long slices.
  • Crab meat thaw, and then tear it into thin fibers.
  • Spread evenly warm rice and sprinkle it with sesame dried in a frying pan.
  • Carefully turn the workpiece over.
  • In the middle horizontally lay the cheese. If you like a piquant taste, then first brush the center of the wasabi leaf.
  • Put the prepared stuffing on the cheese.
  • Tightly roll the roll, and then cut it into eight equal parts.

This dish can be prepared with other products. For example, in the filling you can add salad leaves or green onion feathers. You can also replace crab meat with shrimp or fish.


How to cook the most delicious roll? Some connoisseurs of Japanese cuisine believe that the best achievement is the roll "Canada". For him we need the following ingredients:

  • Slightly salted salmon or trout.
  • Smoked eel.
  • Cream cheese.
  • Cucumber.
  • Nori leaves.
  • Rice for sushi.

And we will prepare a popular roll like this:

  • Cut the nori in half and put it on a mat wrapped with food film. Do not forget that the bottom should be a glossy side.
  • Leave from the edge of the leaf for about one centimeter and lay out the rest of the boiled rice.
  • Next, you need to turn the workpiece gently.
  • In the middle of the sheet, put slices of cucumber, salmon and cheese.
  • Roll the roll more tightly, and then roll it on the table for a while.
  • Eat cut into wide plates and put slices on the edge of the mat. Then use a mat to wrap the roll in them.

Cut the workpiece into the same parts with a knife, previously soaked in cold water.


Another original recipe in your culinary treasury:

  • Spread the warm Japanese rice on the nori sheet.
  • Cover the layer with Masaga caviar and flip the workpiece.
  • In the center of the leaf, put cream cheese and strips of salted salmon. Long edges of the base do not need to be occupied
  • Roll the roll, gently press it with your hands, roll it on the table, and then cut it into several pieces.
  • To prepare the sauce, mix the crushed scallop, tobiko caviar and mayonnaise.

Lay the rolls on a dish and decorate their surface with sauce.

The most delicious roll. Reviews

Fans of Japanese cuisine believe that these popular rolls can be prepared for a friendly party, have lunch at work or treat guests to a dinner party. They argue that this dish is easily prepared at home and does not require the chef special knowledge or skills. Therefore, carefully read our recipes and please your loved ones with new tastes.

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