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The stomach aches after monthly as before monthly: the basic reasons and treatment

The structure of the female body and the functioning of the reproductive organs involves a monthly bleeding. During such discharges, the uterine lining of the uterus - the endometrium - is rejected and comes out. Often this process is accompanied by painful sensations. But it also happens that the representatives of the weaker sex complain of malaise after menstruation. Today's article will tell you about why the stomach hurts after menstruation, as before the menstrual period.

Natural process: ovulation

Why does my stomach ache after menstruation? The cause of this symptom may be natural or pathological. The first kind is ovulation. For some of the fairer sex, she can attack already on the 7th day after the start of a new cycle. This often happens with a short female period, which lasts less than 21-25 days.

During ovulation, the follicle breaks, causing tension and drawing pain. Unpleasant sensations are not too intense, they can be tolerated. Pain lasts for several hours. If the malaise persists for more than a day, then the main reasons lie in the other. Most likely, speech in your case is about a pathology.

Inflammation of the genitals

Many women throughout life face such diagnoses as "endometritis," "metritis," "salpingitis," "adnexitis," "cervicitis," "vaginitis," and so on. All of them talk about a pathological process in the field of reproductive organs - inflammation. The main symptom in this case is the following symptom: the stomach aches after monthly, as before monthly. The woman experiences pulling, bursting sensations, quite often discomfort brings sexual intercourse. No wonder: the organs became inflamed and increased in size.

Only the specialist can determine the nature of pathology. For this, a woman needs to pass some tests. Most often, the problem is caused by bacteria. In this case, the course of antibiotics is prescribed. If the cause lies in a viral infection, then immunomodulators are used. Drugs prescribed for women in these cases: "Wilprafen", "Azithromycin", "Suprax", "Isoprinosine", "Terzhinan", "Klion D" and many others. Do not take them yourself!

Neoplasms and benign tumors

Often a woman is faced with the fact that she has a stomach ache after menstruation, both before and during menstruation. Such a sign may indicate a neoplasm. Often the discomfort is caused by the myoma. At the same time, its size should be serious if pain occurs. The lower abdomen can pull with polyps, cysts on the ovaries. All these pathologies are detected with standard gynecological examinations. Also, endometriosis can deliver painful sensations. This disease is difficult to detect and confirm.

Treatment in these cases is chosen individually. For example, endometrial polyps require gynecological curettage. If it is a question of a myoma, then use the newest method: overlap the uterine artery. Cysts are treated medically or surgically (depending on the type of neoplasm). Endometriosis often requires surgical intervention. All these pathologies suggest hormonal correction.

Oncological disease

Why does a woman have a lower abdomen after months ? The cause of the ailment can be quite serious: a malignant tumor. It is diagnosed in about one woman out of ten (with complaints of pain in the abdomen). The tumor can be located anywhere: the uterus, fallopian tubes, the vagina, the intestines, the abdominal cavity and so on. To establish reliably its presence will help such studies as computed tomography or MRI. Sometimes it is indicative and ultrasound.

The treatment is as follows. For a start, the tumor must be removed with the help of surgical methods. After this, the woman is prescribed chemotherapy and radiation. The further corrective scheme is selected individually according to the results of the histological examination.

Pregnancy and the threat of its stalling

Why does my stomach and lower back ache after months? The reason may be hidden in the new position of a woman who is of a weaker sex. If menstruation started earlier or, on the contrary, came late, and also you noticed the scarcity of excreta, then such an outcome of events is not excluded.

During pregnancy (especially in its early stages), detachment of the fetal egg may occur . The resulting hematoma subsequently resolves or flows through the vagina. The second case involves bleeding. Also, the discharge appears when the fetal egg is implanted. If you noted an unusual menstruation, after which the sensations in the abdomen and lower back persist, then check for pregnancy.

Malfunctions in the digestive system

If the lower abdomen hurts after months, the cause is not always hidden in gynecology. Perhaps you have problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Remember when you last committed an act of defecation. If there is constipation, then you need to take laxatives. The safest are "Dufalac", "Guttalax", "Mikrolaks". With diarrhea, on the contrary, it is worth using drugs that strengthen the intestines: Imodium, Loperamide. Be sure to revise your diet. If other symptoms are added to the abdominal pain (fever, nausea, vomiting), then it may be an appendicitis or an acute intestinal infection. In such situations, only the doctor can find out the main causes of the ailment. Contact your doctor for an individual appointment.

The stomach or belly after monthly (as before monthly) hurts: treatment

How can you adjust your bad health? If you are talking about symptomatic treatment, then any painkillers or antispasmodics will do: No-Shpa, Papazol, Ibuprofen, Analgin, and so on. But you need to take them very carefully. Many drugs are contraindicated in pregnancy. Do not use painkillers if you are not sure of the cause of the ailment, because such drugs can lubricate the clinical picture of the disease.

If the abdomen hurts after menstruation, refrain from physical exertion, rest more. Eat healthy food, do not drink alcohol and fat. You can use a home warmer, putting it on the lower part of the stomach. If the house is cold, you must wear warm socks. Brew for yourself soothing and anti-inflammatory herbs: chamomile, sage, calendula. Be sure to show your doctor if you have a stomach ache after months (as before monthly) and discharge with an unpleasant odor.


From the article you were able to find out the main reasons why the stomach after menstruation, as before it, can hurt. Not always it is a question of a pathology. If the previous cycle was without ovulation, then the formation of functional cysts is possible. They cause discomfort at large sizes, but do not pose any danger. In a few weeks the cyst disappears. But to be sure of your health, you need to see the doctor. Do not guess on the coffee grounds, why do you have a stomach ache. Visit the gynecologist and get an individual consultation. Good health to you!

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