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Spiral "Multiload" - effective contraception!

Many women who are in reproductive age or have already given birth, think about protection. You need to take care of your health. Methods of contraception in our time there is a great variety, but none of them gives an absolute guarantee that pregnancy will not come. This is possible only with complete abstinence from sexual activity. It's clear that this method does not fit a modern girl, and she thinks about what method of protection she should choose.

Very popular now is the intrauterine device "Multiload". It is very effective. Caps, diaphragms, patches, hormonal contraceptives, condoms - these are available in our time, methods of contraception, but more often women choose intrauterine spirals "Multiload."

They protect against unwanted pregnancy by 98%. Most often they are made of plastic or copper alloy. Principle of action: the spiral "Multiload" is inserted into the uterus and prevents the penetration of cells into it. Even with a properly installed spiral, conception may occur, but a fertilized cage can not reach the uterine cavity and cease to develop. Many women because of this consider the spiral "Multiload" abortive contraceptive. In addition, the cervix is always slightly ajar because of the way it is protected, and this can lead to infection.

The length of the spiral should be determined by the doctor. The patient first comes to a gynecological examination, where the specialist determines whether it is possible to put the "Multiload" spiral. Its price varies, but on average it costs about a hundred dollars. If a woman does not have any health problems, the tests are good, the doctor introduces a contraceptive. It is better to install it after the menstrual period or during them, since the cervix is open at this time, and the "Multiload" spiral can be easily installed.

After a cesarean section, the spiral can be established after about 12 weeks, if there are no complications.

Spiral "Multiload". Act

When a safety object is introduced, oxidation of copper atoms begins, which dissolve in the intrauterine medium. It is absolutely safe and does not increase the level of copper in the blood.

Side effects

Often when using a spiral, unpleasant moments can also arise. For example, menstruation can become more prolonged and painful, there will be aching pains in the lower abdomen. Do not forget that every five years the spiral must be changed. If a woman has inflammation of the organs or severe pain, you must immediately remove it and try another method of preventing pregnancy.

In any case, you need to find out everything about the spiral of the treating doctor-gynecologist. Only he is able to determine whether it is possible to put a spiral or not, which one is better to use and when to install. Be sure to protect yourself if you do not want to get pregnant, because it's better to think about this in advance than to do abortions and suffer from a perfect deed. Be healthy and protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy.

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