How to choose a sectional gate?

If you have a question of choosing a gate for your garage, first of all decide on the main characteristics that they should meet. What is more important for you - value, convenience or free space? The list of options on the market is quite diverse, so you can choose the most suitable for you.

The sectional gates occupy their particular niche due to their ease of use. They differ from other species primarily in the canvas, which is assembled from several sections. The dimensions of the opening determine the required number of elements. Each section consists of two metal sheets protected by a polymer coating. Inside, polyurethane filling is used between them, which makes the linens warm. The width of the sandwich panel, which is installed in each particular version, has its own thermal insulation performance.

Sectional gates have a number of amenities. First of all, it's simplicity of assembly. Prepared sections have special holes for fastening, which greatly simplifies the whole process. If desired, you can do it yourself, without resorting to the help of a team of brigades. Another convenience is that the gates can be made both from closed sections and from glazed sheets. Whether it's a small viewing window or a completely glazed surface, it's up to you.

The main advantage that the sectional gates provide is determined by their opening option. Lifting mechanisms allow you to remove the entire area of the gate, placing them under the ceiling. This is very convenient, since it does not require additional free space, all the space around the garage can be used at your discretion.

Despite the large selection on the market, the sectional gates "Alutech" stand out against the general background due to the excellent combination of quality and affordable prices. Anticorrosive protection of all used fittings and three-layer sandwich panels allow to operate the gate for a very long time without problems.

If you decide to buy sectional garage doors, the price will largely depend on the option of opening. The cheapest kind is the use of a manual drive. In this case, you have to twist the drum to lift the canvas upward. It is possible to install the automatic gate lifting button permanently, inside the garage. But the most convenient option for the driver is when the canvas rises upward from a simple press of the remote that fits in your hand. Do not get out of the car, just touch the button.

The sliding of the sections goes along the guides that are installed on the side walls of the opening and continue on the ceiling. Thanks to the flexible connection, the sections freely move along the tires without interfering with each other.

The exterior finish of the gate can be made according to your desire. It is possible to install a wicket door inside the door leaf. This will allow you to use the garage without raising the sections. Evaluate all the benefits can be, only by installing the gates sectional in your garage.

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