Diet with thrush is the way to an early cure

Thrush or candidiasis is one of the most annoying female diseases. Even after a successful cure, no one can guarantee that unpleasant symptoms will not return again.

If you are faced with a disease such as candidiasis, then you need to understand that to successfully cure only medicines is not enough. Most likely, the doctor will warn you that you will have to give up wearing synthetic underwear, and use thong only for special occasions, and do not wear them all the time. Also for the prevention of recurrence of thrush you will be recommended to strengthen immunity and avoid hypothermia. And yet, oddly enough, to prevent thrush you should reconsider your diet.

The fact is that fungi, which provoke this disease, are present in the body of almost every person. But, if the conditions for their development are unfavorable, they do not cause their "master" the slightest concern. But in the presence of a suitable medium, fungi begin to multiply intensively, causing thrush. And not the last role for the formation of a favorable (or vice versa, fatal) for the fungi of the environment is the diet of our food. That is why a properly selected diet for thrush is one of the moments that provides relief from unpleasant symptoms.

Moreover, this diet is not only a curative, but also a preventive tool, therefore it is recommended to observe it for those women who have a recurrent candidiasis.

What foods should include a diet for thrush? It is very useful to include in the menu food, which has an antifungal and antibacterial effect. And the champion among the products in this regard is garlic. Scientists have convincingly proved that garlic extract is one of the most effective means to stop the growth of fungi. Therefore, if you are sick of thrush, you must include this useful vegetable in your menu.

In addition, the diet for thrush involves the use of products such as cranberries and lemon. It is very useful fresh carrots or carrot juice, not just from packs, but freshly prepared. Do not overlook and such a useful product as seaweed, eating it helps to reduce the intensity of fungal growth.

And, in general, any vegetables (raw or stewed) are very useful for the prevention of thrush. Do not damage and spices - laurel leaves, carnations buds, cinnamon. These products will not only make the dishes more fragrant, but also help in creating an unfavorable environment for fungi.

Another product, without which a diet for thrush is unthinkable, is a natural yogurt. Contained in sour-milk drinks probiotics contribute to the normalization of the intestinal microflora, and in such an environment fungi can not survive. Just note that yogurt or kefir should be unsweetened and contain live cultures, that is, these products will have a short shelf life. In sterilized yoghurts, probiotics are not contained, but in large quantities sugar is contained, so such sour-milk products will not benefit.

And now let's talk about those products that "love" thrush. Diet in this disease excludes, above all, sugar and sweets. After all, fungi that cause candidiasis are yeast, that is, like any yeast, they actively multiply in a sweet environment.

So, you need to exclude sugar, confectionery, sweet drinks, including juice from the packages. During the treatment of thrush, it is worth refraining from using very sweet fruits, such as grapes or watermelons. But after a successful cure, these fruits can be returned to the diet. But the use of sweets will have to be limited constantly, especially those women who have thrush often recur.

In addition, proper nutrition with thrush involves limiting the products, which include yeast. It is also necessary to avoid the use of mushroom dishes. In general, it is necessary to limit all refined products, for example, white rice. The fact is that the use of such food causes an increase in the level of glucose in the blood, that is, creates an environment favorable for yeast fungi . For the period of treatment it is necessary to completely eliminate alcoholic beverages, including beer.

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