Izh Jupiter 5. Tuning by own hands

How to improve Izh Jupiter 5? Tuning of this motorcycle and everything connected with it, you can do on your own, after reading the information below.

What can be called modernization? There is no single answer. It will be enough for some people to paste the word HONDA on a tank of insulating tape, and they already think that they improved Izh Jupiter 5. Tyuninig, in their opinion, has already taken place. But for some this is not enough.

Of course, everyone knows that motorcycles Izh - not the best in terms of design. Therefore, there is a lot of work to be done, and its stages can be divided into several steps:

- installation of arches front and rear;

- completion of the backrest;

- replacement of simple headlights with halogens and fog lights;

- adding music to Izh Jupiter 5;

- tuning the rear of the motorcycle ("zadirae pose");

- installation of fairing;

- increase the front fork;

- change the shape of the steering wheel;

- manufacturing and installation of a luggage carrier;

- replacement of turns and stoplights on a motorcycle Izh Jupiter 5;

- tuning of the muffler;

- changing the elements of the dashboard.

Let's discuss each of the listed stages in order to disassemble in detail the tuning of the motorcycle Izh Jupiter 5, as they say, on the shelves.

So, we deal with arcs. The front can be mounted in two or three points. At two points, the installation is carried out according to the standard scheme. With a three-point system, the arcs are attached not only to the standard fasteners, but also to the pipe that is worn on the footboard for the driver. The rear elements are mounted in two points - to the passenger footrest and under the seat.

Tuning back is very simple. It is only necessary to remove the cover and sponge. After this, we weld the curved tubes at the required angle. Wearing an armrest on the car, you will turn your motorcycle into a work of art.

Halogen headlights or fog lights in most cases are placed on the front wing bracket or on the arcs themselves. Strengthen them in any of the available ways, if only to be reliable.

Installation of a radio tape recorder on a motorcycle does not represent special difficulty. However, at a good speed, music will not be heard. But when you slow down, you can enjoy it, as they say, with the breeze. Nuances can only be with the installation of columns, which can be fixed only near the steering wheel and on the arcs themselves.

When lifting the rear of the motorcycle do not overdo it. After all, with such an improvement it is necessary to observe the line of the greatest chain tension. The best option is to install special inserts that will raise the back of the motorcycle, and you will not need to cut the frame at the same time.

Installing the fairing is the main element of the whole design. Therefore, it is necessary to approach this process with special care and accuracy. Make a fairing of fiberglass. The matrix is then taken from foam, gypsum or foam.

The front fork is made like a chopper, increasing it by 20-30 percent. The easiest way to make a special insert, which is inserted into the feathers and stem.

The steering wheel is made quite simply. First find the shape you want from the photos of motorcycles and rot the wheel of a pipe of the appropriate diameter. The luggage compartment, of course, has no particular effect on the design of the motorcycle. But almost such a detail is invaluable.

Stop-lamps and turns can be bought both ready and made by yourself. A special "article" refers to the reworking of the silencer Izh Jupiter 5.

Engine tuning has always been a particularly problematic topic. Therefore, instead of agreeing to manufacture a "resonator plus a muffler nozzle," can it be worth simply stopping the muffler up?

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