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Review Huawei Honor 4C. Description of smartphone, specifications

Huawei is one of the old-timers of the mobile market. Perhaps that's why it differs significantly from many Chinese device developers with its policies, approach and product quality. For it, in fact, it is so highly valued by buyers.

It can be seen that for the successful sale of their smartphones in Huawei tried a lot of strategies. One of them is the allocation of an independent line of devices under a new brand. In particular, we are talking about the phone Huawei Honor 4C. We will consider it in today's review.

In our country, Honor is associated with the brand Huawei and, of course, is not independently promoted among consumers; While the company itself strongly advertises this product as a separate development, an independent brand that produces devices.

Model positioning

Immediately it is worth noting that the phone was released in April 2015. At the time of its debut, it was so in demand that in shops where sales were made, a temporary shortage of vehicles began - they were bought faster than they brought to the warehouse. And it's not surprising!

In the process of preparing the review, we studied more than one review: Huawei Honor 4C in the eyes of people is defined as an affordable solution with high-tech equipment, worthy of attention. The model is actually functional, reliable, high-quality assembled and at the same time inexpensive. At the time of sale was installed on Huawei Honor 4C price of 9,000 rubles. Some experts of the mobile market believe that this was the promotional value aimed at popularizing the smartphone, its, so to speak, advertising; But the price did not increase in the end.


What about the design of the device? First of all, that the phone, like many other Huawei products, is presented in a typical for this company, but somewhat non-original design. This is a simple "brick", decorated with a pseudo-metallic surface with a fuzzy intersecting furrows texture (the latter takes place on the back cover). In addition to this feature, nothing more can be found here.

Despite the fact that the design is very similar to "noname-smartphones", in the hand of Huawei Honor 4C (8 GB) is nice. Probably, all business not only in correctly picked up form, but also in such materials of the case.

The front panel is completely covered with glass: if you believe the technical characteristics, this Gorilla Glass 3 (more resistant to bumps, scratches and other types of damage coating). On the side faces are traditionally located the sound change button, as well as the key to lock the screen. The back panel of Huawei Honor 4C (Black-modification and other color solutions) contains a barely noticeable inscription Honor and the camera's eye with a flash, marked with a special metal plate. At the bottom of the panel you can also see the speaker - a lot of small holes have been made above it.

If you buy a phone Huawei Honor 4C on the official website, the model can be obtained in white and black variations; There is also a gold version, although it is not available in the Russian market.


The device is presented in the "hot" category of 5-inch smartphones. With a resolution of 1220 by 720 pixels, the phone has a good display density (294 dots per inch). This allows us to speak about the high definition of the picture on the screen, to expose her the rating of "5". Smartphone Huawei Honor 4C can serve as a player for high-quality movies, for example. It is almost impossible to consider the granularity here. And to do this, of course, no one will specifically.

With the color transmission and viewing angles of the model, too, everything is in order - this is confirmed by far more than one left on the web feedback. Huawei Honor 4C has several functions that can make working with a smartphone in a dark room (where minimum brightness is required) and, on the contrary, in the sunlight more comfortable.

In addition, there is also the ability to customize the display screen to your liking. To do this, the phone menu provides a number of options, each of which can be configured.


Regarding Huawei devices (Honor 4C 8 GB also it concerns) it should be noted that they are equipped with "hardware", individually developed by the company for their products. It's about HiSilicon Kirin 620, running on 8 cores. Their clock frequency is 1.2 GHz. And together with it also operates a graphics engine (Mali T-450 MP4).

Due to such a connection, the device can really be called quite nimble in terms of interaction at the everyday level. That is, the smartphone does not buggy, if you flip through the menu on it, open certain applications, leaving others in the background, and so on.

It is important to note that some performance problems can be found on "cumbersome" (in terms of graphics) games. Here it is necessary to be prepared for the fact that the phone may simply not reproduce any of them.

operating system

The smartphone is based on Android. Surprisingly, at the time of the debut of the device, its actual modification was version 5.0, whereas the developers decided to take 4.4.2 as the basis. On a visual level, the buyer even presented their own EMUI graphical shell, which differs from the bare Android. In particular, this concerns not only the availability of some additional applications, but also the design of menus, windows, transitions and other things.

As another example of the manifestation of such "individualism" of this UI can be cited developed specifically for Huawei multimedia player.


As shown by each feedback about the device, Huawei Honor 4C has a 13-megapixel camera (as the main one) and a front-facing camera at 5 megapixels. The quality of their shooting can not be called bad or good. Rather, they are typical cameras of medium-class devices. During the shooting, it was also noticeable that in the automatic mode of setting, the smartphone does not adhere to the color balance: separately you can see an inaccurate transfer of colors in a dark room. Sometimes even a flash from this does not save, and sometimes even makes it worse. Therefore, the camera that was installed on the smartphone Huawei Honor 4C (8 GB), you can use for periodic shots, but "camera phone" this device is not exactly called.


An important nuance that we can not but interest in Huawei Honor 4C (Black- and White-version), is its performance. How long the phone can last on a single battery charge directly affects the user's attitude towards it. After all, in fact, on the road or anywhere in the place without access to the network, only the "endurance" factor can determine the term of "life" of the smartphone.

On the smartphone Huawei Honor 4C 8 GB manufacturer installed battery, whose capacity is 2550 mAh. This is not very much: for a device with such functionality of such a battery will last for 5-6 hours of video playback, 10 for mobile Internet, 20 for operation with different functions on an everyday level.


The official name of the device we describe is Huawei Honor 4C Dual Sim. Already from it we can conclude that the smartphone has the function of supporting work simultaneously with two SIM cards, which, undoubtedly, gives the user advanced communication capabilities.

Both cards can receive a signal in 2G / 3G / 4G format. In addition to the usual mobile communication, there is also support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth-signal. In addition to all of the above, you can name the navigation capabilities of the smartphone, support for GPS and GLONASS systems.


At one time, as already noted, the phone was quite popular among buyers. That's why a lot has been written about the device, and it's easy to find a true tip about it on the Web.

Huawei Honor 4C in the eyes of users has more positive qualities. At least the bulk of the reviews indicate this. Although, of course, you can meet and a lot of comments in the form of complaints about the lack or malfunction of a function in the device.

For example, many emphasized the fact that only 4 out of the eight specified in the characteristics of the core work; That instead of Gorilla Glass 3 here, judging by the stability, simple glass is used; That in the shell, which the developer installed on the smartphone, there are too many extraneous, unnecessary applications. In order to remove them, you need to get Root-rights, which automatically deprives the owner of the phone of the warranty from the seller.

There are a lot of other problems. For example, it's quite common for Huawei Honor 4C to hold battery power weakly, the smartphone has to be charged too often. Or else - the device is heated during use, because of what it is uncomfortable to work with.

All these and other opinions of buyers are interesting to us for the purpose to reveal the shortcomings of the device, to pay attention to them.


What results can be summed up after our review? Undoubtedly, the main advantage of Huawei Honor 4C is the price. The ratio of the cost of the device and its quality here is really very profitable. At the same time there are quite serious shortcomings, which should not be forgotten. They appear mostly not immediately, but after some time after working with the gadget. Some of these errors can be solved by the user, the other - only after contacting the service center.

However, to evaluate the work of the phone, in spite of them, it is possible highly: the model, being budgetary, shows a wide functionality and high technical characteristics. And the stability is lame here, which, however, can be improved by the software upgrade of the smartphone. If Huawei's experts work on this, then the Honor 4C will become an order of magnitude cooler device that meets other requirements and is even more popular.

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