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Smartphone HTC Desire 626: reviews, review, reviews and features.

Between the release date of two devices Taiwanese manufacturer (and we are talking about the company HTC) - Desire 620 and HTC Desire 626, about which you can find in this article, it took almost six months. And here the new creation of the company appeared on the territory of the Russian Federation in the official sale. This is the promised addition, defined in the average price range.

Differences between models

If we take both hands in hands, we will not notice any special differences between them. The design is quite similar. However, at the first tactile contact it becomes clear that the subtlety and lightness are the main advantages of HTC Desire 626. Reviews about the smartphone just confirm this once again. Yes, the model has become much lighter than its predecessor. However, the hardware stuffing and the five-inch screen have been preserved, not having disappeared anywhere. The resolution was not affected, the picture is still displayed as HD (1280 by 720) pixels.

The differences become slightly more noticeable when using the HTC Desire 626. The feedback about it can inform the readers that the module is powerful enough that it allows you to make very, very high-quality pictures. But what else could you expect from a camera with a resolution of 13 megapixels? The model switched to using 16 gigabytes of long-term memory. At the same time, the previous version had only 8 GB.

The main advantages of a smartphone

HTC Desire 626, reviews of which appeared soon after the announcement of the model, attracts potential buyers not so much hardware and hardware as its user interface. We are talking, of course, about Sense 7. The interface is based on the operating system of the "Android" version 5.1. The advantage of Sense 7 is a large set of functionality that allows you to set up your phone the way you really need it. This is a sea of abilities and options for each individual user. And now it's time to talk more in detail about the technical aspects of the smartphone.

Specifications. Connectivity

Smartphone HTC Desire 626, reviews about which we will try to compile based on the listed parameters of the device, works in the GSM bands, as well as UMTS. The access to the international network is provided through the use of technologies such as 3G, EDGE and GPRS. The device has a built-in modem that allows you to distribute Wi-Fi to third-party devices. To do this, a SIM card with the activated Internet must be inserted into the smartphone. After creating an access point, setting an authentication type (open or password-protected), other devices can connect to it. It can be smartphones, tablet computers, and laptops.

With the set of communications, there are no problems with the HTC Desire 626 G. Reviews tell us that the Wi-Fi module (supports the ranges b, g and n) works stably, without failures. The coating from the dispenser is captured well. For the wireless exchange of multimedia files with other smartphones, the function "Bluetooth" version 4.0 is provided. If you constantly use e-mail to communicate with other subscribers, then you will certainly enjoy the presence of the built-in e-mail client. It is possible to synchronize with a personal computer. To do this, you need to use a USB-MicroUSB standard cable.


HTC Desire 626 Dual SIM, user reviews we are also considering in this article, has a five-inch screen, the matrix of which is made on technology TFT. In fact, this will mean an increased level of color reproduction, juicy pictures and generally good quality of displaying everything that is displayed on the screen itself. With an appropriate diagonal, the resolution is 1280 by 720 pixels, which has already been said a little earlier. Touch screen, capacitive type. A convenient zoom function is supported by using the Multitouch technology.


The main module has a resolution of 13 megapixels. This is enough "for the eyes" in order to make really high-quality pictures in different lighting conditions. If there is little or no light around, do not be sad: the phone is equipped with a flash type LED. The module works with the auto focus function on the subject. Supports the ability to record video in 1920 resolution to 1080 pixels. The additional camera will obviously appeal to people who like to take pictures of Selfie. It is quite high quality. However, no one is surprised at this, because the resolution of the front camera is as much as five megapixels.


As a hardware filling in the smartphone is built-in processor family of "Mediatech." More specifically, this is the MT6592 model. The clock speed of the chipset is 1700 megahertz, and it consists of eight cores. All this composition together provides excellent performance and the ability to use the smartphone in multitasking mode. It should be noted that even with this approach, there will be no noticeable "brakes", lags and hangs in the user's shell, and generally.


The best-selling model, according to official figures, was HTC Desire 626 LTE 16 GB. Reviews about this variation, users leave with the greatest pleasure. And, if you understand, it immediately becomes clear why. First, the modification is equipped with the LTE module, which ensures the operation of the smartphone in the cellular networks of the fourth generation. In fact, this means the exchange of packet data at an increased speed, so that the pages in the browser will not load in an example faster. The same applies to downloading from web pages of any multimedia data or playing them online.

Secondly, the model is equipped with a large amount of flash memory. In the mobile phone market, in the mobile phone shops, various variations of this device can be found. They will differ among themselves by several parameters, including the amount of internal memory. Of course, the more it is in the device, the higher its cost. If you have already purchased a microSD card, say, 8 or more gigabytes, then there is no need to overpay for the variation. By the way, the amount of internal memory is 1 gigabyte.

Multimedia features

Their list is quite averaged for the device. There is an audio player, a video player. You can set your own ringtones and melodies in MP3 format. Supports the use of an analog FM radio. However, you will need a wired stereo headset for listening. After connecting to the device, it will play the role of an antenna. The headset is integrated into a 3.5 mm standard connector.

Operating system, navigation, SIM cards

On the smartphone is installed OS "Android" version 4.4 (the so-called "KitKat"). Navigation capabilities are provided by satellites operating on the basis of GPS technology. They work accurately and quickly, giving the opportunity to turn the device into a navigator for the car. The function of two SIM cards is supported. However, before use, they will need to be processed according to the NanoSIM standard.

Autonomous work

Power is provided by a lithium polymer battery. It is designed for a capacity of two thousand milliampere per hour. Not so much as we would like, but what can we do. With skillful use the device will be able to stretch without extra charge full time.

Smartphone HTC Desire 626 LTE: reviews and conclusion

The cost of the device is currently about 25 thousand rubles. For such money, the device offers acceptable functionality, performance. However, he does not bypass his competitors, which, incidentally, are even cheaper. For example, the competition model is Sony Xperia M4 Aqua (it costs 22,500 rubles). As many users pointed out in their reviews, you should purchase the device only if you are really a fan of the Taiwanese manufacturer and can tolerate the disadvantages of the device in exchange for the possibility of using the Sense 7 interface. Otherwise, many experts advise to look at similar models. There are some smartphones even for 17 thousand rubles, which look more attractive due to increased productivity.

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