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Congratulations on the birthday of the godparent

It's good when you have a kind, good godmother, to whom you can come with your grief and joy. How important it is to feel support in a difficult moment or share the happy moments of your life with the person who baptized you. Remember how much she helped you and with good advice and attention. We are sure that you do not forget your godparents to congratulate you on holidays and significant events. Know that you can do this in a variety of ways.

For example, you can send SMS-congratulations on the birthday of the godparent, with the following content:

  • The most expensive godmother

My dear godmother! I'm thankful to God for what you have with me. Let there be more clear, bright days in life, and failures bypass you. Cheerful stay for many years and be sure to be happy!

  • My unusual godmother

Let on this wonderful birthday all the flowers of the world will be at your feet. I'm happy that I have a kind smile in my life, love and understanding of my godmother. Be healthy and happy, and let your children laugh at your house!

Congratulations on the birthday of the godparent may sound like this:

  • My second mom

My dear godmother! On this day I wish you so much good and love, how much you gave to me, my godson. You showed me how to love your loved ones. I wish you health, and the rest will come to you. Let your eyes radiate joy, but in the heart live love.

  • Happy Birthday!

My greetings to the godmother on my birthday are the most sincere wishes for my second mother. I wish you to continue to be always so beautiful and young, cheerful and energetic, gentle and charming. Let the storms of life bypass your house, and luck will settle in it forever. I wish you happiness, my second mother!

We bring to your attention other congratulations on the birthday of the godparent:

  • The most beloved cross

Dear godmother! You helped me overcome the hardships of life. You have revealed to me the secrets of family happiness, you were with me in the most difficult moments of my destiny. I want to wish you love and health so that you will be happy for many, many years to come.

  • My godmother

My dear godmother! I will never forget your hands, which always supported me in difficult moments. Let me say the most cherished words. You always guided me through life with wide eyes, helped not only with good advice, but also with deeds, taught me to enjoy life and always understood. I wish you all the best, and most importantly health. My dear, be happy!

Congratulations on a birthday for the godmother should be very correct and positive. Try to take care of her feelings and age very carefully. Be tactful.

Congratulations on the birthday of the godmother, which is prepared by adolescents, can be presented in one of the following ways:

  • To my godmother

On your birthday, my dear second mother, I want to wish you fulfillment of desires and health, of course. You are always beside me and even when I become an adult, I will never forget you, your kind smile and the worn out hands. Let in all you succeed. Thank you for what you have with me!

  • From a loving godson

Although we are not blood relatives, but you, my godmother, have made me feel near my own native person, whom I could call my second mother. On the day of my birth, I want to wish you health and prosperity, a peaceful sky and a warm home, good spirits and a good mood, not only on the days of right. The love and kindness that you gave me will forever remain in my soul.

Congratulations on your birthday for the godmother will always be appreciated by your second mother and make her holiday even more beautiful and bright.

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