Motorcycle Yamaha XT660X: specifications and reviews

Motard, or supermoto - is a universal type of motorcycle , combining a cross and road qualities. Such bikes are mainly intended for driving on city roads. They have a high landing and a powerful engine. The supermoto class includes the Yamaha XT660X motorcycle , a photo of which is presented in the article.

Motard from Japan

The Yamaha XT660X is a motorcycle-class motorcycle, developed by specialists of the Japanese factory YAMAHA. The model has become breakthrough for its time in the field of technology, the use of innovative materials and design solutions.

History of creation

A series of motorcycles XT designers of the concern YAMAHA invented in the distant 1976. Initially, the engineers were tasked to develop an apparatus that could not only quickly gain speed, but also without appreciable losses to travel over sharply cross-country terrain. That is, the task was to develop an enduro with a Central European cubature of 600 cubic meters. cm.

The first batch of XT was equipped with single-cylinder four-stroke engines of 500 cubic meters. See This model was a real enduro: duplex frame, suspension, engine, high-muffled silencer. Such motorcycles sold well around the world and were very popular. In addition, the first models XT won several times in a row rally Paris-Dakar in the late 70's. But already in the mid-1980s YAMAHA carried out a radical modernization of the motorcycle with a change in basic working principles. The volume of the power unit is increased to 595 cubic meters. See It is fitted with a four-valve cylinder head. A disc brake appears on the front wheel. The only drawbacks of the motorcycle users considered the insufficient rigidity of the frame and gearbox, which worked far from always clearly.

Further improvements to the original model lead YAMAHA engineers to the fact that Yamaha XT660X appears in 2004. This single-cylinder engine is equipped with a single-cylinder four-stroke engine of increased volume (660 cubic cm). The device is designed specifically for the city with the possibility of traveling to unequipped and unpaved roads. Thanks to the incorporated constructive innovations the car allows to go quickly. It is quite dynamic and within the city is manageable. On it you can perfectly maneuver, rebuild, take turns.

Yamaha XT660X: specifications and technical features

The model belongs to the class of road motorcycles, or motardov. The factory name is Yamaha XT660X. Technical specifications inspire confidence.

In the urban motorcycle class of this model there is practically no equal. Engine four-stroke single-cylinder volume of 659 cu. Cm with liquid cooling. Power of the power unit is 48 liters. from. Compared to related models, the XT660X is equipped with an increased compression ratio of 10: 1. The number of cycles is four. Designers also, using innovative materials, facilitated the cylinder head, which contributed to a reduction in power loss during mechanical operation of the engine. The maximum torque is 60 Nm at 5250 rpm. Fuel is supplied from a fifteen liter petrol tank. The transmission is equipped with five steps. The clutch design allows to increase power transmission by fifteen percent. The motorcycle is equipped with an electric starter.

Characteristic features of the Yamaha XT660X are the presence of a steel frame, the equipment of the model with simple suspension brackets, an injector, a five-stage gearbox and 173 kg of dry weight. Even the most complex loads are easily amenable to the motard, on which a rigid pendulum and a well-chosen frame are installed. The model is completed with Pirelli rubber. The rear wheel has a size of 160/60 - 17, front 120/70 - 17. Dynamic driving compensates for a good braking system. Brembo company for the front wheel has developed a 225-mm brake disc with a four-piston aluminum caliper. The rear wheel is equipped with a 200 mm single-piston caliper. The model has an anti-lock system.

Overall dimensions of the motard are:

  • Length - 2175 millimeters;
  • Width - 860 millimeters;
  • Height - 1170 millimeters;
  • The ground clearance is 210 millimeters;
  • The weight of the motorcycle is 186 kg.

From all of the above, a person well versed in motorcycles will be able to conclude that the Yamaha XT660X is a quality motorcycle designed for fast driving in urban areas. The model is well controlled, stable, with fine spring elements. "Cool" appearance of the motorcycle adds design fairings and 17-inch wheels. The Yamaha XT660X is a good enduro, which designers have worked on and turned it into an urban motorcycle. The design is thought over for 100.

Fuel consumption

The fuel consumption, which is indicated in the official specifications of the Yamaha XT660X motorcycle, is 5.5 liters per 100 kilometers. However, the accuracy of the indicators is influenced by several factors. First, consumption depends on the state of the parts, the degree of their wear and tear, the tenacity of materials and the like. But in any case, the power output by the engine will be on average 20% lost on the way from the crankshaft to the driving wheel. Secondly, the huge impact on fuel consumption has rubber installed on the motorcycle, and the air pressure that is created inside the tires. For each coating, whether asphalt or sand, you need to use your own parameters. Hard coating requires higher pressure in the tires, loose - on the contrary, lowered. Model Yamaha XT660X, as already mentioned earlier, is initially equipped with innovative and specially designed for driving around the city tires Pirelli.

Thirdly, the fuel consumption is influenced by the streamlining of the motorcycle. Designers of the Yamada XT660X mutard took care of the ergonomics of the motorcycle, creating the necessary fairings and wind shields.

Fourth, fuel consumption depends on the driving style. That is, if not particularly "gas", then fuel will be spent less. In addition, the weight of the bike and the motorcyclist itself significantly affects the consumption.

Yamaha XT660X: reviews

The main thing is not that a motorcycle can give you, most importantly, what you can do with it. A more affectionate and gentle bike can hardly be found on the motorcycle market. Many of those who saddled him will laugh at the owner of the Yamaha XT660X, but that's only in dispute, who will travel faster in the city, all the cutting-edge plastic horses will be left behind. But in fact some have 200 horses in the power unit! In addition, with the XT660X you do not need to think about a permanent oil change, as it has excellent brakes and drift.

Also to the merits of the supermoto in question is a comfortable landing. It is much higher than on straight and sports. Next - suspension. Lying policemen, pits, railway crossings are overcome without braking at a speed of 70-100 km / h. Motorcycle Yamaha XT660X does not care where to drive. Appearance, of course, an amateur and many will not like it. But if you really have a fuse in the soul, then you understand that there is something special about the motard. Pleasant crocking of one cylinder pleases the ear of a biker. The motorcycle simply rushes from its place. It's sharp and very fast to disperse. This is the best bike for the city. The gearbox at the motorcycle is debugged and works well, switching gears soft and smooth. The motor pulls from the very bottom, showing excellent dynamics. The owners note that the super-moto has good handling.

Yamaha XT660X: parts

As mentioned earlier, the Yamaha XT660X is a common and popular motorcycle. Made it initially under the European market, so there are no problems with spare parts, their availability and price. Any part or even an aggregate can be purchased at a good price. Sellers offer either original spare parts, which are carried through Vladivostok, or Chinese. The original components, of course, much more expensive.

Here, everyone chooses for himself - either quality or price. Used spare parts can be purchased at various trading Internet sites and parsing.


With the hands of Yamaha XT660X 2004-2006, the release in good technical condition can be purchased for an average amount of 180-250 thousand rubles. For the year, it will be necessary to refill 10-15 thousand per year. In general, the price of a motorcycle depends on the condition, mileage and year of release.

Where can I buy

You can buy a bike either from dealers who import imported cars and motorcycles into our country, or from their hands. The range of offers of the Yamaha XT660X model, the review of which we have resulted, on the websites of car purchase and sale is wide and varied.

Disadvantages of Supermoto

Virtually no shortcomings in the Yamaha XT660X. Users note only soft torsion suspension and complete lack of possibility of their adjustments. In addition, motard is designed for driving around the city and infrequent cross-country trips, so using a similar motorcycle for driving long distances will not bring pleasure.

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