ATV Stels 500 GT - the elixir of patency.

Quad bike Stels 500 GT breaks stereotypes about the poor quality of Chinese and domestic products. In the process of development, Velomotors decided to improve the performance of the ATV. First of all, the size of rubber was increased - now the stock version has 26-inch tires. This led to an increase in ground clearance and a significant increase in the characteristics of ATV patrolling. In the meantime, expander arches were installed, which effectively cope with the problem of throwing dirt from under the wheels. In addition to the practical effect, these improvements visually improved the image of the car, adding aggressiveness and impetuosity to the ATV. The seat remained without modifications - an ergonomic two-level landing with stops for the back of the driver and a lift in the passenger zone. This practical solution allows you to feel comfortable driving a Stels 500 GT - neither the driver nor the passenger "run into" each other regardless of the dynamics of acceleration / braking.

The water preparation of the Stels 500 GT has undergone some changes. Now the stock version has a moisture-proof wiring that ensures the tightness of the electrical circuit's contacts. In addition, a new variator breather was installed.

The effectiveness of these solutions was tested on an extreme test drive, which the company Velomotors arranged on a complex cross-endurial highway "X-Arena", located near the city of Pushkino. Uneasy combinations of steep climbs, complex descents and sharp turns with a lateral emphasis on the viscous after-rain ground helped to reveal the features of the machine's behavior under any conditions. The only drawback is the load on the hands, which the front wheels transferred. But the engine and the suspension showed themselves from the best side, perfectly coping with a difficult route.

At the second stage - overcoming the water obstacle - the Stels 500 GT showed itself, as usual, with dignity. Plunging into the water almost by the headlights, the ATV confidently went forward on a lower gear, without losing power. Let's remind you that in the previous version the water flowed into the variator, but in the Stels 500 GT, the variator snorkels and the air filter housing were refined and easily coped with ensuring water resistance. The same obstacle was overcome also by the predecessor of our hero, but in order to get him out of the ditch, it was necessary to work hard. Good work done "Velomotorz"!

Quads Stels 500 GT abruptly bypass their competitors in the price range, winning at once several indicators. Increased patency and an improved dynamic motor made the car really adapted to the harsh operating conditions. With all these advantages, "Velomotorz" took care of the pilots of the ATV, putting a comfortable ergonomic seat that provides comfortable piloting. In addition, the production of plastic and frames, as well as assembly is carried out on the territory of the Russian Federation, which immediately solves the problem of having cheap spare parts with good delivery times. Well, the last argument, the most important: choosing Stels 500 GT ATVs, you not only buy a good car, but also save a good idea.

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