Motorcycle IZH "Planet" is in demand so far

The first motorcycles under the brand IZH were produced in 1929 by the designer Mozharov. They were heavy, big, had an engine of 1200 cc and a power of 24 horsepower. The car was quite stable, so it was well tolerated by the Russian off-road and bad weather. Modification of the first model allowed to travel with a cargo or passenger trailer, and the latter could sit two people.

Motorcycle IZH "Planet" appeared in 1956 on the basis of modification IZH56, which had a welded frame, a double saddle providing a sport landing. The safety of the 56th increased the fact that the chain from the rear wheel to the gearbox was protected by a casing of a sealed construction.

The difference IZH "Planet" from IZH56 was that the saddle of the fixed structure was replaced by a removable one, and stamped shields replaced stamped. In addition, the design of the gas tank was changed, and the silencers were modified. On this machine for the first time in the series there was an inertial-oil air filter. The working volume of the cylinder was 346 cm. - this characteristic was characteristic of the whole model range, except for IZH "Planeta" 6 (manufactured in 1996).

The next modification (No. 2), released in 1965, had a higher compression ratio (up to 7.0), increased power (up to 15.5 hp), increased rotation speed of the knee shaft. The gear shift on the motorcycle was carried by a single-arm foot lever.

IZH "Planet" 3, which appeared in 1970, differed from the previous model with other mud flaps, tool boxes, a taller steering wheel, which was shifted towards the driver, which improved the handling of the car. The frequency of rotation of the shaft (crank) for this sample was 4900 rpm, and the maximum power was approaching 20 horsepower. The model was first installed "turn signals".

The fourth and fifth modifications of the motorcycle were produced during the years of perestroika (1984, 1987). These models were more powerful, with increased stroke for the front wheel, good shock absorption. Here the dosage of oil in automatic mode has already appeared, which allowed to reduce the toxicity of exhausts, the feathers of the fork were strengthened, new switches were installed, which made it possible to control without detachment of hands from the rudder. On the fifth modification, a reinforced wide double-row bushing chain was installed. And samples IZH P5-01, like motorcycles IZH "Planet" 6, had a gear shift by means of a foot double-lever lever, a lubrication system separate from the fuel and the clutch engagement mechanism of the clutch.

The latest version of the Izhevsk machine (No. 6) differed from the previous ones with a capacity of 24.5 hp, a liquid cooling system with a fan (instead of an air-cooled one), and a number of other characteristics.

Sale IZH "Planet" today is carried out at specialized forums or through announcements in newspapers. Buy a motorcycle, released 20-50 years ago, you can for a few thousand. Of course, it has a number of shortcomings in comparison with modern samples of Japanese or American industry. But in skilled hands the car turns into a reliable vehicle that perfectly "passes" through the fields, "squeezing" on good routes to 150-160 km / h (IZH P5). Instances with a stroller are still used in rural areas to transport hay and other cargo.

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