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When the scooter "Honda Lead" was created in the distant 1982, it instantly became a bestseller. The small car did not even need a presentation, it had such advanced technical characteristics that the buyers lined up behind a scooter that looked like a toy and weighed only 64 kilograms.

Main settings

The model was called "Honda Lead 50" and was a small single-seat vehicle with a miniature two-stroke engine, which has a capacity of 5 liters. from. And consuming only 1.3 liters of fuel for every 100 kilometers of travel. The volume of the engine did not exceed 49 cc / cm, the cooling was air.

The scooter "Honda Lead 50" did not have a gearbox, the transmission was variator type. The small car had good maneuverability, the minimum turning radius was only 1.7 meters. The fuel tank contained 5.3 liters of fuel.

Sales of the Honda Lead 50 "stably kept at a high level for six years. And when the scooter was modernized in 1984, it got a more powerful engine and turned from a single into a double engine, then the demand for it grew by an order of magnitude.

Models of 1988

Six years after the start of production, the company launched a new Honda Lead motor scooter with the AF-20E engine. The popularity of this scooter was amazing in its scope. At that time, there were two more fifty-rubber models on the market, Suzuki Adress and Yamaha Axis. With the advent of "Honda Lead AF-20E" sales of "Yamaha" and "Suzuki" fell sharply. The dealers of the three leading Japanese companies had to divide the sales market.

Technical characteristics of the scooter "Honda Lead AF-20":

  • The volume of the cylinder is 49 cc / cm;
  • Engine power - 6,5 l. from.;
  • Torque - 0,73 at a speed of 6000 rpm;
  • Compression - 7,2;
  • Fuel consumption - 1.72 liters per 100 kilometers at a speed of 40 km / h;
  • Cooling - air;
  • Capacity of gasoline tank - 7.2 liters;
  • Front brakes - disc, ventilated;
  • Rear brakes - drum.

Model HF05

The second most popular was the scooter "Honda Lead 90", also created in 1988. Double scooter was produced under the brand HF05.

Weight and overall parameters of the model:

  • Dry weight 78 kg:
  • Full weight - 85 kg;
  • Landing height - 735 mm;
  • Ground clearance, clearance - 110 mm;
  • The distance between the axles is 1235 mm;
  • The length of the scooter is 1755 mm;
  • Height - 1060 mm;
  • Width - 715 mm;
  • Capacity of gasoline tank - 7.2 liters.

Power point:

  • The volume of the cylinder is 89 cube / mm;
  • Diameter of the cylinder - 48,0 mm;
  • Stroke of the piston - 49,6 mm;
  • Compression - 6,4;
  • The maximum power is 8,4 l. from. At 6500 rpm;
  • Torque - Nm 1.0 at 4000 rpm;
  • Fuel consumption - 1.85 liters per 100 km at a speed of 50 km / h.

The next development of the company "Honda"

In 1998, the production of another model of the popular scooter was started. It was a two-wheel motor scooter "Honda Lead 100". The new car differed streamlined forms and a large headlight in one block with "turn signals". Lining of high-quality plastic, smoothly enveloping a wide double seat, created the impression of integrity and good design.

Head lighting includes a powerful reflector with two built-in halogen lamps creating a double pointed light beam that covers the area ahead of the scooter sixty degrees wide. Rear lights are not so powerful, their design corresponds to slow-speed scooters, when powerful lamps of a stoplight and turn signals do not make sense, enough bulbs of 10-15 watts.

Technical characteristics of the "hundredth" scooter

Engine "Honda Lead 100", two-stroke, single-cylinder:

  • The volume of the cylinder is 101 cubic cm;
  • The diameter of the cylinder is 51 mm;
  • Stroke of the piston - 49,6 mm;
  • Cooling - air;
  • Compression - 6,5;
  • The maximum power is 9.3 liters. from. At 6750 rpm;
  • Torque - 1.0 Nm at a speed of 6000 rpm;
  • Fuel consumption - 2.32 liters per 100 kilometers at a speed of 60 km / h;
  • The capacity of the gas tank is 7.5 liters.

Overall and weight parameters:

  • The length of the scooter is 1795 mm;
  • Height - 1060 mm;
  • Width - 680 mm;
  • Center distance - 1255 mm;
  • Ground clearance, clearance - 115 mm;
  • Height of embarkation of a motorcyclist - 660 mm;
  • Turning radius, minimum - 2 meters;
  • Weight dry - 92 kg;
  • The gross weight is 99 kg.

Comfort and dynamics

Driving on the Honda Lead is fun, the scooter's running smooth, impressive total absence of vibration. The scooter was clearly designed for fans of quiet and measured movement at low speeds along a good road. Ideal for beginners who have no experience riding a sports bike and who prefer to stay away from extreme sports. Comfort is undoubtedly present when operating a scooter. However, the dynamics of the car is kept at a fairly modest level, "Honda Lead" is not dispersed so immediately and suddenly. The speed has to be dialed gradually. Then the scooter is obedient and responds to the slightest movement of the handle of the gas. If you add gas sharply, the engine stalls.

Running parameters

The undoubted advantage of the scooter is its running gear, rationally designed brakes and suspension. The front brake is disc, ventilated, very efficient. The rear drum, working gently, never clinet, switches on with a slight delay relative to the front, and thus the scooter stops in fractions of a second, without drifts and yuz.

The scooter is installed brake system of the company "Nissan", which never fails. Front suspension - a powerful fork of the lever structure, combined with a hydraulic shock absorber. Does not cause any complaints, but requires attention when entering a steep turn. If the speed is above optimal, the suspension lever starts to vibrate, and then the scooter may lose control. Therefore, when driving on a winding road, you must observe the minimum speed.

Some models produced in 1999 were equipped with front suspension telescopic construction, but they did not get accustomed, because they had to work within a limited amplitude and high loads often caused the node to break down. In addition, this suspension was more rigid, unlike the lever and "caught" all the irregularities, causing shaking.


Scooter "Honda Lead" for the entire history of the release was considered the most successful model among themselves. The model is still leading today, thanks to exceptional technical characteristics.

Initially, the scooter was created for intensive operation, so the design immediately laid the details of increased strength. Therefore, the machine turned out to be supremely reliable, with a great resource and wear resistance. The performance data of the scooter provide a high degree of patency, which is sometimes of no small importance. The engine does not suffer from dust, dirt and other external factors, because the carburetor receives clean air from under the seat. Scooter is fully adapted for exploitation in country roads. In winter, the car can overcome the snow cover up to twenty centimeters thick.

The company "Honda" from the first days of the release of the scooter took care of high-quality and diverse painting. Initially, classical white and black colors were used as a basis in various combinations, and then a gamut of twelve colors was used. Various combinations of bright colors have significantly increased the attractiveness of small two-wheeled cars and this positively affected sales.

How to choose a model

The most popular modifications from the line of "Honda Honda" are "50-cube" and "90-cube" versions. Both scooters are assembled in the same hulls, but the engine power differs significantly. On the thrust of the motor and you need to navigate in the first place. Some customers will build a 5 liter engine. from. (50 cc / cm), such is equipped with most scooters. Owners who are accustomed to ride together, it is better to buy a model HF05 with a motor capacity of 8 liters. With., Which according to all data exceeds 50-cubic.

Customer's opinion

Numerous reviews of the owners of the Honda Lead model for more than thirty years of production of the legendary scooter differed little from each other and were of a positive nature. All the owners of the motor scooter noted a high level of comfort, smooth running and stable operation of the engine. But the main advantage of the scooter owners considered its reliability.

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