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How to draw a lunar rover? Tips for Beginners

The moon has been interested in man since a long time. What is there? Is it inhabited? For this reason, with the development of technology, humanity thought: maybe, fly there and see? And in July 1969, the first landing of a man on the Moon was made. And since then many dream to make this trip. The designs of lunar rovers undergo changes almost every day. Well, for our trip we will prepare the transport ourselves. More precisely, we will depict it on paper. You ask: "How to draw a lunar rover?" Do not worry, it's quite simple.


It is used to collect cosmic dust, vacuum and stones. It was created in order to completely replace a person in the process of space travel and research. On the surface of the moon, several such devices are constantly operating from different countries. Accordingly, the devices have a different design. Therefore, we need to consider how to draw a lunar rover in stages. This is another matter.

The order of the image of the moon rover

The first thing to do is to divide the device into separate parts. This is done in order to make it easier to draw. Mentally imagine each part separately. First we depict them in the form of rectangles. Then we start to give each separate part the necessary form and we finish the astronaut sitting in the Lunokhod. To the front of the device we add a small antenna and more clearly draw the contours of the person sitting behind the wheel. Then we wipe off all the unnecessary auxiliary lines, and we outline the main contours. If you want to portray a rover in motion, then you need to draw in the right places shadows. We add shading on the wheels, the cosmonaut and several parts of the spacecraft. The picture is ready! We found the answer to the question of how to draw a lunar rover with a pencil.

Subtlety of the picture

In order for the picture to look complete, you need to take care of even the smallest details. How to draw a lunar rover, we already found out. And why not add details? To make the drawing more plausible and interesting, you can depict the surface of the Moon or some other planet. In addition to the apparatus, there may be other astronauts or even a spaceship. If you decide to draw an astronaut, you need to consider that it will be more interesting to look in weightlessness. The main thing is to give due attention to the details. A person should be in a reliable spacesuit, a helmet, behind his shoulders, he can have a backpack. Try to even think of what country he is from, and draw the patches on the spacesuit. You can rotate the picture as if you can see the Earth from the Moon. Then it will be necessary to depict both the cosmos with bright stars, and other planets. You can also add the Sun, which will look large and bright against the background of the planets. If you are a fan of science fiction or comics, then it will be actual to portray an alien or even "Alien". This film is considered one of the best horror films about space. Compared with how to draw a lunar rover, recreating this character is quite simple. The main thing is to properly depict the head and body of the newcomer, then draw the shape of his limbs. We begin to work with the details. We give the correct shape to the head and draw a tail with a point at the end. Imagine that this is a large mutant lizard, we paint its clawed feet, we represent several rows of sharp razor-sharp teeth. You can add drooling, dripping from the mouth, and spikes all over the body for realism. We outline the contours, erase the additional lines and admire the result.

Ready drawing

Since we made great efforts to answer the question of how to draw a lunar rover, it would be correct to apply the picture with advantage. At a minimum, it can be used as a gift or a souvenir. Or leave yourself, hang on the wall and every time before going to bed dreaming of traveling to other worlds. Thus, maybe you will get there even in a dream.

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