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How to prepare a salad with pasta?

Most people do not take seriously such a dish as a salad with pasta. They consider it simple and primitive, however, this is far from the case. There are many unique recipes that help to prepare an incredible snack, despite the fact that it contains the most common pasta. We will become acquainted with some recipes that will help not only to diversify the standard festive menu, but also make the table more attractive for guests. Using ordinary products in a new interpretation, you can create real culinary masterpieces.

It's worth starting with a dish like a salad with pasta. The recipe is based on noodles and chicken fillets. So, you need 200 grams of chicken fillet, 1 can of canned peas, it is very important that it be soft, butter, 150 grams of noodles, 150 grams of tomatoes, 50 grams of champignons, 1 lemon, mayonnaise and yogurt. For a salad tomatoes of a sort of cherry will be better , and as refueling it is more rational to buy unsweetened yoghurt.

Start cooking is with a chicken fillet. It must be seasoned with salt and pepper. Cut into small pieces and fry in vegetable oil. When the breasts get a golden crust, they can be removed from the fire. Next, boil the noodles. Thus in water it is necessary to put vegetable oil and some salt. It is important that the pasta is not digested, otherwise the salad will not be successful. Tomatoes must be peeled off, lowering them for a moment into boiling water. If the tomatoes are large, they need to be cut, and if their grade of cherry - put in a salad whole. Mushrooms cut into slices. From yogurt, mayonnaise and lemon juice we prepare sauce. When the components of the salad are connected, season them with sauce and mix well. The appetizer is ready, you can serve to the table.

Also an incredibly tasty dish is a salad with pasta and shrimp. To make it, you need 200 grams of horns, 200 grams of shrimp, juice with 1 lemon. Of the fruit - melon and avocado, 1 piece each. From the greens is to buy celery and dill. For the sauce will need mayonnaise, yogurt, cream and 3 tablespoons brandy. From seasonings - salt, white and cayenne pepper.

Starting to prepare a salad with pasta, you need to boil them. Next, you should pass the prawns with cold water and dry using a paper towel. When they are dry, it is worth to season them with lemon juice. Honee melon cut into 2 halves and remove the inner part with seeds. Pulp is cleaned from the skin. Avocado cut into 2 parts, remove the stone. Shink it in the form of slices. Like shrimp, season with lemon juice. Greenish shreds and connect with the rest of the ingredients. Mix the constituent parts of the sauce and fill it with a salad. Season with salt and other spices. The dish is ready, the extraordinary taste of the salad will definitely surprise all the guests at home.

A popular recipe is a salad with pasta and cheese. For him it is necessary to prepare a glass of boiled horns, 350 grams of cheese, celery, sweet pepper, a can of corn and peas, green onions. For refueling, you will need ketchup and mayonnaise. Cheese in the recipe is used only dessert. Pepper should be pickled. All components must be finely chopped and mixed together, and then refilled. Ketchup and mayonnaise can be used in combination 3: 1. Serve on the table after the dish is consumed 10 - 15 minutes.

Salad with pasta is, uniquely, an extravagant dish. It has an unusual kind and taste. Despite the simplicity of the ingredients, the snack is refined. An interesting and exotic view, combined with the appetite and satiety of dishes, is of interest to most modern housewives who want to constantly discover their culinary abilities.

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