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How to raise an ad for Avito is free of charge and is it possible

Avito is a popular Runet trading platform. Buying and selling takes place through ads. Let's consider an important issue for all users of the project: how to raise an ad for Avito free of charge?

Briefly about the project

"Avito" can also use various services, which we will talk about further. In fact, the site is an analogue of the newspaper for sale and purchase, which is available in every region of the country. Note that it's quite easy to advertise for free on Avito. In this case, the publication is only valid for 30 days.

When this deadline is exhausted, it will be impossible to submit a free advertisement to Avito, since from this moment the service is charged according to the currently established cost.

How to raise an ad for Avito free of charge: competitions

In order to return a message about your product or service to the first page of the site without additional spending, you can take part in various lotteries and contests that are held directly on the site, as well as on the official pages of the project in various social networks. Participants of such events have a chance to become owners of cash prizes that can be spent on site services, thus the question of how to raise an ad for Avito free of charge will be resolved. In addition, you can win a special "Premium Account", which also opens such an opportunity.

To sell goods for the time when the ad is still at the top of the hand, try to assign the most real price, describe the product in detail and place a large number of photos - in this case you will not need to raise the ad, since your product will initially be in great demand.

Avito - free classified ads: principles of work

First of all, it is necessary to say about the system of work of the project. New ads go to the top of the page. Since there are a lot of users placing advertisement messages, your ad is gradually omitted. It should be noted that users who want to buy something, most often look through the first two pages, at best - three.

Searching for ads on further pages is, rather, an exception than the rule. It can be concluded that the chances of success in an information message, which is posted on the site for a long time, is very small. The only way out is to periodically raise the ad. The site provides this service on a fee basis.

The price can be different, as it is formed, based on the method of payment and the value of the specified product. You can pay for the services of the project in different ways: with the help of the Avito payment system or with the Kiwi purse. You can also use a bank card. Raising an ad for free (and legal) is not possible if you do not plan to participate in contests.


The main drawback of the project can be called the fact that for all the positioning of yourself as a resource of free ads, it's only partly true. Indeed, the first ad here is always free. To some extent, it can be compared with cheese in a mousetrap, which also always gets gratuitously, almost.

Very often, due to the huge size of the resource, for the first day of a new, individual ad potential customers do not have time to respond. And within a day your message will disappear from the horizon. You can raise the ad for money, but it will be able to hold positions, again, no more than 24 hours. In the worst case, you can pay for the ad more than the cost of the goods sold.

What will be useful to a newbie?

You probably will say that you have nothing to sell. Here the rule will help: "if a certain thing has not been touched by a year, throw it away." In our case, we do not need to throw it away, we can "give it away," because it's a pity to just get rid of things that are dear to the heart. In addition, there must be people to whom they can serve. With all the shortcomings described above, we are talking about a real resource-helper. How long have you been thinking about general cleaning? Italians have a custom on the eve of the holiday to throw old things out the window, you can follow this example, but it does not suit everyone. "Avito" allows you to give what you no longer need to "good hands" and still get a reward.

As for working with the Avito website, it should start with the fact that registration is not required here. But if you like the project and want to go back, it's better to go through such a simple procedure. So, you need to find your region, become a member of the system and start submitting a new announcement.

Everything, in fact, is simple: enter the name, your e-mail address, and if you really decide to sell something, it's better to specify the phone number, which will make it possible without additional complications to reach an agreement with a potential buyer. So we reviewed the main options for how to raise the advertisement for Avito free of charge, and also revealed the main advantages and disadvantages of the project.

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