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Sandova system: exercises, reviews

There are a lot of techniques aimed at increasing the strength and growth of muscle mass. But the first set of exercises, which allowed to build a beautiful body, was the system of the famous athlete Eugenia Sandova.

Who is Eugene Sandov

Before talking about what is good Sandova system, it is worth paying attention to its author, who, without exaggeration, was a legendary man.

Yevgeny Sandov was born in 1867 in Koenigsberg, now Kaliningrad. Thanks to his achievements, he earned the glory of the strongest man on the planet. Moreover, he was the first to start a competent propaganda of athleticism and bodybuilding. The audience has often been delighted with the strength exercises that he showed.

As an example, the following trick can be cited: a platform was installed on Sandova's chest, with which he held a piano or three horses. He was an excellent fighter, gymnast and rider, which allowed him, in addition to athletic tricks, to enter the fight even with a lion.

Later, the Sandova system "The Power and How to Become Strong", which became very popular in the early twentieth century, appeared. To create it, the author used the experience gained under the guidance of his trainer, and medical knowledge. The system included a series of exercises with weights, which, according to Sandova, were relevant not only for men, but also for women and children.

The essence of the system

The effectiveness of the complex exercises, developed by the father of bodybuilding and bodybuilding, is difficult to overestimate. The main advantage that the system of physical development of Sandova has is its universality. Exercises are thought through so competently that they can be used by people of any complexion, regardless of physical potential.

According to the author of the system, its success lies in the acquired ability to produce conscious muscle contractions during exercise. In fact, it was about the ability to focus on the work of the muscles during the stresses and affect their condition. In addition to using dumbbells, Sandov recommended giving time throughout the day to targeted muscle tension.

Key recommendations

Modern fans of exercises, developed by the legendary athlete, have the opportunity to evaluate his personal recommendations. So, the system of physical development of Eugene Sandova is based on the following principles:

1. There is no need to set a specific time for classes. Do it when you want. But it is important to make sure that the load is carried out not earlier than 2 hours after eating.

2. Like a growing child, the body needs a competent upbringing, the role of which can only be performed by properly composed exercises. In addition to the development of muscles, they also have a beneficial effect on health.

3. Performing the exercises is necessary in front of the mirror - this will allow you to monitor the correct execution of equipment. It is important that the movements were calm. In this case, for each exercise should take an average of 2 seconds.

4. Do not force the number of repetitions and increase the weight of dumbbells.

5. The essence of the system is the above-mentioned control of the muscles, carried out by concentration of attention. If you master this technique, then, even with modest physical data, you can achieve significant results in both force format and physical form.

The Role of Tempering

The system of Eugene Sandova also implies and tempering, which is reduced to taking a cold bath after exercise. But before moving to this practice, you need to prepare for her body. Preparation involves bathing, which starts in the summer and continues daily throughout the year. This method of hardening, according to Sandov, the least risky and at the same time quite effective.

If for any reason you can not take a cold bath, you need to wipe yourself with a damp towel. After that, it is necessary to quickly grind the skin using a dry towel. Such a technique will strengthen the body and prepare it for new strains.

How to determine the actual weight of dumbbells

As mentioned above, the Sandov system is universal, but the weight of the shells must be selected competently, taking into account the physical data and the age of a particular person.

Friedrich Wilhelm Müller (real name Sandow) was quite an experienced athlete and recommended not only to exercise weight, but also to use his own body weight. But if you go back to the topic of dumbbells, it is worth noting that, according to the recommendations of the author of the system, adolescents aged 12 to 14 years are better to use dumbbells weighing 250-500 g. For those who turned 14 but not yet 18, weighting is suitable within 1,5-2,5 kg. In essence, such exercises can be defined as dumbbell exercises.

At the same time the Sandov system implies an increase in the weight of shells every 30 days of stable training. For adolescents under 14, this figure is 250 g, young men under the age of 18 can monthly increase the weight by 0.5 kg, those who have reached adulthood, can add 1 kg.

Static exercises

Also, the Sandova training system implies an additional effect on the muscles during the day (after or before training). This refers to the tension without the use of dumbbells. It's about contracting the muscles, say, while reading or relaxing in the chair. Moreover, the cuts should be constantly strengthened.

Such a load system, which can be defined as isometric or static, was used in China, but when it began to be practiced in Europe, it caused a real boom.

Eugene Sandov himself, using the principles of static tension of tendons and muscles during training, has reached a significant development of strength indicators. This effect is supplemented by the fact that the body weight when using isometric tension does not increase, but the endurance and strength are greatly increased.


Because the Sandowa system is A set of specific exercises, it is worth considering specific examples:

1. It is necessary to pull apart hands with dumbbells at the level of the shoulders, turning their inner side upwards. Then you need to bend your hands in such a way that the dumbbell is over the shoulder, without lowering them at the same time. Moreover, the hands themselves must be stretched sufficiently for a tangible muscle tension.

2. The same exercise, only hands bend simultaneously, and not in turn.

3. Pull the inside of the hands forward and, straining the muscles, in turn, bend them so that the dumbbell is at shoulder level. The upper part of the limb should lie flat against the sides. At the same time, the shoulders and elbows are omitted. During extension, the hand should be completely straight. Such an exercise trains the biceps.

4. For the development of the biceps and triceps , a similar exercise is used, but only raise the arm in such a way that the back side looks forward.

5. Having thrown back your head and straightened your elbows, you must pull both hands forward. From this position they are bred back to the level of the shoulders, the field of which is returned to the starting position. Return must be made quickly. This type of load affects the large thoracic and deltoid muscles.

6. Hands with dumbbells are brought to the shoulders by the back side of themselves and alternately rise above the head. During the return movement, the elbow should touch and sideways slightly. At the same time, you need to maintain a straight posture with a bulging chest and shoulders. During this exercise, biceps, triceps, wide dorsal and deltoid muscles develop.

7. Slightly bending your back, you need to put your hands on your legs in the area of the hips (above the knees) on the back side of yourself. At the same time, the chest should be bent. Hands alternately climb the full length forward, to the level of the shoulders. The deltoid muscle develops .

8. The arms are stretched to the sides at the level of the shoulder and at the same time rotate rapidly on the axis of the forearm. In order to diversify the load, you can bend the back and forth of the brush. Muscles of the hands and forearms develop.

9. The same exercise, only in this case you need to take dumbbells by the ends and rotate them from left to right.

10. Dumbbells should be placed on the floor in such a way that they are located along the outer sides of the feet. In this case, the handle will approach the toe. Next you need to bend over and lift the dumbbells, then take the even position of the body. The next movement is to turn half a turn to the left and raise the right forearm at right angles to the body at the waist level. From this position, you must make a strong attack with your right hand and your left foot. After that, the initial position is quickly accepted. Such an exercise helps to stretch the muscles and develops wide dorsal, large pectoral, deltoid muscles, and also legs.

11. The same exercise, just turn right. So, to the waist it is necessary to lift the left forearm, and the lunge is made by the right foot and the left arm.

12. Push-ups. In this case, we are talking about the usual for many exercises, during which in a horizontal position with an emphasis on socks and hands you need to go down and go up. The whole body (from the head to the heels) should represent a straight line. Knees, respectively, can not be bent too. It is important to pay attention to the fact that the chest and knees do not touch the surface of the floor.

The Sandova system, whose exercises are not focused on working with a lot of weight, makes it possible to get stunning results in increasing muscle strength. The main thing with this approach is the quality of the technique.


Despite the fact that there are many different systems now, the methodology developed and used by Eugene Sandov remains recognized by many people who are engaged in their bodies.

If you pay attention to the thematic forums in which the Sandova system is discussed, the overwhelming majority of the reviews will be positive. Many people testify to a noticeable increase in both strength and muscle growth in general.


As a result, it should be noted that the use of this system is one of the most relevant options for those who intend to have a beautiful body, but do not set a goal to become a professional bodybuilder. Exercises developed by Sandov are very effective and, importantly, they are safe.

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