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Take dumbbells, correct your posture: concentrated lifts to the biceps

Why do we deal with dumbbells? This is a serious question. Concentrated climbs on the biceps are not very popular. All because the dumbbells pull only the muscles of the hands, back and chest. In the same class of fitness for weight loss, all efforts are usually applied to the waist and hips. However, we remember that for the recovery of the back and shoulders is much more important. This type of exercise is recommended to perform to maintain health.

Exercise one, for the shoulders

Muscles-rotators of the shoulders are called rotators. Develop them so. Take the position lying on the left side. The left arm under the head. In the right, take a dumbbell. Knees are bent. Press the right elbow to the side at a right angle. The palm looks down. Strain the press, but not the back. Now turn your arm in the elbow until the knuckles look at the ceiling. Slowly draw your arm to him. Do concentrated lifts on the biceps 8-12 times. Turn over and change your hand.

Exercise two - swinging aside

Sit on a chair, firmly press your feet to the floor, bend your knees, freely lower your hands. Dumbbells, of course, need to be taken immediately.

Now lift and spread out straight hands, feeling how the shoulder blades converge. Do not raise your arm above the shoulder level and do not bend your wrists. Slowly lower. Repeat such concentrated ascents to the biceps 8-12 times. This exercise strengthens the upper back and shoulders.

Exercise the third - rotations with an inclination

Sitting on a chair, lean forward until you touch the knee. Hands with dumbbells at the same time are lowered to the floor, the hands are looking back. Bend and raise your elbows so that they are at shoulder level, the knuckles are looking down.

Connect and lower the blades and turn the arms bent in the elbows until the knuckles look forward. Turn your hands, lowering them down. Straighten your hands.

This will strengthen the upper back, the back of the shoulders.

Exercise four, for the muscles of the chest

Straighten up. Take a dumbbell in each hand. Pull them (palms up) forward. Pull your arms to your shoulders, bend them at the elbows. They should be in a horizontal position. This exercise develops the muscles of the chest, as well as the back. Repeat concentrated lifts to the biceps 8 times.

Exercise five - "scissors"

Straighten, put your feet to the width of your shoulders. In each hand, take a dumbbell. Stretch your arms forward to the chest level. Carry out a movement similar to the "scissors". Exercise develops and strengthens the muscles of the thoracic region. Do such a concentrated lifting of the dumbbell on the biceps 12 times.

Exercise Six - dumbbell by the head

Sit on a chair. Put your feet, as you will be comfortable. The back should be straight. Raise one dumbbell above your head. Hands bend in elbows. Then, as far as possible, slowly move your hands over your head. Then return to the starting position. Exercise develops and strengthens the muscles of the chest. Repeat the procedure 10 times.

When practicing with dumbbells, you need to consider three things:

  1. Weight dumbbells. Heavy concentrated lifting on the biceps with one hand is only necessary for those who want to build up the muscle mass of each hand separately. That is, it is important for male bodybuilders. And those who want to strengthen muscles and burn fat need gantelkas easy, not heavier than half a kilogram.
  2. Number of repetitions. The rule is simple: the smaller the weight of dumbbells, the more concentrated rises you need to bicep. But again, not to exhaustion.
  3. Number of approaches. The same exercise athletes do several times. These times are called approaches. But for general improvement it is enough to do each exercise of the complex only once.

These concentrated lifts on the biceps perform at any time of the day or night, but not before eating or sleeping.

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