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Are there Orthodox prayers for evil eye and spoilage?

Despite the fact that we have lived in the twenty-first century for the past fifteen years, the vestiges of the distant past are still quite relevant. A modern person who goes to work with a laptop and joyfully welcomes all computer technologies, still shuns a black cat and a woman with empty buckets, rejoices when he sees a pretty white spider and, of course, believes that there is some mysterious and ominous power, Causing harm, which in everyday life is called spoilage.

More and more often on the Internet and newspapers there are announcements that say that "hereditary sorceress" will easily save the sufferer from spoilage and evil eye ... But the church is not inactive, and fortunately, after many years of stagnation, its doors are open to all Willing. It remains only to understand whether there are Orthodox prayers for evil eye and spoilage?

What is the evil eye and corruption?

In the Orthodox world, the name of Herman Chesnokov's father is widely known. This gray-bearded old man with a straight posture and a strict penetrating gaze is called the last exorcist, irreconcilable enemy of the enemy of the human race. On the account of Father Herman there are a lot of rescued souls, and he believes that the majority of those who turn to him for help suffer because they used the "babok" services. Unfortunately, those who call themselves hereditary magicians and psychics are often ordinary charlatans, but there are among them those who, having icons at home, and sincerely believing that for the energy "treatment" they use exclusively Orthodox prayers from the evil eye and Damage, they do not turn to God for help ...

Miracles of the PriestMartyr Cyprian

Many people believe that St. Cyprian is the only one who is dedicated to Orthodox prayers for evil eye and spoilage. What kind of saint was that?

"We often believe what is written in the newspapers, but we do not believe what the Bible says," one wise man once said. You can understand that it repels the skeptics. The miracles of saints, of Christ himself, of the apostles are presented to us in the form of epic epics, legends, but the most important thing is not the fact of miraculous healing or resurrection, but something else.

St. Cyprian was, as they would say now, an intelligent man. Brought up in a noble family, received a good education, who had no need, he went to comprehend the foundations of sorcery on Mount Olympus, and he succeeded in this a lot. Tradition asserts that he was on "you" with the devil himself and brought a lot of trouble to people. But, as they say, the ways of the Lord are inscrutable. After a while, according to the prayers of the maiden Justina, Cyprian converted to Christianity, and even received a martyr's end. And during those years that he had to live on earth, he accomplished many miracles, and converted many pagans and sorcerers to the holy faith. Now many texts of Orthodox prayers are addressed to him.

The Power of Prayer

"Your faith has saved you," such words were often spoken by the Lord to people who came to Him for help. In fact, if you dig a little deeper, such a thing as "Orthodox prayers for evil eye and spoilage" does not exist. Many people, even church members, for some reason refer to prayers, as once our ancestors to pagan spells - requests addressed to the gods. In order to understand the power of prayer, it is necessary ... just to believe that God hears us always and everywhere, and even a simple "Lord, have mercy!", Spoken from the heart, there are thousands of all "grandmother" charms and talismans. In a word, do not be led to such an attractive bait, as the Orthodox prayers for spoiling. Because people engaged in "healing prayers" are infinitely far from both Orthodoxy and extrasensory skills. Every person can protect themselves from evil eye and spoilage, and for this it is not necessary to search for a suitable "grandmother". Father Herman sincerely believes that a person who completely trusts himself to God is protected from diabolical intrigues, even though, as Seraphim Sarovsky claimed, "the smallest demon with one claw movement can turn the globe".

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