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Lee Haney - eight-time winner of the tournament "Mr. Olympia"

In any sport there are outstanding people who have achieved the highest results. In bodybuilding to date, the greatest success has made Lee Haney. American bodybuilder managed to break the record of the famous athlete Arnold Schwarzenegger, who won the title "Master Olympia" 7 times in a row. Heini won the most prestigious in professional bodybuilding rank 8 times in a row.


The future eight-time world champion was born on November 11, 1959 in Spartanburg, Southern California, USA. My father worked as a driver, my mother was a housewife. He has a brother and two sisters.

Lee began to get involved in sports since childhood, and became a bodybuilder from school years. While studying in college, he was in the national football team of his school. Lee Haney met his future wife in the second grade. Since that time they were friends and in the future married. The athlete has two children: Joshua and Olympia.


Lee Haney in competitive years was an outstanding athlete. He worked on his body according to the method, according to which a special attention was paid to the development of the muscles of the back. In this regard, the rest of the musculature had other development standards. Despite the small arms that were nevertheless perfectly developed with respect to other muscle groups, Haney introduced to the world a new combination of relief and athletic proportions for the time. The main trump in him was the back muscles. He asked a new fashion among athletes. After the appearances of Haney in the tournament "Mr. Olympia" there was an unspoken rule according to which for the victory in these competitions you need to have a powerful broad back first.

Postulates of Haney

Many athletes of the world tried to outperform Haney in his crown muscle group, but could not. He argues that a positive attitude is one of the most important postulates in the training process. "During exercises, we are charged with positive energy," said Haney. He believes that this kind of mood is the basis for achieving high results. Lee Haney, whose training did not bring him a single significant injury for his career, the second component of success is the lack of injuries, that is, safe training. For any professional athlete damage is inevitable, but Haney managed to avoid them.


Bodybuilding training was based on the "pyramid". Its meaning is that the exercises should be performed with a gradual load, that is, from a small to a larger weight. In the final approach, the weight should be maximum. When the athlete was asked how he developed such a powerful back without a single injury, Haney said: "A safe approach. The task of training is to stimulate the growth of muscles, and not to tear them. The latter can happen, if from the first approach take an exorbitant weight. With serious loads, this rule is more than necessary. "

Another important component of Lee Haney's success is a specific training system. All the exercises in him are divided into rhythmic and for muscle growth. The athlete believes that they should be performed alternately, as this makes it possible to reduce the likelihood of injury during the training. Basic exercises significantly overload the ligaments, so they need to be alternated with lighter ones to avoid possible health problems in the future. In back exercises, rhythmic exercises, he considers thrusts down on the block and traction to the abdomen while sitting, and to stimulating ones - traction of dumbbells or bars in the slope.


The first success came to Hayney in 1979, when he became a junior champion in the tournaments "Mr. America" and "Mr. America America". The first participation in the tournament "Olympia" (1983) was very successful - Heini took the third place, and in the next eight he was the winner, thanks to which he immortalized his name in the history of the sport. After that, he decided to complete the competition. However, after the career of a bodybuilder, Lee did not leave the sport. To date, he is known as a professional trainer, educating many world-class athletes, and an active public figure.

Haney today

The famous bodybuilder is a member of the US Sports Academy and the International Bodybuilding Federation, and since December 1998 - a member of the Presidential Council for Bodybuilding and Fitness. He is a respected personality, enjoying authority among fellow bodybuilders. Even at his 54th birthday, Lee Haney, anthropometric data of which 20 years ago brought him victories in almost all tournaments, retained the Herculean figure. He is the owner of two fitness centers in the city of Atlanta, in which athletes of serious level can conduct full training.

Received education in college was useful Heini: he became the founder of the free children's tourist base "Harvest" near Atlanta. In 1994, Lee purchased a 40-acre farm near his home and turned it into a camp for children of all races and nationalities. A zoo is built on its territory, so children not only rest in the fresh air, but they can also study birds and animals, which undoubtedly benefits their development.

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