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What is the freedom of the individual

In a legal state, each person should be independent not only of the people around him, but also of the higher authorities. Freedom of the person is ensured by the current Constitution, as well as by the norms of other legislative acts.

Of course, we are largely dependent on each other and on the state in which we live, however, no one can tell us what to do and how to act in certain situations. Our choice is our choice. For us, no one should do it.

Freedom of man is something that should be cherished and guarded, despite what is going on around. Why? Yes, because this is the basis of prosperity. Freedom of the person is indisputable. We choose what we want to achieve, what to do, what books to read and so on. Today even the imposition of religious views on people is forbidden.

Freedom is a product of social development. Measuring it, in principle, it is impossible, but to say if it exists, it is still possible. It is not only external, but internal. The latter depends not on laws and how they are observed, but on how a person treats life, how he feels reality.

Freedom of the person is not only imaginary, but also real inviolability. As already mentioned above, it is simply impossible to measure it. A person can for a long time feel that he lives completely independently, but in one moment he will notice that he is infringed by the state or other people. What is the difference, what is said in the laws, if no one fulfills their norms?

In general, modern man is inviolable. The opportunity to appeal to the court every time when these or other of our rights were violated, is really worth a lot. We have the right to use our property at our discretion, to profess the religion that we like (we can not even profess any at all), you can use all that is rightfully due to us. What is important here? First of all, we, in exercising our rights and freedoms, do not infringe on the rights and freedoms of other people. The great thinker said that the freedom of one person ends in the very place where the freedom of the other begins.

Yes, laws should restrict us in many respects, since without existing prohibitions, for which sanctions are provided, people would infringe upon each other's rights and interests as much as they can. Without prohibitions, everything around would quickly become chaos. Laws must be fair and well thought out. They should be created to provide favorable conditions for all people, and not for any specific layers or groups. The goals that lie at their base must be humane.

Freedom of personality allows a person to live exactly as he wants. Everyone decides independently whether to strive for heights or simply to exist quietly, without pretending to be something great, meaningful, great. You can not impose your opinion, and should it be done at all? Let everyone choose his own way of living. Yes, it is not worth interfering in other people's affairs.

The freedom of the individual in a state governed by the rule of law has a direct connection with the possibility of expressing one's own opinion. Can you say what you think is right? Everything is complicated here. People who tried to oppose the current government, for sure, felt that freedom of speech in our country is not so tight and respected: it is, and it is not at the same time. We like to close our mouths, to withhold information from us, to propagate what they consider necessary. People in power in our country do not often think about what freedom of the individual is. Will this ever be corrected, changed, destroyed? Unknown. Too much around imaginary freedoms, which modern people, unfortunately, perceive as meaningful.

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