Transferring contacts from Android to Windows Phone: tips, recommendations, instructions

Smartphones, manufactured by modern companies, work with different operating systems. For example, the company "Apple" produces mobile phones that are running a proprietary OS called iOS. But most people work with Android. This software is in great demand.

There is also a Windows Phone. This is a completely new OS, attracting its versatility. More often than not, users switch from Android to Windows and back. This process is a lot of trouble. Therefore, we have to figure out how to transfer contacts from Android to Windows Phone, and also consider the most simple and effective ways to transfer the phone book from one operating system to another.

Possible actions

How to transfer contacts from Android to Windows Phone? There is a huge variety of techniques for the implementation of ideas in life.

Modern users can transfer data:

  • Using cloud services (for example, through Google);
  • Through specialized applications;
  • Through services from Microsoft.

The second option is not in great demand. Therefore, we will only consider working with Google and Microsoft services.

Before copying

In order to transfer contacts from Android to Windows Phone, you must first make sure that the synchronization option with the data cloud is enabled on the first mobile device. In our case, this is Google. To enable synchronization, you must:

  1. Open the main menu on Android. Go to the "Settings" section.
  2. Find and visit the "Accounts".
  3. Select a Google line.
  4. Click on the row with the profile "Google". If earlier authorization on the mobile phone was not performed, you will need to enter a login and password from the mail of Google.
  5. In the window that appears, click the checkbox next to "Contacts".

That's all. Now it remains to wait for the synchronization to finish. To do this, you need to have an Internet connection on your mobile phone. What's next?

Google transfer

Further manipulations must be made with a new phone. The one to which the phone book is transferred. Without a mobile device to realize the idea in life will not work.

Transferring contacts from Android to Windows Phone requires the following algorithm of actions:

  1. Enable the mobile phone with the "Windson Background".
  2. Go to the main menu of the device.
  3. Click on "Mail + accounts". In the list that appears, select the command "Add service".
  4. Find and click on the line with the inscription Google.
  5. Click on "Connect", and then enter the data from e-mail to Google.
  6. Click on Sign in, and then on Accept.
  7. Wait until the synchronization copy is complete.

This is the transition from Android to Windows Phone. The instructions offered to our attention allow you to transfer data from the device to the device in seconds. But you can do otherwise. For example, if you do not want to get away from attachment to mail on Google.

Services from Microsoft

For this reception, you must use a computer with the Internet. Copy the phone book from the mobile phone "Android" to "Windson Background" is easier than it seems. What needs to be done?

The transfer of contacts from Android to Windows Phone is as follows:

  1. Enable phone book synchronization on an old smartphone with Google.
  2. Turn on the PC. Using a browser, open the Google site and authenticate with it via e-mail.
  3. Click on the GMail button, and then go to the "Contacts" section.
  4. Click on "Advanced" - "Export".
  5. Check "All contacts" and "Google CSV format".
  6. Select the "Export" option and save the proposed document on the computer.
  7. Go to Log in using the Microsoft Live account.
  8. Find the item "Import Contacts". Click on "Start import" -Google.
  9. Click on Choose File, and then select a previously saved book with contacts.
  10. Click "Send".

After that, the phonebook will be copied. This method is more complicated, but it allows you not to associate a new phone with Google services.

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