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Gino - what is in bodybuilding?

To date, bodybuilding is both a common passion and a professional activity that leaves its traces. People in pursuit of the result use a variety of drugs - some of them harmless, and some can harm your body, causing various side effects. Gynecomastia is one of the conditions that is common among bodybuilders. In fact, it can also occur in other people, since for its occurrence there are various causes, but it is in the bodybuilders environment that this occurs most often. So, even there is a shortened name for this disease - gino. What is gynecomastia, what is it called and how to treat it?

What is gynecomastia?

If you start bodybuilding, then you probably heard a term like gino. What is this gino? In fact, behind this brief word lies a medical disease called gynecomastia. It is expressed in the increase in mammary glands in men, that is, with gino, you can swell up your nipples and the area around them. Around the nipples, the amount of fat increases, which leads to not the most pleasant appearance, and the disease itself causes unpleasant sensations in the area of the lesion. But what causes this disease? Why does it manifest itself in bodybuilders? How to deal with gino? What is Tamoxifen? All these questions can appear in you, if you read the forums of bodybuilders on this topic. Well, you no longer have to rely on the data from the forums, because in this article you will find the answers to all the questions that interest you.

What does not cause gino?

Very many people start to blame for the emergence of gynecomastia a huge number of different products, medicines and other substances. However, not everything in the world is created in order to evoke your gino. What is bodybuilding? This is the process of building and emphasizing muscle mass. Some people believe that the very process of bodybuilding can cause gynecomastia, but it is not. As you understand, the process itself is just physical exercise and proper nutrition, so it has nothing to do with your mammary glands.

Moreover, even the nutritional supplements you use to increase the amount of protein in your diet are unlikely to have even the slightest effect on your breasts and can not provoke a gyno in you. Accordingly, do not try to blame everything that is around you, that you have developed a gynecomastia - it is better to look for the real reasons, which will now be discussed. After all, you now know what a gino is in bodybuilding, so it's time to figure out why it might arise.

Causes of the gyno

What is a gyno in bodybuilding, you already imagine - is the formation of fat tissue under the skin next to the nipple, the irritation of the nipple itself, as well as the enlargement of the breast. In what there can be a reason of a similar status? First, obesity can become a common cause, during which all the above processes occur, but they also add an increase in the mammary gland on a hormonal background. Naturally, this is irrelevant for bodybuilders, but people should understand that gynecomastia can arise in everyone. It is also common during the period of growing up - again, changes on the hormonal background can cause this disease. Strictly speaking, any disease that is accompanied by a decrease in testosterone levels in the body of a man and an increase in the level of estrogen, can cause the symptoms described above. However, in the case of bodybuilders, everything is much simpler, since the main reason for the appearance of gynecomastia is the use of steroids. That's what gyno in bodybuilders is the result of using steroids.

Steroids in bodybuilders

It's not a secret that many bodybuilders, in an effort to achieve an ideal body, begin to use prohibited drugs - steroids. And then they often have to learn from their own experience what a gino is. Moreover, not only gynecomastia becomes a consequence of the use of prohibited drugs - it is worth noting that most health problems in bodybuilders happen precisely because they decide to help their body to develop chemically, many of which are not approved from a medical point of view. But nevertheless it is necessary to return directly to gynecomastia. Gino is primarily augmentation of the mammary gland in men, but what exactly can cause a similar effect in bodybuilders when using steroids?

Effect of steroids

In fact, steroids themselves cause a huge number of various unpleasant diseases, disorders in the work of the body and so on. But gino - this is not the result of the use of steroids as such. The whole secret here lies in the fact that when creating steroids special flavors that contain estrogen are used. And if you use very little steroids, estrogen does not affect your body. But it has the property of accumulating, so if you constantly use steroids, then the level of estrogen in your body will gradually increase, slowly turning you into a woman. Hence the increase in the mammary gland, and fatty formations of the female type. That's what you doom yourself to when you decide to take steroids during bodybuilding sessions. Gino is something that you bring to your body yourself, that is, no one will be to blame for the occurrence of this condition in your body, except for yourself.

Symptoms of gynecomastia

Now you understand, the gino is what it is, but the confirmation, naturally, is worth contacting the doctor. Do not put yourself an independent diagnosis - you can only assume that you have developed gynecomastia, and you will be diagnosed precisely by a doctor. But first, pay attention to the symptoms that you should manifest if you are going to go to the doctor to confirm the diagnosis of gynecomastia and the appointment of further treatment. Firstly, this is a strong irritation of the nipples themselves and itching around them - this symptom is the main one, that's why it should be present to lead you to the idea of gino. Secondly, under the nipple is formed a small seal, which can be slightly ache a bit. If it is palpable, then you have even more reason to believe that you have gynecomastia. Also, in some cases, a transparent liquid begins to ooze out of the nipple, but this does not always happen, so it is not worthwhile to focus on this symptom, but if it is present, you can almost certainly declare that you have gino. And with this information go to your doctor, who knows exactly what gino is in men and how to treat it.

Treatment of gynecomastia

When you know what a gino is, the photo in the article confirms your fears, you should definitely consult a doctor to get professional treatment. It occurs through the use of special medications that block the receptors of estrogen in the body of a man and stimulate the development of their own male hormones. However, unfortunately, it is far from always possible to cope with this disease by medicinal methods - this happens in those cases when the bodybuilder too strongly leaned on steroids and for too long did not consult a doctor with his problem. Naturally, in this case we will have to resort to more serious measures.

Radical treatment of gynecomastia

When the usual medication does not help, there is a possibility that a person with neglected gynecomastia will have to go to surgery. The operation is the removal of subcutaneous fat formation - of course, the treatment does not end there. After the operation, the patient undergoes a strengthened course of treatment with drugs that suppress estrogen and stimulate the production of testosterone. The patient is on treatment until his body begins to produce testosterone in normal amounts and his level will not reach the norm. Only after this, a person can return to normal activity, but after that he will have to rely only on his strength in bodybuilding, since even small amounts of estrogen can lead to a relapse.


Of course, it is better to prevent gynecomastia than to treat it. You can do it with the help of "Tamoxifen" - 10 milligrams a day will suffice your body to block the receptors of estrogen and stimulate the normal production of testosterone.

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