Surface Tablet - choosing the best

In Los Angeles, a conference was held by a well-known company of Microsoft, at which the new tablet Surface was presented to the attention of all. Contrary to all expectations, this type of computer received other parameters, not quite those that were talked about on the Internet before the demonstration.

Device Features

The gossip was not confirmed - the Surface tablet seems to have been created to fill the space available between expensive and inexpensive models in the gadget data market.

Microsoft Surface tablets will be available in two versions - with the presence of Windows 8 Pro in the first case, and in the second they will be equipped with the Windows 8 RT system. The first view, thanks to its processor and 10.6-inch screen, will try to provide the user with a full contact with Windows, that is, it will allow to work not only with Metro, but also with the classical computer interface. The second model of the Surface tablet boasts 10.6-inch screen series ClearType HD, the expansion of which is still unknown, the system Windows 8 RT, as well as many others.

This model can help to achieve success in the world market, its fairly popular logo and brand, beautiful design and rather convenient interface Metro, as well as excellent technical characteristics and accessories. This model of tablet computers is on sale in September 2013. Most likely, then we will know the cost of the device.


Externally, the new tablet computer is pretty good. It is equipped with a stylish beveled body and sharp corners. Despite this, this model looks quite original. The body of the device is made of a light, but quite strong magnesium alloy. The color of the tablet model is the same - black. At first glance, the Surface tablet leaves only positive emotions. Also it is worth paying attention to the case of this device, since it can be used both as a case, as a stand, and as a keyboard. For greater convenience, fastening of the tablet to its cover is carried out due to reliable and durable magnets.

The display is considered an important component of all devices of this type. Here, the Surface tablet did not disappoint. Its diagonal is 10.6 ". In addition, the display has a so-called "cine" aspect ratio, as well as a resolution equal to 1366 * 768 points. Also the screen is equipped with high brightness and contrast. The colors are lively and juicy. The picture is seen well even in the sun and quite pleasant.

On this, perhaps, the laudatory reviews are coming to an end, as this novelty can not boast of performance. The Tegra3 processor is responsible for this. The frequency of it is 3 GHz, and this is today not much. Also, the situation is not saved by the fact that it is equipped with two gigabytes of RAM. However, Microsoft Surface tablet can easily boast of the presence of 2 modifications: with 32 or 64 gigabytes of internal memory. But the camera, which is equipped with a tablet, has very modest characteristics: minimum settings and 1 megapixel.

In terms of software, this model of the Surface tablet offers us excellent work with documents, full multitasking and attractive interface "Metro", but at the same time almost complete absence of games and such necessary software at times.

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