Nvidia Geforce 210: overview of the video card

The struggle in the market of discrete video cards does not stop even for a minute. More recently, the clear leader was Nvidia, which could provide the model for any needs. Over time, AMD joined the fight, which, I must say, did not come all at once. The video cards of the company came out quite good, but Nvidia always was one step ahead. It seemed that the competition with AMD is only good for them. In the distant 2009, "Nvidia" presents a miracle to the world, which was obtained by a graphics processor based on 40 nm process technology.

Nvidia Geforce 210

The accelerator was initially positioned as a solution for working with undemanding programs. The video card took the lowest price segment, where it quickly proved its superiority over all the others. Yes, it could not run demanding games and resource-intensive applications, but it was distinguished by its quiet operation, as well as support for DirectX 10.1. It is worth noting that the Geforce 210 became the first in the line and received a cost around 50 dollars.

Packing and equipment

It is foolish, of course, to expect from a budgetary model of quality packaging. The Geforce 210 received a small box with a bright pattern on the front side. It is made of cheap cardboard. On the front side of the manufacturer tried to put in the best light of his offspring. Here the big beautiful font shows the name of the model, its main features. The developer made a special emphasis on gold-plated contacts, which are used not only in Geforce 210. Also there is the "Nvidia" logo and Windows, which confirms compatibility with the operating system.

More interesting information for the user is on the back side. Here you will learn about the main technical characteristics of the accelerator in several languages. The manufacturer decribes which technologies are used to ensure maximum performance. Simply put, the company does its best to make the potential buyer pay attention to their product. For which you can not condemn the firm. Exactly this strategy is followed by other manufacturers, focusing on the beauty of the box.

The delivery package leaves much to be desired. However, you forget about all the claims to him, remembering the price. Inside, except for the Nvidia Geforce 210 itself, is a disk with drivers, a manual and a bar for fixing the accelerator inside the case. You can, of course, quibble, say that other models have a wider range of components. But I want to close my eyes to this, given the most affordable price on the market. Moreover, in most cases, the user does not have to buy the details separately. To work with an office computer video card is enough that the manufacturer put it.


The video card is based on a board of dark blue color. Given the focus on the lower segment, the manufacturer tried to make it as compact as possible. You can say that he did it. Dimensions allow you to easily install the accelerator, even in a small system unit. For the office solution, the model contains an impressive set of interfaces. Here there is DVI-I, D-Sub and even HDMI. All of them neatly located on one of the ends. In general, the Geforce 210 graphics card is not bad. The details are of high quality and promise to serve for many years.

It's easy to find a graphic core and several built-in memory modules on the board. By the way, their production was engaged in the company "Samsung", as indicated by the marking. By the way, the Korean company not only makes Nvidia modules. In the rest it is a usual 3D accelerator with the necessary set of components that are designed for its operation.


The graphics core is used by G218. As it was already said, it is executed on the basis of the technological process of 40 nm. The graphics processor runs at a clock frequency of 720 MHz. In idle mode, the frequency is reduced to 135 MHz. The developers have organized this to save energy. A 64-bit memory bus is used to exchange information, its bandwidth is more than 12 GB per second.

The Geforce 210 has 1GB of video memory. However, only 512 MB are real. The rest of the video card is taken from the RAM, which is facilitated by a special technology. The modules are implemented in accordance with the DDR3 standard. The volume is sufficient for the comfortable operation of most programs and the launch of some modern games.

Cooling system

To control the temperature, an active cooling system is used. It is made in the form of one small slot. No covers are used, the cooler is fixed to the board with several bolts. There is a small radiator, which is designed to remove heat. Despite the small size, the system completely copes with its task. This is not surprising, given the low heat release. The cooler works very quietly, merging with the noise of other components of the system unit. At high loads, of course, the noise level rises, but not to a critical one. Usually the video card does not warm up above 50 degrees. Under loads can show more than 60 degrees, but above a mark of 70 degrees hardly will raise.

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