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Protein is good or bad

One of the most popular supplements to date in the sports nutrition of any athlete is protein. Protein in recent years is shrouded in a veil of myths and misunderstandings, especially from people who do not engage in sports at all. It was with this purpose and was written this article in order to debunk many myths concerning a sports supplement called protein.

So, protein is a protein-carbohydrate mixture, and the protein in it is much more than carbohydrates. This supplement was created with the goal of replenishing the daily protein norm in athletes, whose need is significantly increased due to physical exertion. Muscle tissue, which is partially destroyed during exercise, needs after repair, the main source and supplier of these repair materials is protein or protein - it's the same thing.

With the importance of the protein for the athlete figured out, now we begin to consider specific myths about protein. One of the controversial myths at the moment is the damage to the protein for the liver and kidneys. Why controversial? Yes, because in this myth there is some truth. After all, if a person consumes a large amount of protein per day, then a high load on the kidneys and liver can not be avoided, the same applies to powdered protein. Everything is good in moderation, so if you decide to buy protein, but worry about the state of your kidneys and liver, then remember that you do not need to exceed the stick and pour in the whole jar right away to speed up the result from training, it definitely will not help, and Only will do much harm. Eat properly and take the protein as indicated on the package and everything with your liver and kidneys will be fine, provided that before there were no chronic and severe diseases of these organs.

The next myth that borders on the level of "delirium crazy" is the effect of this athletic supplement on potency. Until now, all the bright minds of our humanity in the face of scientists and doctors of science can not understand where the nonsense about the causal relationship between potency and the level of protein in the body took. Therefore, you can calm down and relax - nothing will happen with your potency, it can only increase because of the physical exertion that can increase the level of testosterone in the blood, and this hormone really has a direct effect on the level of libido and potency in men.

Another delirious myth is the fact that the protein is equated with anabolic steroids and the expectation of a simple protein supplement is something extraordinary in sports results. Just answer me to the question what will happen if you eat 100 grams of meat per day or 3 or 4 more boiled eggs. The same thing happens if you add a protein supplement to your diet. If you are short on protein, then the supplement will help you to get the missing protein, and if the bust, then the growth of muscle mass in any case will be.

In general, to accept or not to take protein is your business, but remember that the main thing in this business is a proper diet and competent training.

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