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Paul Dillet: photo, anthropometric data

Bodybuilding is quite a popular sport, winning more and more fans. And this is not surprising, because once you look at the shots of amazing bodies of athletes, professionally engaged in bodybuilding, and instantly want to reach their heights. Paul Dillett - one of these bodybuilders, about him and will be discussed in this article.

Biography of the athlete

This colossus of bodybuilding was born on April 12, 1965 in Montreal (Canada), in a large family. From a young age Paul Dillet (photo presented in the article) felt an irresistible craving for sport. But his first passion was football, in which he achieved fairly good results. In his student years the bodybuilder played for the national team of his university, and after receiving the diploma he got into the professional league and played for the football team "Toronto" for several seasons. To keep fit, Paul Dillet started attending the gym, where he gained an impressive mass in a relatively short time. Then it was the idea to try myself as a professional bodybuilder.

The debut performance, in which Paul tried himself as a bodybuilder, took place at the amateur championship of North America in 1991. Despite the excellent physical data, Paul Dillet could not win the prize, losing to Ray McNeil. But the sportsman did not despair and with even greater zeal continued his training. And it gave its results, after all the next year his performance made a real sensation. As stated by one of the judges, the bodybuilder for the victory would be enough to crawl on the stage on all fours.

The rise of popularity

After the contract with Joe Wyder Paul Dillet, whose height and weight were impressive, went to conquer the professional podium. The rise of the bodybuilder was impetuous. He literally threw all sorts of invitations to popular shows, because the bodybuilder could "light the public." However, the ascetic way of life and the strictest regime by which the athlete struggled with excess fat, did not give Paul the expected popularity. The athlete was too overzealous with diet and training, and the performance at the Arnold Classic competition in 1994, where everyone predicted a place for Dillet, ended with a doctor's visit. Right on the podium, the bodybuilder hammered from seizures as a result of complete dehydration of the body.

Career peak

For the entire history of performances, the athlete failed to get the highest bodybuilding title - Mr. Olympia, which did not stop him from becoming one of the most highly paid bodybuilders in the world. The most impressive achievement of Paul can be called a prize in the competition "Night of Champions", held in 1999. But even then the victory over the main favorite Marcus Ruhl did not bring the athlete complete satisfaction. Many fans and members of the IFBB challenged the primacy of Paul, and then he promised that he would make his next victory undeniable.

A series of failures

But the athlete was not destined to conquer the sport Olympus again. Despite the excellent form of Paul Dillet, the height, weight, biceps of which were really impressive, could not win prizes at the next competitions. Repeated performance on "Nights of Champions" brought only the 3rd place and became the starting point for new misfortunes.

He began to pursue failure: first defeat, then divorce, health problems and car accident, arrests and bankruptcy. We can say that the athlete rolled down to the very bottom of life - because the troubles followed him on the heels. In 2003, the bodybuilder lost his green card and was expelled from the country. With such problems Paul had no time to go in for sports, and he leaves professional podiums for three whole years. In 2006, the bodybuilder decides to return to the world of bodybuilding, but at the Toronto-Montreal competition Paul wins only 10th place.

Love of bodybuilding is forever

Realizing that the new tops in the sport he did not reach, Paul Dillet does not drop his hands. And already in 2007 he founded his bodybuilding federation - The World Bodybuilding And Fitness Federation (WBFF). Then, in the world of sports, rumors spread that the athlete wants to break with the IFBB and compete with them. But the bodybuilder immediately refuted them, saying that the IFBB is an unrivaled organization with which he did not even think to enter into confrontation. And Paul's only goal is to develop this sport in Canada. According to the bodybuilder, he wants to become the one who "lights the stars". The athlete realizes that his best years have long been over, but the fanatical love of bodybuilding will never let go. He hopes that the organization he created will give impetus to Canadian bodybuilders to self-realization and development.

Unusual methods of training

Bodybuilder Paul Dillett is famous for his non-standard approach to training. He was tested and hypnosis, and the connection of electrical wires to the trained muscles. But the most outstanding in the sports environment is the method using the state of affect. This method of power development was based on an interesting theory that the human body is able to show unprecedented endurance and agility in a stressful situation. That is, in order to increase the performance, it is necessary to train at the moment when adrenaline goes off scale. And the most interesting thing is how the athlete embodied his theory in life: instead of a gym, Paul Dillet went to the nearest forest.

A girl was attached to a tree, and the bodybuilder received an installation from a hypnotist that a terrible monster was wandering nearby, which had stolen the beauty and was going to have dinner with her. And the athlete had no choice but to include the ancient instincts and come to the aid of the girl, and he could help her only by training. According to the athlete, this method helped him repeatedly increase the intensity of the classes.

Paul Dillett. Anthropometric data

Of course, for the entire time of the competition the physical data of the athlete has changed. But we chose exactly the ones that the bodybuilder had at the peak of his career:

  • Height: 188 cm.
  • Weight in the off-season: 160 kg.
  • Competitive weight: from 130 to 140 kg.
  • The volume of the chest: 152 cm.
  • Waist circumference: 81 cm.
  • Neck volume: 44 cm.
  • Hips: 86 cm.
  • The volume of the bicep: 6о cm.

List of the most impressive victories

In the history of his performances, Paul Dillet visited many podiums, but not all of them ended in victory. Top places:

  • 1994 year. Grand prix of Italy (2 nd place); Grand Prix of France (1); Grand Prix of Germany (1); Grand prix of Spain (3).
  • 1996. Ironman Pro (2nd place); Arnold the Classic (3); San Francisco Pro (2); Mr. Olympia (5); Grand Prix of Spain (2); Grand Prix of England (3); Grand Prix of the Czech Republic (3).
  • 1999 year. Night of champions - 1 st place.
  • year 2000. Night of champions - 3 rd place.

Despite the fact that the athlete is happy to speak to the public, he does not like to talk about his personal life. But what we managed to get, crosses out the myth that all the pitching is absolutely stupid and soulless. Paul Dillet loves the music of Tchaikovsky and enjoys watching children's cartoons, and the main passion of the athlete is his Mercedes. The bodybuilder knows what high fees and crowds of fans are, but he was not affected by "star fever". There were cases when Paul Dillett refused money, if he participated in some kind of action.

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