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How to properly shake shoulders: advice of a coach

Long broad shoulders are considered a sign of courage. Of course, appearance is not the only indicator of a person's assessment, and is often deceptive. Nevertheless, "meet on the clothes", and in our case - on the build. The wider the shoulders, the narrower the waist, and the more athletic the man looks. Therefore, men like to work their brachial muscles, despite the fact that their training is associated with a number of difficulties.

Training of this group of muscles is complicated by the fact that they quickly get used to the loads, have an anatomically complex structure and are very prone to injury. Therefore, to make your shoulders really big, you need to approach the training process very seriously. Today we will find out what features are working on the shoulders, and we'll figure out how to properly shake shoulders. And help us in this advice of experienced bodybuilders.


Before you learn how to properly and quickly pump your shoulders, you need to understand the structure of this muscle group and the principle of its work.

So, the brachial muscle, which is also often called deltoid, consists of three sections (beams): anterior, middle (lateral) and posterior. Each of the beams performs a separate function and is used in a separate movement. Therefore, for each department there are certain exercises that only study it. The front section raises an arm in front of him, the middle one - upwards through the side, and the back - he takes his hand back. Thus, one muscle receives a very diverse load.

Many newcomers, not having understood the structure of the shoulder, think that it is a single muscle of a spherical shape, which must be pumped up with heavy shells, lifting them up (bench presses standing, press giri, etc.). This approach is certainly doomed to failure. Moreover, it is not only ineffective, but also traumatic.

The deltoid muscle is located on a very fragile shoulder joint. Therefore, it is very important to maintain accuracy and dimensionality in training, as well as not to overload it. The fact that it consists of three departments indicates that basic exercises for normal muscle growth will not be enough.

Workout Features

Proceeding from the fact that the delta consists of three beams, it would be logical to assume that each of them must be worked out separately. The uniqueness of the muscle is not even that it is divided into three departments, but that these departments are responsible for completely different movements. For example, a triceps also has three bundles (for which it was called a "triceps muscle"), but the load vector on them differs little. In the case of the brachial muscle, everything is much more complicated.

Therefore, heavy presses, which are often carried away by beginners, without isolation exercises are ineffective. It is also worth remembering that heavy basic exercises with an illiterate approach can bring serious injuries. This is especially true for the bar press because of the head, whose trajectory is unnatural for the shoulder in terms of anatomy. Therefore, to begin with, it is better to choose as a basic exercise a bench press from the chest.

To the basic exercises gave the result and did not bring unpleasant consequences, it is wise to select the weights, follow the ideal technique of motion and intelligently make up the training program. Now let's find out how to properly swing the shoulders. The photo will help us to understand this issue more quickly.

Basic exercises

Basic exercises are called exercises in which several joints are involved at once, and, in addition to the target muscle, a number of auxiliary muscles participate in the movement. Such exercises are more dangerous than insulating exercises, but they allow you to effectively gain weight and increase strength. Without these exercises, training shoulders is inefficient and incomplete.

Bench press for standing or sitting

This is the most common basic exercise in deltas. Therefore, it is considered a classic of bodybuilding. Thanks to the bar press, you can use all the bunches of the shoulder, but the focus will be on the middle section. If you slightly change the position of the elbows, and direct grip replace the reverse, the load will shift to the front deltas.

But this is not recommended, since the front beams are already actively involved in all the bench exercises. As already mentioned, the press can be done both from the chest, and from behind the head. The second option is more dangerous, so it is not suitable for beginners.

It is recommended to start the practice day with the presses . Since these are multi-joint exercises, they require full concentration and take a lot of energy. Therefore, leaving them at the end, tired of other exercises, the athlete risks serious injury.

Sedentary rod press option removes the load from the waist and has a more isolating character. It is recommended that both exercises be practiced.

Press the rod on the simulator Smith

This exercise performs the same function as the previous one, but it is much safer. Another difference is the exclusion of the muscles that stabilize the position of the body and hands. Simulator simulator allows you to fully focus on working out the target muscle group. Exercise is perfect for beginners who need to master the technique.

More experienced athletes are recommended to use this exercise to "finish off" the shoulders after performing a simple bench press. The fact is that in the classical press a number of muscle stabilizers participate, which get tired faster than the target muscle. Their fatigue leads to the fact that it becomes difficult for an athlete to hold a projectile and he puts himself at risk. The press in Smith's simulator allows you to maximize the weight of your shoulders, even if the stabilizers are tired.

Press of dumbbells

We already know how to properly swing the shoulders with a barbell, now we move on to a more accessible simulator - dumbbells. From the technical point of view, this exercise is similar to the previous two. However, it has its pros and cons. Of the minuses is to highlight the fact that the working weight of dumbbells is less than the weight of the bar. But a large amplitude compensates for this deficiency and allows you to work out the muscles deeper, which, of course, is a plus. In addition, when each arm has a separate projectile, the muscle stabilizers are more involved. They set the arms more natural from the point of view of anatomy than the amplitude of the rod.

Therefore, this exercise is suitable for those who are looking for an answer to the question: "How to properly swing the shoulders with dumbbells at home?" After all, almost everyone can afford a dumbbell, unlike a bulky and expensive bar. Of course, this is not the last exercise with this kind of burden, but it is the only one of the basic ones.

Shoulder broaching (rod rod to chin)

Another useful basic exercise, without which to make the shoulders large is very difficult. As with the previous exercises, the shoulder broach uses all the beams of the delta. At the same time, the main load falls on the back beam, which is very important. First, this department always lags behind in development, as its anatomical function is used by a man rarely. Secondly, this bundle is quite large, so it gives the shoulders an impressive look.

Isolating exercises

Discussing the question of how to properly shake shoulders, we turn to the second class of exercises. Isolating exercises are aimed at ensuring that the specific muscle is pumped as high as possible. They in themselves do not bring much effect in terms of strength and mass development, but together with the basic training they make it possible to achieve an excellent result. In addition, it is thanks to isolating exercises that it becomes possible to work out this or that section of the muscle without affecting others.

Performing these exercises after the basic, you can maximize the weight of the shoulders. Heavy weights in this type of training are not needed. Here in the first place is the ideal technique. The athlete must feel how the muscle is loaded throughout the movement. So, let's find out how to properly shake shoulders with dumbbells with the help of insulating exercises.

Breeding of dumbbells

Perhaps, this is the most common exercise for working out the middle (lateral) bundle of the deltoid muscle. How to properly shake shoulders with it? This exercise, like other isolation exercises, requires the athlete to maximum concentration. Try to lift the dumbbells precisely at the expense of the average delta beam. For this, the hands should be even and parallel to the body. Jerks are unacceptable, since they significantly reduce the effectiveness of training and remove the load from the target muscle. At the lower and upper points of the amplitude, it is desirable to make small pauses. It is recommended to make the lift faster (but do not use inertia), and the lowering is slower. During descent, you should feel a burning sensation in the middle delta area. You can perform the exercise both with two hands at once, either separately or alternately. The main thing is to follow the ideal technique.

Lifting dumbbells in front of you

Here the same principle works as in the previous exercise, only now the target muscle is the front beam of deltas. It gives the shoulders complete harmonious appearance. Since this exercise is very inconvenient for muscles, it is recommended to take small dumbbells to preserve the correct technique. You can lift hands with any grip, but neutral is most effective - when the palms are turned to the body.

Dumbbell in slope

The third exercise with dumbbells is based on the same principle as the two previous ones. Now the back of the shoulder muscle comes into operation. The starting position in this case is different in that the body needs to be tilted so that it is practically parallel to the floor. In order to improve the mental connection of the brain with the shoulder, you can rest your head in a vertical bench. Hands should be lifted smoothly, but swiftly, and lowered as slowly as possible. For greater effect, you can slightly bend them in the elbows.

Reverse dilutions

Here the same movement occurs as in the previous exercise, only the body maintains its even position thanks to a special simulator. This exercise not only gives the rear beam delt accentuated load, but also strengthens the small muscles-rotators of the shoulder, which help the main muscle in almost all exercises. It is recommended to perform reverse dilutions at the very beginning of the complex on the shoulders, with a low weight.

How to properly shake shoulders: training plan

After examining the basic exercises that will help us in the development of the shoulders, we will figure out how to correctly form a training program so that they produce the maximum effect.

So, starting to work on the shoulders is with the basic exercises, and ending - with isolators. To the shoulders were large and strong, they do not need extra weight, but a large number of repetitions. Therefore, basic exercises should be done up to 15 times per approach, and isolating ones - up to 20 times. The load progression here also takes place. Progression in the context of bodybuilding is a regular increase in the load, which is done so that the muscles are not used and constantly developed.

And one more important point is that the shoulders love diversity. As already mentioned, the shoulders have a very complex structure and rather wide anatomical functions. However, the shoulder joint is not particularly strong. Therefore, deltas respond quickly to the load applied to them and get used to both constant weights and to the same type of exercise. So, answering the question of how to properly swing the shoulders in the hall, we can not fail to mention the diversity in the training plan. For example, one lesson needs to be opened with a press barbell, the next is a dumbbell press, then a bench press in a Scott simulator and so on.

Isolating exercises are not so many, so there is no special choice here. But you can change their sequence. For example, if today the first was lifting dumbbells in front of you, then the next time you start with the cultivation of hands with dumbbells, and so on. Below are the options for training, which you can simply alternate. Start the lesson with a pair of warm-up approaches with light weight.

How to properly flex the muscles of the shoulders: a set of exercises

Basic exercises are done in 4 approaches, and isolating ones in three. About the number of repetitions for basic and isolating exercises, it was said above.

First option:

  1. Press the bar on the Smith simulator.
  2. Dilutions of hands in the simulator.
  3. Breeding of dumbbells.
  4. Lifting dumbbells in front of you.

The second option:

  1. Bench press standing.
  2. Lifting dumbbells in front of you.
  3. Raising dumbbells while standing.
  4. Dumbbell cultivation in slope.

The third option:

  1. Press of dumbbells while sitting.
  2. Raising dumbbells while standing.
  3. Dumbbell cultivation in slope.
  4. Lifting dumbbells in front of you.

There are many such programs. It is recommended that a second basic exercise be added over time to increase the load.

Many ask questions like: "How to properly shake your back and shoulders?" This question is incorrect. Equally, like the question "How to properly swing arms and shoulders?". The fact is that, in drawing up a training plan, you need to ensure that the muscles-antagonists are not worked out in one day.

Consequently, the muscles that help each other in the work must swing together so that the next day they have a good rest, while their antagonists will work. Usually the shoulders work with the chest and triceps, as these muscles in many exercises insure each other, while the biceps, back and press do not participate at all. Therefore, it is impossible to train both the shoulder and biceps or shoulder and back at the same time, as the whole body will be ill the next day during the training of the chest and triceps.


A good option for isolating training is supersets - several exercises for different parts of the muscle without respite. Thus, a superset for shoulder muscles with dumbbells can look something like this: hand cultivation + hands lifts + dilution of hands in a slope. Then there is a rest, and everything repeats again. This complex is good because, despite the development of different beams, the muscle is in tension for more time, which leads to its rapid growth.


Today we have learned how to properly shake shoulders at home and in the gym. This muscle is quite specific. On the one hand, he is fond of men, because he gives the figure an athletic outline. Many beginning athletes in this regard only think about how to pump up the shoulders and hands, which is completely wrong, because you need to develop complex.

And on the other hand, the shoulder is rather difficult to work out and is very sensitive to injuries. Therefore, in order for it to develop, one must try and follow the perfect observance of technology. Shoulder training is also good because it can be performed at home with simple dumbbells if desired. How to properly shake shoulders with dumbbells, we already know. And there are no special simulators here.

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