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200 Years of the Battle of Borodino

By the way, the reconstruction of the Battle of Borodino is held annually 2 times: in late May and early September. May reconstruction is a children's holiday. September larger - dedicated to the anniversary of the Battle of Borodino.

This year's reconstruction, which took place on September 2, was timed to coincide with the event: 200 Years of the Battle of Borodino. Unlike previous reconstructions, this year the organizers did not regret pyrotechnics. The show was really a masterpiece. Visitors who came to this celebration had a unique chance to make beautiful photos of the combat costume show.

Reconstruction was preceded by the official part of the command post of Napoleon near the village of Shevardino with the participation of representatives of the government of Russia and France. Former French President Giscard d'Estaing and the French Ambassador, accompanied by the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation, bypassed the construction of troops under the march of the Consular Guard.

The excitement around the event "200 Years of the Battle of Borodino" was simply extraordinary: despite the pouring rain and cold, the field around Radevsky's redoubt was packed with a huge crowd of several tens of thousands of people. Many people stayed on the field 2-3 hours before the start of the event, in order to take the place in the forefront.

Despite the fact that the beginning of the reconstruction was postponed to an hour (it was planned to start at four o'clock in the afternoon and started at the beginning of the sixth), the people did not go away and even stayed on the contrary. Even after the outbreak of hostilities, the people of the huge crowd all dragged on and stretched to the place of reconstruction.

It is interesting that the day before - on September 1, 2012, when the dress rehearsal of the Battle of Borodino was held, dedicated to the events of September 7 near the village of Borodino, was also enjoying the same excitement. At the Borodino Field on the day of the dress rehearsal, there were no fewer people than on the day of the official event. However, on September 1, when the general rehearsal of the Battle of Borodino was more lucky with the weather, it was sunny and warm. Even on television the next day after the reconstruction showed the footage from the dress rehearsal, and not from the official reconstruction.

It is very pleasant to think that after such a long time the people have not forgotten and remember the events of those old years that have become so significant in the history of Russia. I hope that our people's patriotism will only grow.

For those who could not attend this event, once again mention that the reconstruction of the Battle of Borodino is held annually twice a year: in late May and early September. Come, and you will have a chance to plunge into history again.

Sincerely yours, professional photographer Leonid Starikov.

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