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How to play in 2048. Rules and features of the game

The game "2048" appeared not so long ago, but immediately gained popularity among many players. When you start the game for the first time, you immediately ask yourself: "How to play in 2048?" This we will discuss in this article.

Despite the fact that not everyone immediately understands how to play "2048", every day the number of downloads of this game is growing. And it's not surprising, it has everything to attract the player: ease of management, simple unobtrusive design, accessibility and incredible fun. Do not be surprised if your friend plays it all day. Even frequent losses will not stop you on the way to the long-awaited victory. And with what pride you will talk about your triumph to your friends!

How to play "2048"?

The creator of this game presents you a field divided into 15 cells, after each move on the field appears the figure 2 or 4. The goal of the game is to collect on the cell a cell with the number 2048. But what should I do to win?

Let's imagine that at the beginning of the game we have two filled cells on the field, each one with a number 2. To move these numbers, you need to click on the screen down, up, left or right. Depending on the direction in which you press the button, cells with numbers will move there. If your two cells with a nominal value of 2 touch and unite, then you will get one cell with the number 4. In the same way, cells with a denomination of 4 are also joined, forming a cage with the number 8. Now you see that the answer to the question of how to play " 2048 ", not so complicated.

If you managed to combine the cells so that the figure 2048 is obtained, - I congratulate you, you won. And if on the field there is not a single free cell left and it is impossible to unite any of the cells, then, unfortunately, you lost.

Example game

Now let's look at an example of how the basic rule of the game "2048" works. For example, you have two cells with the number 2 on the field, you first have to shift them so that they are next to each other. And then again, that they are connected, forming the figure 4, then you need to create another cell 4, for this we do the same manipulations, and now we have two 4-ki. We connect them and get 8, then we similarly collect another cell with the number 8, connect them. In fact, everything is not so difficult.

Where to play "2048"?

Having dealt with the basic rules of the game, you are wondering, but where to find this game? Those who want to play it with the phone will be able to download the game by going to the Play Market Android system. The game for the phone can also be downloaded, sitting at the computer on the Internet, and throwing on the phone, set. But if you want to play on a computer, it is not necessary that it is installed, the game "2048" online is also available to all comers.

Strategy and tactics of the game

It's worth noting that this game is for people who like puzzles and puzzles, and also have an analytical mindset. Here are some tips with which you will find it easier to go through the whole game.

  • Learn the basic rule of the game. What is meant? Play in "2048" many times, until you understand until the end, how cells move with numbers, how they fold up, until you start thinking through the actions for several moves forward.
  • Do not hurry. In this game, it is important to think through each move before you commit it, do not move the cells in disorder to and fro.
  • Calculate the moves. This moment must necessarily be entered in the rules of the game "2048", because if it is not respected, the probability of winning is negligible.
  • In one movement it is necessary to connect as many cells as possible. It is interesting that in one movement you can connect even three digits. This will allow you to quickly clear the field and collect more large numbers.
  • Pay more attention to small numbers. You will make a big mistake if you collect a lot of large numbers, while not keeping track of the small ones.

Little game tweaks

As you can see, the rules are pretty simple. It seems that everything is easy, and you will easily win, but thinking so, you are deceiving yourself. It is not enough just to know the rules, we must also study the secret of the game "2048" in small things. And we will tell you the little things that will lead you to victory.

To not get lost on the field and always know where to lead your big numbers, try to play in one corner. What does it mean? Gather your big numbers together. So they will be there, and it will be easier for you to connect them together.

Those who played in the "2048", knows that it does not always get to keep one corner. And there are situations when there is no other way out, and we have to deduce our largest cell in the middle of the field. If this happened with you, do what you need, but return to your corner with the next turn.

The game "2048" is an exciting application that will help you pass the time and develop your logic. The game has several basic simple rules, nice design. Despite the fact that this is just a puzzle game, it has a certain benefit. Do not be discouraged immediately, as soon as you lose, without a loss there are no victories. Now you not only know how to play "2048", but also have valuable knowledge that will help you feel the taste of victory. Be patient and play with pleasure!

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