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Passage of missions to GTA San Andreas. Cheats and cheats on the passage of missions in GTA San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a cult action-game with the open world, released in 2004 by the company "Rockstar". For more than 10 years, hundreds of mods and additions to the game have come out. The passage of missions in the GTA San Andreas takes weeks, and only a few players reached the finals, completely passing all the tasks. Even now, gamers are discussing various "Easter eggs". Interesting and secret missions in the GTA San Andreas. Codes for the passage of the mission became a real myth.

General information

Missions in GTA are original quests. Their implementation is the main part of the game process. There are several lines of quests. Missions in the story line most. They are associated with the promotion of the main character of CJ on the "career" ladder of the Mafia. For each mission accomplished, the player receives a reward. Most often this is money. Also issued weapons, cars, real estate and other important items. Some unique things can be obtained only after passing the necessary mission. For example, jet pack (jet pack) is in a single copy on "Zone 51". With his help, a player can literally fly.

The passage of missions in the GTA San Andreas directly affects the world around us. The development of the plot changes the appearance of people on the street, affects the appearance of new locations and other internal processes. In total the world of San Andreas is divided into 3 cities. They are connected by long bridges. Each city is different from the previous one. At the beginning of the game you can only move around one of the cities. Bridges to the next are blocked, and the player will be fired when he tries to get into the new location. If you still manage to penetrate the undiscovered city, you immediately get 6 search stars. This means that you will be chased by helicopters and heavy equipment. It is almost impossible to survive in such conditions without the use of cheat codes.

The very first city is Los Santos. He is the poorest. There are fewer shops, old cars drive the streets, people are dressed in cheap clothes. In this city there are not many specific services, which are in the following. Los Santos itself is divided into sectors that hold hostile gangster groups.

GTA San Andreas: the passage. Mission 1

The player appears near the airport, in which he boarded his plane on the plot of GTA San Andreas. First you need to perform simple tasks in order to familiarize yourself with the gameplay of the game. For example, go ahead, look to the left, jump and so on. Then you need to sit on the bike and go to the flashing indicator on the map. The map indicates the direction to the target, if it is located beyond the foreseeable space. Ira can also set a custom indicator by opening the map with the "M" key (by default).

On the bike you will arrive at the Johnson house, after which the first task will finish and the Big Smoke quest will begin. For them you will receive a small monetary reward, as well as weak weapons.

The war of gangs

The passage of missions in the GTA San Andreas Grand Theft Auto is inextricably linked with the war of the gangs. Two key groupings are Orange Grove Street and Ballas. The main character of CJ is one of the first. Members of this gang wear mostly green clothes and baseball caps. Gangsters from the Ballas gang can be identified by pink clothes and bandages on the head. The war of gangs is for control of the territory. On the enemy zone, the player is dangerous. When meeting with the ballads, he will be immediately attacked. Sometimes there are raids on Gruv Street. But more often members of gangs do not leave the controlled territory. Across Los Santos there are 100 graffiti of ballas and "grooves". There is a side mission, for the passage of which it is necessary to paint over all the inscriptions of the enemy grouping.

Most initial missions are inextricably linked to street warfare. The player repeatedly will have to make raids on the sectors of the ballas. For the fulfillment of the missions of Big Smoke, Sweet and other main characters, CJ will be rewarded not only with money, but also with a plus to the scale of respect. The attitude of other members of the gang to the main character depends on respect. If you have a high level, you can ask the gangsters to follow you. This will greatly facilitate the passage of missions in the GTA San Andreas. At the same time, you can call no more than 3 people. If you sit in the car, they will follow you. Unlike the leaders of Groove Street, ordinary gangsters are easy enough to kill. In addition, not every mission of the story line allows you to take them with you. For example, during an attack on a train you ride a bike along with Big Smoke. This task can be done only on your own.

Capture of territories

The distribution of the territory in the city is affected by the passage of missions in the GTA San Andreas. 24 mission allows you to capture new territories. The player receives the task immediately after passing the previous one. He is called by phone on the phone and says that one of the gangsters has gone to an enemy camp, and asks CJ to punish the "rat." To do this, he will need to buy weapons in the store "Amu-Neishen." After this, with other gangsters the player goes to Glen Park. There is a firefight. In total it is necessary to repulse 3 waves of attack of the ballas. After each of which will be a short break, which allows you to collect weapons from dead enemies and take a comfortable position. In the course of a firefight, it is better to use hiding tactics. To do this, just sit next to a car or a wall.

When all enemies are killed, the traitor himself will appear. It also needs to be eliminated. The easiest way to do this is right after the target leaves the house. Because after that he will try to escape by car. It is rather difficult to drive the streets of the city. If you let go of the car too far, the mission will be considered failed.

Street war

After passing, the player will gain experience and money. Also the opportunity to buy weapons and supplies in the store "Amu-Neisen" and seize the territory of other gangs.

To attack, you just need to gather people and go to the enemy sector (they are indicated by a pink color on the map). To strip the sector, you must destroy all enemies that will be marked with red dots. The best way to destroy enemies is the so-called drive-by. That is, shooting from the car on the go. This definition exists in real life and is used by American gangsters.

Learn the drive-bai player will help the passage of GTA San Andreas. Mission 9 is precisely the destruction of the enemy by shooting from the car. First, CJ with other bandits should attack 3 groups of ballads. It is necessary to kill them from the car. But the hero in the shooting does not participate, but is simply a driver. But you can speed up the process by crushing opponents when they run out onto the road. After the task is completed, it will be necessary to hide from the police.

Escape from the guards of order during missions

The police control almost all parts of the map. In cities they are often found on the streets. The appearance of the police is different. In Los Santos they have slower cars with green stripes. In other cities, police ride expensive cars. If you have committed a crime in the countryside or far beyond the city, then Sheriffs on SUVs will follow you. An ordinary policeman is armed with a baton and a pistol with 3 clips. They serve as patrols. If you attack a policeman with fists or a cold steel - then he will fight with a baton. But as soon as the player uses the firearm, the security guard will immediately respond the same. Sheriffs instead of pistols shotguns, which are of great value. You can determine the sheriff by cowboy hat.

In the game there are several levels of tracing. They are displayed in the upper left corner as stars. The number of stars directly depends on who will be looking for you. 1 star can be obtained for minor violations: pushing a cop, blowing another machine, open carrying a firearm. At the second level, you will already be outfitted, and on the third - a helicopter. At these levels, it is quite easy to hide from the police. To do this, you need to first get out of their field of vision. You can use the car, but remember that obstacles will be installed along the way. You can also hide on foot, running through the alleys. A quick way to throw off the stars is to change the appearance. On the map there are many images of spray cans. These are auto repair shops. In them, you can change the color of the machine, which confuses cops. A similar option for a person is a hairdresser or a clothing store.

Real problems appear after the 4th level of wantedness. Even if you are honestly observing the law, passing the missions with GTA San Andreas will surely confront you with this situation. First, special forces will be deployed. They arrive on special trucks that can not be stolen if the driver does not open the door himself. The spetsnaz is armed with M-14 automatic weapons, which are difficult to buy. They are also wearing body armor, which makes them formidable opponents. At the last two levels of search, special forces can move on armored vehicles. To destroy it, it is best to use the C-4 and a grenade launcher. Also beware of black cars with tinted windows. They are moved by FBI agents. They are armed most often with pistols, but they shoot extremely well. It is almost impossible to hide from the police with six stars.

It is worth noting that it does not matter whether you saw the police at the time of the crime, or not. You will receive a star, even if shot from a grenade launcher in the desert. Sometimes 4 stars give you because of a mission to GTA San Andreas. Passing the task to the end will not help get rid of problems with the law. But there are special cheats that can remove the asterisks. Also there is a code that will help to get rid of the persecution of the law forever. But remember that once you enter the cheat code, it will always be displayed in the "progress" section. Because of this you will not be able to complete the game 100% (even after completing all the missions, including side missions, you will write 99%). The use of cheats will not affect the story of GTA San Andreas. There are no codes for the passage of the mission, but some of them can greatly facilitate this task.

New cities

After completing all the missions in the first city, you get access to San Fierro and Las Venturas. These are two big cities. They have expensive clothes shops where you can buy a suit and a watch. On the roads drive powerful cars, and people carry with them more money, which can be obtained after their murder. Even the buildings themselves look more luxurious and richer. In Las Venturas there are many casinos, which is a direct reference to the real city of Las Vegas.

In the new cities there are airports where you can buy a ticket for the plane. It sells real estate. Buying a house allows the player to quickly save in a new location. Before the start of missions in new cities there are small gaps. After Los Santos player for some time is in the countryside, where he carries out the tasks of two policemen. These quests are filled with humor and unusual situations. For example, CJ will need to burn a cannabis field with a flamethrower before the cops arrive. There will also be a race across rough terrain. Before the third city will need to be trained at the airport in the desert, where for some time the main character will settle.

Cheat Codes

There are many codes in the GTA. Some of them are really useful. Others are created just for fun (for example, code for beach clothing for all residents, BDSM suit and so on). With the help of weather codes, you can influence the world around you in GTA San Andreas. Codes for the passage of the mission implies the rapid receipt of weapons, immortality and other. Cheat baguvix makes the protagonist invulnerable. But only from firearms. Falls from a great height or long stay under water will still cause standard damage.

The most commonly used code is hesoyam. He instantly gives the player a quarter of a million dollars, a full supply of health and armor. In the GTA San Andreas codes for the passage of the mission are not provided. Therefore, even with a full set of them you still have to sweat. Since many tasks include not only shooting, but also require the hero dexterity and ingenuity. But the players still found a way out. There are special trainers that are installed on the computer. In GTA San Andreas, cheats on the passage of the mission appear only after this. On a licensed version, this trick will not work.

Passage of missions in GTA San Andreas: "Free fall"

Free fall is one of the most difficult missions in San Andreas. Many players spent dozens of hours on fruitless attempts to complete the assignment. On the Internet there are whole forums devoted to this issue. This is due to the uniqueness of the mission and the inability to influence its progress with the help of various codes for GTA San Andreas. Mod "The passage of all missions", of course, will solve the problem with "Freefall", but you risk not getting pleasure from the game. You can download mod from torrent trackers on the Internet.

To pass through an honest way, you need to have high piloting skills. They can be trained at an airbase in the desert near Las Venturas. The control of the aircraft by default is quite complicated, so it's better to tailor it to your needs. For example, to increase the flight altitude, it is better to use the "Shift" key.

The mission itself is short. First, CJ leaves for the airport, where you need to board a plane. Fly will have to go far beyond the map. That is, on the navigator you will reach the end, but the flight will continue. After a while, you will find an airplane on which you will need to change seats. It is extremely difficult to do this because the target is a passenger liner, and you are moving on an ordinary "corn". And take another plane is prohibited. To pass the task, you do not have to sit on the plane itself - it's enough to fly into the red circle above it. The flight will be counted, even if you touch the circle only by the wing. In GTA San Andreas, passing a mission with an airplane is difficult because the target is moving much faster than your device. Therefore, it is better to prepare in advance and turn in the opposite direction for a few seconds before the appearance of the liner.

The final

The goal should be lower than you. This is easily identified by the icon on the navigator. If the top corner of the triangle is lowered down, you are higher. The moment is very important, as the plane flies from the top down. After reaching the circle, a screensaver appears. CJ jumps out of the "corn" and flies into the airliner. There you have to kill all the guards and the captain of the plane. Then just land at the airport. For the passage of the mission you will be given $ 1000. Subsequent tasks will be much easier, up to the final, which will complete the passage of GTA San Andreas. Mission 100 is also quite complicated. In it you have to face Big Smoke and his guards. In the mansion of a fat man 4 floors, each of which is filled with enemies. To destroy them, it will take a very long time to shoot. Therefore, you should prepare in advance. Take a grenade launcher and a large quantity of explosives. Shotguns will also be useful, since they deal massive damage. And also pay attention to the door, from which enemies will continually appear, until you kill Big Smoke. On some mods for GTA San Andreas, cheats for the passage of the mission do not work.

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