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The option of finishing the kitchen for you

Options for finishing a small kitchen amaze with its diversity. How to make the right choice? In this we try to understand the following article.

Remember that, whatever the chosen option of finishing the kitchen, it must be strictly tied to a specific room, which has a certain layout and dimensions. So, in a low room it is difficult to imagine suspended plasterboard ceilings.

You should choose not only the option of finishing the kitchen, which you liked, but also one that will give you a cozy corner for eating and a functional work area.

To ensure that the kitchen after repair as long as possible retained its appearance, it is necessary to purchase only high-quality construction and finishing materials. It is very popular nowadays to use panels, but at the same time the plastering and painting method of repair does not go away. The use of panels, which are presented in the modern construction market in a large assortment, is an excellent variant of finishing the kitchen in modern style directions.

In the case where the wall surfaces have visible irregularities and protrusions, they need not be aligned - the MDF wall panels will help to hide all the shortcomings.

Panels are made by pressing wood chips, on which a high-quality coating is applied. MDF is attached to the wall with a wooden crate.

Variants of walls in the kitchen include the use of plastic panels. The same material can be used to cover the ceiling. The building industry produces panels made of PVC (PVC) - this is a quality and environmentally friendly material. PVC is lower in cost than MDF. In addition, plastic has increased moisture resistance, and as a result of the impact of water and steam does not warp and does not swell, which is important for the kitchen. It is easy to take care of plastic, it does not frighten fungus and mold. Thanks to the honeycomb structure, this material has high strength, and imitating the surface under a tree or a stone gives many options for combining.

In the case where no leveling of the walls is required, the option of finishing the kitchen with tiles is suitable. It is more advisable to tile the floor and the surface above the work tables and sink with tiles. If the walls are laid with tiles from floor to ceiling, the kitchen will take on an official and boring appearance: it will look like a public dining room or a room in a hospital.

The floor in the kitchen can be covered with natural linoleum. The modern coating is environmentally friendly, has heat resistance, antistatic and antibacterial properties. Quality linoleum is not subjected to deformation under the influence of heels and is not stretched by furniture legs.

The competitor of linoleum in the kitchen is a laminate floor. The material for it is a solid panel of fiberboard, on which a waterproof coating is applied. In operation, such floors behave in the same way as parquet floors. However, they are not amenable to minor repairs and in five to ten years are subject to replacement.

The walls in the kitchen are often decorated with washable wallpaper. This material has a low cost. In addition, it is waterproof and practical. In the role of finish finishing, paints are used that will fit well into the interior of the kitchen.

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