Mauerlatt - what is this element of the roof construction?

The house is built, the walls are erected, the roof installation is set. The roof is one of the main structural elements of the house, it is loaded with loads and exposure to unfavorable weather conditions. In order for the roof to be strong and durable, it is necessary to install it correctly. It depends on many factors. For example, in areas where there is a large amount of rainfall, it is necessary to build roofs with a slope of 45 ° or more, so that water and snow do not linger on it. In an area where strong winds predominate, it is undesirable to design ramps. Roofs can be diverse, but they must meet all the safety requirements, be durable and beautiful.

Many builders know that the important component of the roof construction is the Mauerlat, that it is a bar, on the basis of which the rafters are kept. Stages of the construction of the structure are as follows: first the Mauerlat is installed, then the rafters, followed by the installation of the ridge run, then the laying of the struts and braces, followed by the turn of the diagonal ties. To the rafters' construction, a restraint is beaten, a crate is placed on it, further steam and waterproofing, then a roof.

How to mount Mauerlat?

When the roof is used, an element such as Mauerlat is used. What is it, does not everyone know. The answer is simple: it is a structural element that connects the structure with the truss structure. Mauerlatom also refers to a wooden bar with a section of 100 × 150 (150 × 150) mm or a board (50 × 150). The strength of the roof will depend on how strong the Mauerlatt is: what it is is quite simple to understand. It is an element that distributes the load along the supporting wall from the rafter structure. So, for a structure of a roof various breeds of wood are used, and it is rather heavy. A Mauerlat distributes the load evenly, and this allows you not to worry about the walls of the house in the future. They will stand for many, many years and will not cause problems during operation.

How does the rafters mount to the Mauerlat?

It can occur in two ways - with a hard and sliding mount. The choice of method depends on what the rafter structure is. With rigid fastening, the following happens: the saws are made on rafter legs not more than a quarter of the width of the rafters, and the feet are densely laid in the mauerlat. If the laying is carried out in hardwood, it is possible to lay with a spike. In all cases, the connection is further strengthened by corners or staples. Slip fastening is used in case of possible shrinkage of the structure, because then the integrity of the structure will be violated. The rafters to the Mauerlat are joined by metal parts. The rafters are laid on the mauerlat and can move freely in the longitudinal direction, and the upper ends of the rafter legs are tied with a stud.

And more important advice. Be sure to treat all wooden structures with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agents, and if necessary, do this twice. And then you can avoid many problems in the future. A house will please your loved ones. Now you know that when building a roof, you can not do without an element like Mauerlat, which is a very important component on which the strength of the roof depends.

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