How to build a house from a permanent formwork

In the last millennium much has changed in the technologies of building houses and other spheres of human activity. Now you can build a house fast enough and high quality, and most importantly economically profitable.

Now there is an excellent opportunity to build a house with such technologies and materials as a permanent formwork. Technology houses from non-removable formwork has been gaining more supporters. This type of construction of your home is perfect for those who want to live in an energy efficient building that does not need constant investment of finance.

Thanks to its thermal house, you can easily save personal finances, which will be useful for interior finishing of the house from fixed formwork.
Fixed formwork consists of specialized thermoblocks or panels, which are created from all kinds of composite. These materials create an integral structural form that allows the formation of monolithic reinforced concrete.

This kind of material after drying of the concrete mix is made an integral part of the wall being created. The positive moments are that a person building a house acquires an already created load-bearing wall, which requires only a professional finish. Thanks to this design, the building house can advantageously and quickly erect the necessary box for further construction and arrangement.

Varieties of classifications:
The first type: finishing non-removable formwork, it also decorates the fixed formwork or specialized monolith with the appearance of the exterior of the whole house.
The second type: reinforced panels or, as they are called armopanels.
The third type: specialized wood concrete panels.
The fourth type: building blocks, created from special polystyrene with voids. Or as they are also called building thermo-resistant blocks, which help build a thermode.

Decorating non-removable formwork to be erected during the construction of the house together with the application of the facing material. Formwork is created by special modules that are attached to the built wall of the house. The module is created from: a facade material, and also an internal finishing plate. And also from special plastic ties and G-shaped hooks.

In addition, such modules can regulate the sealing or weakening of the wall.

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