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"Thirteenth Apostle": and again about the supernatural

"Thirteenth Apostle" - this phrase is familiar to fans of the cult film of Kevin Smith about the two fallen angels (in the spellbinding performance of Matt Damon and his friend Oscar-winning Ben Affleck) "Dogma". In the plot, abounding with slightly blasphemous jokes, that same "13th" Rufus (played by Chris Rock) did not enter the Bible because he was black. But the Italians just such a name - "Thirteenth Apostle" - gave their new series (though, adding one more word as a sort of subtitle - "Elected").

Mysteries of the Vatican

Vatican clergyman Gabriel Antinori works in a special department called to investigate and (if possible) explain various paranormal incidents. In the first series of the telesanguage "The Thirteenth Apostle", the theologian accidentally acquires an ally, capable of helping his research in the realm of the other world. This is the psychologist Claudia Munari. They encountered one of the strange cases (levitating children): the priest was at home in his "detective" cases, and Claudia - as a social educator, going to find out why the guys do not attend school. So this acquaintance began, which grew into cooperation.

Another couple

An atheist and a skeptic, Munari is too hard-headed to believe in otherworldly forces and the afterlife. But Gabriel often had to deal with inexplicable things from the point of view of science, and he is completely different. Does not it look like anything? Yes, of course, a clear parallel with Mulder and Scully, the characters of the "X-Files" - a series that came out 9 seasons and had tremendous success. In that couple, too, the man was ready to believe in the supernatural origins of many unsuspecting things, but for a long time Dana remained "Thomas the unbeliever," criticizing Fox's incredible theories and bringing to the whole conceivable and inconceivable scientific basis. But those who came up with the film "The Thirteenth Apostle" chose a slightly different path, after all, Gabriel is a priest, not an FBI employee. Although it gives some kind of piquancy to their relationship with Claudia. After all, Catholic clergymen are deprived of the right to carnal manifestations of love, and, apparently, the newly-made partners from the very day of the meeting elusively draws to each other.

Mystery is always attractive

Gabriel and his partner are playing (that's a coincidence!) Namesakes: the pretty Claudio Joe with the charming Claudia Pandolfi. Despite the fact that the actors are far from being stars, they are doing quite well with their work. The images that they create in the series "The Thirteenth Apostle" are rather ambiguous. And it's not even in the nascent romantic feelings. Gabriel, for example, is endowed with a certain gift, allowing to keep the dying person in this world. The secret is shrouded in his origin, something that happened to him in his childhood, still does not let him sleep peacefully. Ghosts and sinister characters chase the hero. The series of the film are built according to the classical canon: one episode is equal to one riddle. However, do not rush to rejoice: not always in the finals you can fully understand the origin of this or that phenomenon, some problems will not find their solution. So, you also have the opportunity to reflect on them, for this see the "Thirteenth Apostle", which started its season on January 4, 2012.

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