Shaped products - what is it and why are they needed?

Shaped products of iron and steel are widely used in the process of installing pipes. Without these elements, it is unlikely to be possible to design any sewerage or water supply system. It should be noted that the range of fashions is so wide that it is possible to make from pipes almost any configuration.

Today there are companies that provide customers with all the necessary fittings. To get acquainted with the assortment, it is enough to visit several specialized shops, pay attention to product catalogs.

What materials are suitable for production

Any fittings of the pipeline are made of steel (iron Ductile iron is also often used). Much depends on which particular pipes are used - made of the first or the last material. It's simple: if made of steel, the shaped pieces must be steel.

As practice shows, cast iron fittings are made mainly with sockets, that is why it is considered that this is the most popular type of pipe joint between each other. Although flanged cast iron products also exist. If we talk about shaped steel parts, then they can only be flanged.

What do modern companies offer?

As a rule, any firm with a good reputation has in its arsenal production department, where they make shaped products. To obtain the cast iron, use the material of the VCHSH brand (high strength, with impurities of globular graphite). The parameters of the products from such raw materials are so good that the products can be used for very long - at least fifty years.

Above the shaped parts are covered with different compositions. If the products are made of steel, then they are processed from the outside with a layer of soil, while using enamel, which is resistant to corrosion. On the inside, the surface is not treated - it is prohibited SNiP, in order to avoid a negative impact on the quality of water that the population needs. If we consider cast iron products, everything is different here - from the inside they are processed by cement-sand composition, from the outside - by zinc paint or paint and varnish coating.

It should be noted that the dimensions of the sockets and flanges of shaped products fully comply not only GOST 5525-88, but also ISO 2531. Due to this, the product can be used even for installation works, where pipes from foreign manufacturers are involved.

Classification of shaped parts

We figured out what kind of shaped products, now we should talk about the internal classification - it is in every type of product. That is, the common name "tee" combines several types of fashions at once, "release" - two, "transition" - four.

Consider the main groups - everything depends on the purpose of the connecting parts:

  1. Taps, knees, corners.
  2. Collectors and tees.
  3. Transitions.
  4. Caps.
  5. Flanges.
  6. Connecting cast iron couplings.
  7. Other elements.

Fasone: etymology

In general, the connecting parts have many different names. It is worth noting several word combinations that denote the same product.

  • Shaped products for installation (it is assumed that we are talking about the components from which, for example, a water pipe is made).
  • Fitting - this concept came from the English language, you can translate as "fastening, installation, installation."
  • The fasone is the most concise and capacious designation of the assortment of products that are in demand during the installation of pipelines.

The term "cast iron" also exists - this word is used to refer to connecting elements from cast iron, but the concept can not be called completely correct. So long are called ornamental decorations for fences and gates, as well as casting for Russian stoves. Completely made of cast iron is not molded shaped elements, since their surface is quite complex.

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