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User's manual. How to find out the number of Webmoney purse?

With the development of the Internet, a whole system of electronic payments has appeared. People earn and spend such virtual money without even getting up from their desk. One of the most popular services is Webmoney. This is mainly due to the fact that such a wallet is easy to obtain. In addition, its interface is intuitive even to the beginner. However, still sometimes users have questions on working with it, for example, how to find out the purse number Webmoney.

It is worth noting that such a question can only be asked by a very inexperienced user in this respect. For those who use electronic payments for a long time, most often this is not a problem. Often they even know the number of electronic wallet Webmoney by heart. But for the first time, when confronted with this service, many even confuse WMID, WMR and WMZ. Therefore, you should first understand this terminology.

Basic concepts

When registering for the service, each user is assigned his personal identification number Webmoney (or WMID). It consists only of numbers, and they are always twelve. It is necessary to distinguish one user from another. With its help, you can go to your personal account. And it must be remembered, and it is better to write it down. However, if WMID is lost, it can be restored using email or mobile phone.

And only after registration, the user is given the opportunity to get his wallet, and not one. It can be ruble (WMR), dollar (WMZ) and in other less popular currencies. These numbers usually start with the appropriate letter and also contain 12 digits. So, the ruble electronic purse will have the form R ************, where * - numbers. Similarly look and others. They are used for calculation on the Internet. And where can I find the Webmoney purse number by going to my personal account? And this will depend on what version of the system the user is using.

Webmoney Keeper Mini

For its customers, the service offers two versions for managing electronic money. This is Webmoney Keeper Mini and Webmoney Keeper Classic. Initially, of course, everyone uses the first. It allows you to make payments online without tracking the application on your computer and keep track of the balance in your wallet. And here in this system it is not always obvious how to find out the Webmoney purse number. Especially, if not yet a single purse.

To create it, you need to select the "Purses" tab on the main page. And already in this section, click on the big button with a blue plus. Having entered all necessary data, the user will receive the number of his first purse Webmoney, most often it's WMR or WMZ. For those who live in Russia it is desirable to have both. This is very convenient for calculations. It is important to understand that the question of how to find out the number of the Webmoney purse is not of interest to those who remember their WMID. Just go in and see. But what if both numbers are lost?

Webmoney Keeper Classic

Of course, it is desirable to install a full-fledged working version of the system - Webmoney Keeper Classic. It comes with a very important file with the keys. It must be stored separately from the program itself. Then, in case of a computer failure or loss of all identification data, you can restore access to your Webmoney purses. With this application you can already look at your wallet number at any convenient time.

But since you can sometimes find out the number of Webmoney purse when you completely lose all other possibilities, the service support service is ready to help in this case too. However, when you contact them, you will have to submit the maximum amount of information: from your phone number and your e-mail address to a copy of passport data. But, of course, it is better not to lose the purse number.

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