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Cafe "Clouds" (Ryazan): review, guest reviews

Cafe "Clouds" (Ryazan) positions itself as a family cafe, ideal for organizing a children's party, a birthday party or a quiet family dinner. The institution appeared in the city only recently, but it already managed to earn a good reputation. Let's find out how things really are.

about the project

Cafe "Clouds" (Ryazan, Mikhailovskoe highway) - a relatively young project. The institution appeared in the city relatively recently, but it has already become a popular place. A huge play area for children is something that it is simply impossible to pass by. Here you can have a hearty snack and spend time in a calm and most comfortable atmosphere. Excellent project of a modern family cafe, where it will be fun for both adults and children.


Cafe "Clouds" (Ryazan) is located on the Mikhailovsky highway, a little removed from the city, so there are not so many visitors. Once in this cozy place with a friendly atmosphere, you will surely come back here again.


The interior of the Cafe "Clouds" (Ryazan) is represented by two halls: a large one with panoramic windows and a stunning view of the city streets and a smaller hall, located near the playroom (most often there are children's parties). The presence of sockets with each table and wireless Internet will please all modern visitors.

If you are looking for a place for a family holiday, a great option will be a cafe "Clouds" (Ryazan). Reviews of visitors note that here, perhaps, the best game room in the whole city. To be more precise, there are two game rooms here. In the first children there is a labyrinth, a trampoline, an inflatable house and a pool with balls, the other is reserved for smaller toys: tools, developing sets, sets for drawing and modeling, soft toys. There is enough space here to run and jump, to throw out the accumulated energy, which is so necessary for the children. The main thing is that children are almost not heard, but they are under constant control, parents have no cause for concern. With your children will play professional teachers, animators, who will create for them a real fairy tale.

Visitors note that the cafe "Clouds" (Ryazan) is perhaps the only institution in the city where music sounds so quiet and unobtrusive that it is possible to spend time in a company of friends and socialize.


What can the cafe "Clouds" (Ryazan) offer? The menu is also two: for adults and children. I want to pay special attention to the children's menu. In most cafes they offer favorite but definitely not useful dainties for children: French fries, pizza, crackers, sweets, soda. Here you can order for your children a normal, full-fledged, healthy food. And skilled chefs decorate dishes in such a way that even the most restless baby can not refuse. Parents can order an individual feed for their crumbs: the servicemen will lay out the ingredients in the form of a favorite hero or character of animated films.

Now as for the dishes for adults in the cafe "Clouds" (Ryazan, Mikhailovskoe highway). The menu is represented by traditional dishes of European cuisine. But skilful chefs delight their visitors with dishes in a non-standard interpretation, constantly inventing something new and original. Therefore, we suggest carefully studying the menu when placing an order: for sure you will find something interesting for yourself here. The kitchen is amazing, everything is tasty, satisfying. The assortment of dishes impresses with its diversity.

Here, prepare aromatic coffee, tea, which will help keep warm in the cold evenings. Here you make amazing desserts - do not deny yourself the pleasure of trying them out. This place is chosen for dinners: the cafe offers excellent business lunches at a democratic cost.


Visitors note the excellent service, attentiveness and courtesy of the staff. You will be met at the entrance, spend in the hall, will help you decide on the dish, tell about all the actions that are operating in the institution at the moment.

Restaurant meals are beyond praise. There is a full feeling of having visited a luxurious place, while the account pleasantly surprises. A great place for lunches, dinners, as well as organizing celebrations and celebrations. The order is brought quickly even if the institution is full.


The cafe is child-oriented, for the youngest visitors there are regular master classes where children can cook their own culinary masterpiece and treat their parents. Visitors note that children come to real delight, they like these entertaining classes, competitions with animators. If you are looking for a place to hold a children's holiday, the cafe "Clouds" (Ryazan) will be an excellent option. You can rest assured that the holiday will remain in your memory and your child's memory for a long time.

Summing up

Ryazan is a large city, an administrative center. It would seem that there are so many entertainment establishments here that there should be no problems with choice. But, as practice shows, quiet, home-like cozy family cafes, where you could go with children, where you could spend time, chat, eat well and inexpensively, quite a bit. So, the cafe "Clouds" is one of the few establishments that can offer this all. Those who once celebrated here a holiday or had dinner, necessarily return again and again, leading their friends. The cafe is not in the center of the city, nevertheless it was able to acquire a whole army of fans.

Pay attention to this institution and be sure to visit it in order to form your own opinion.

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