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A few simple tips on how to draw a ballerina in stages

A ballet dancer is called a ballet dancer, a dancer whose movements are full of grace and grace. About how to draw a ballerina in stages, let's talk in this article.

Starting with the skeleton

Drawing a human figure is always difficult. The structure and shape of our body, like its movements, determines the skeleton. It becomes the skeleton of a figure. In the completed drawing, it will not be visible, but in any case it is necessary to begin with it. Therefore, before drawing a ballerina in stages, the main lines will be a wire skeleton, and then we will create a volume on its basis.

Secrets of Harmony

That the figure of the dancer turned out proportional, it is necessary to take into account the dimensional proportions of parts of the body. The canons of proportions tried to bring out even the ancient Egyptian artists. The universal principle of harmony was discovered by Pythagoras in the sixth century BC, it is called the "golden section". On its basis the masters of the Renaissance developed a system of relations, which is still applicable today. According to her, the length of the human body from the base of the head to the thighs is equal to the three dimensions of the head, and the length of the legs from the base of the thighs to the ankle is four such sizes.

Create a shape outline

Let's start studying how to draw a ballerina with a pencil, step by step, depicting the contours of the head, body and ballet tutu - a specific rigid skirt, in which the actress performs. Draw a circle, which then turns into the pretty face of our heroine, down from it we draw a gracefully curved line, not forgetting the ratio of the sizes of body parts. At the level of the base of the shoulders, draw a line that intersects the line of the trunk. These are the future hands of the model. Since we want to draw (stage by stage) the ballerina in the process of dancing, we will depict the swing of her hands with an inclined line slightly bending in the region of the head and neck. A little below the waist level, we draw a slightly left-to-right ellipse (the future skirt), and below it - two straight lines at a slight angle. This will be the slender legs of the dancer. And here, too, we will not forget about the proportions: the length of the legs is approximately four sizes of a circle, which we drew for the head. Given that approximately one size is hidden from the eyes under the skirt of a ballerina, the length of the visible straight lines will make up the size of the trunk.

Initial sketch

Having drawn a frame, we will "increase" the volume on it. We draw a pencil around the neck, torso, arms and legs of the ballerina, put it on the pointe shoes - a special ballet shoes, allowing you to make ballet "pas", standing for a long time and moving on tiptoe. To distinguish the dancer's right leg forward, we will superimpose the contour of the limb on the outline of the left leg behind it. So we will achieve a sense of perspective.

Specify details

If we are satisfied with the result, we can safely remove the sketch sketch with an eraser and confidently circle the whole figure with a pencil, refining the details of the body. We will work on how to draw a ballerina in stages with a round line of shoulders, smooth curves of thin but muscular legs, hands, hands. The figure should not turn out either too thick or too thin. The ballet dancers, as a rule, are distinguished by their flexibility, strength and harmony. We clearly depict elongated fingers in the hands of the ballerina.

Before drawing a ballerina in pencil in all the glitter of her outfit, we'll work over the head and face of the model. Her hair is usually neatly combed back and laid in a bun. Draw them using dense shading. For greater zhiznopodobiya we leave on black strands of light glare. The ballerina's head is gracefully raised and proudly resting on the high neck. It is crowned with a small diadem.

Now we will concentrate on the face - we will mark in the figure the eyes and eyebrows, nose, mouth. If you can, you can try to convey in the picture the emotional state of the dancer, expressed in her features. Just raising or lowering the corners of the lips, eyelids and eyebrows, you can depict sadness, joy, thoughtfulness, pain, laughter, contempt and concentration.

We depict the contours of the dress - sleeves, neck, pattern, edge and relief of a translucent tutu. Draw the details of the belt, lacing on the pointes.

Finish drawing

In general terms, this is the basic advice on how to draw a ballerina. For beginners, a good experience will be the drawing of light and shadow, making the figure the most realistic. For this it is necessary to imagine an imaginary light source. Illuminated details of the ballerina's body will not shade, and those that are in the shade, we shade with a pencil, sealing the shading in the darkest parts.

If this experience is a success, you can try to depict the dancer in paints using colored pencils, gouache or watercolor. The latter is preferable because it allows you to delicately represent the elusive transitions of flowers in clothes and on the body of a ballerina. And of course, it is necessary to place our actress on the appropriate background - the scene with the scenery and backstage.

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