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Actress Fakhriy Evgen: biography, filmography, photo

Fahriye Evgen is a young actress, obliged by her stellar status to the series "Korolek - birdie singing", in which she got the role of Feride. Journalists dubbed the beauty of the "Turkish Monica Bellucci" because of her external resemblance to the famous Italian. Fakhriya is currently on the list of the 10 most beautiful cinemas in Turkey. What about it is known?

Fahriye Evgen: the biography of the star

The future Feride was born in June 1986 in the family of the Turk and Circassian. Her hometown was the German city of Solingen, where her family emigrated long before the birth of the girl. Fahriye Evgen is the youngest child of her parents, she has three older sisters. The first years of the future actress's life were marred by anti-Turkish unrest, which also struck her hometown. The girl was forced to hide with her family for a long time, learned what hunger was.

However, Fahriye Evgen prefers to share joyful memories of his childhood. The girl learned to read early, "swallowed" all the books that were in the family library. Growing up, the future movie star was carried away by such subjects as psychology and philosophy. She also liked to study foreign languages, in addition to German, Fahriye is fluent in Turkish and English.

First successes

"Turkish Monica Bellucci" was not going to become an actress, although it was her fate that was promised to her by noting Fakhriyeh's outstanding external data. The first role she received by accident, when at the age of 19, rested with her mother in Istanbul. Assistant director invited her to appear in several episodes of the TV project "Never forget." Out of curiosity, Fakhriyeh Evgene agreed, not expecting that the stay on the set would be so much to her liking.

"Goal of my life", "Tosca", "Heaven" - pictures, which also marked the future of Feride, but they did not help her attract the attention of viewers and journalists. The first real success for Evgen was the role of Nejla, which she received in 2006 in the show Listopad. The family saga, which narrated about the life of a huge Turkish family, moved to the capital from a small town, was shot for 4 years.

The best roles

Of course, not only in the series is filmed Fahriye Evgen, films with her participation are also worthy of the audience's attention. For example, the positive reviews of critics won the melodrama "Senora Enrica", telling about the misadventures of a guy from Turkey, who became a student of an Italian university. The young man rents a room from Senora Henrique, who prejudices all the male representatives because of a painful break with her husband. Enrique in his youth played Evgen.

Popularity won and the TV project "False Spring", presented to the audience in 2011, in which the "Turkish Monica Bellucci" also received a role. Her heroine was the girl Zeynep, who manages to combine business with care for her husband and children. However, the wife, mother and businesswoman have a terrible secret, which she once decides to share.

"You, my house" is a film project in which a Turkish movie star embodied the image of a girl named Leila. Her heroine parted with her husband, and therefore forced to settle in the same house with her father, who could never find a common language. It's worth watching the series "Farewell" with Fakhriya, who tells about the life of the Minister of Finance, who holds his post in a difficult time.

"Korolek is a songbird"

"Korolek - a bird singing" - the most famous TV project of all, in which Fakhriy Evgen managed to withdraw. The filmography of the "Turkish Monica Bellucci" got this TV project in 2014. The series was closed earlier than originally planned by the creators, but the game of the performer of the role of Feride caused positive responses from critics and spectators.

In "Korolke" actress for the first time appears before the audience in the image of a frivolous girl-child, suffering from love for her cousin. However, gradually Fakhriya shows the maturation of her character, watching it is very interesting.

The new series

In 2015, the audience received an opportunity to meet again with the beloved actress thanks to the drama "Love is like you." Fahriye Evgen again met on the set with Burak Ozchivit, with whom she co-starred in the "Korolke". The protagonist of the picture is a young attractive guy Ali, who lives in a small seaside town. The life of a young fisherman changes after meeting a charming stranger who recently arrived in the city. Of course, the role of a stranger was Fahriye.

It is interesting that Evgen and Ozchivit, who already played the couple twice, meet in real life. In the fact that they are associated with romantic relationships, lovers officially confessed after the drama "Love is like you". However, they began to gossip about their novel while shooting the "Korolka", despite the fact that Burak at that time met with another girl.

These are the most interesting information about the life of the Turkish movie star Fahriye Evgen. A photo of a young actress can be seen in the article.

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