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The film "Dracula": negative and positive reviews. Reviews of the film and the main actors

The history of Count Dracula has been attracting the attention of the world's population for several centuries. It is not surprising that the plot, whose main character is the earl, does not become obsolete over the years. Director Gary Shor decided to tell Dracula's new story.


Long before the audience could enjoy a new film on the big screens, director Gary Shor said that he wanted to tell a completely new story of Dracula. And it will not be like the one told by Bram Stoker.

The main hero was Vlad Tepesh, the best warrior in the army of the Turks. When he was still a child, his father gave it to the ruler of the enemy state to show his humility and submission. Raised by cruel warriors, Vlad himself did not know pity until a certain moment. When he realized how much pain and suffering bears innocent people, he decided to leave the army and rule Walachia.

The arrival of a new ruler brings peace to the state. For many years the suffering of the Turks has not shocked the suffering earth. But for a long time this world could not last. Once, Turkish ambassadors come to Vlad, who demand the boys to serve in the army. They are especially interested in the son of Tepes, Ingeras. Vlad has to make a choice. He can submit to the will of a strong enemy or sell his soul to protect the family and the state.

Actors. Main roles

Many interesting actors were attracted to the film "Dracula". Testimonials are the true proof that they all coped with their roles.

The main character, Vlad Tepes, played the British actor Luc Evans. He was recently known to a wide audience. Perhaps one of the most striking roles that attracted the attention of movie lovers, we can name the role of Bard in the second part of the trilogy "The Hobbit." But, having got acquainted with two or three roles of Evans, the audience discovers for himself and his other films, which are also worthy of attention. For example, "Irresistible Tamara," "Raven," the series "The Great Train Robbery."

Favorite wife of Prince Vlad, Mirena, played a young actress Sarah Gadon. One of the most famous films, in the creation of which she took part, was the "Dangerous Method". In this picture also played Michael Fassbender, Viggo Mortensen and Kira Find.

Actors of the second plan of the film "Dracula"

The role of Vlad's son and Mirena, Ingeras, was performed by young actor Art Parkinson. He is familiar to fans of the series due to the role of Rikon Stark in the tape "The Game of Thrones."

Fans of the "Game of Thrones" will also be able to enjoy the work of Charles Dance, who played in the film "Dracula" of the mysterious Caligula, and in the series - Tainina Lannister.

The role of the leader of the Turks Mahmed II was played by Dominique Cooper. This is not the first time he meets Luc Evans on the set. Before that he played with him in the film "Irresistible Tamara."

Thanks to these actors, a new film "Dracula" (2014) attracted a lot of attention. Critics' comments indicate that all the roles are played superbly.

Behind the scenes

The new story of Dracula undertook to tell the director Harry Shore. He is new to the world of cinema. The picture of the national hero of Romania, keeping the budget of the whole state afloat, became his debut. A lot of time he spent on creating the film "Dracula". The testimonies indicate that the efforts were not in vain.

The script for the picture was written by Matt Sazam and Burke Sharpless. The film "Dracula" did not become for them the last project, over which they worked together. In 2016, there will be a picture "Gods of Egypt", created according to their new scenario.

The film "Dracula". Reviews

Critics have graciously accepted a new story about the vampire graph. They responded well to the work of actors, screenwriters and filmmakers. But the creators of the picture were more concerned with the reaction of the audience, because it was for them that the movie was shot.

People who decided to go to the cinema for the movie "Dracula", pleasantly hit the plot. It does not look like the story told by Bram Stoker. Thanks to the modern possibilities of cinematography, it turned out to create an exciting and beautiful film.

People of different ages were attracted by the film "Dracula". Feedback is a confirmation. The band liked both the girls and the young people. It has a personal history of Vlad, showing his love for family and friends, as well as many exciting moments of hostilities.

"Dracula" by Bram Stoker (film). Reviews

Perhaps the most famous creation of the graph was the picture of Bram Stoker. Despite the fact that the film was released in 1992, he still has many fans around the world. He aroused the interest of young people in the novel of Bram Stoker, made the love story of Dracula immortal. The film was equally well received by both critics and spectators. Until now, he is considered one of the standards of the movie about vampires. He is advised to everyone who is interested in Gothic romance. Someone this film can scare, but most of the audience yet he will charm a beautiful story, wonderful actors.

"Dracula" by Bram Stoker. Actors

The main role in the film was performed by the famous British actor Gary Oldman. There are legends about his ability to reincarnate. This film was one of those where he was able to fully show his talent.

The wife of Dracula and her exact copy in the present tense was played by Winona Ryder. The young actress made a good duet with a famous actor. This film became one of her business cards and helped win the hearts of many movie lovers around the world.

Bridegroom Wilhelmina, so unsuccessfully acquainted with Dracula, played Keanu Reeves. Then he was not as popular as now. Before the release of the film "The Matrix" was still a long time. But the role in the tape "Dracula" allowed him to become more famous, to show his abilities to filmmakers and screenwriters.

The role of the vampire hunter, the fearless Abraham Van Helsing, was played by Anthony Hopkins. The name of this actor speaks for itself. And let him not so often appears before the audience in the film, his role still remains one of the brightest.

No less striking was the character in the picture, embodied by Monica Bellucci. Screen time, she was given even less than Hopkins, but she managed to remember and fall in love with the audience. Monica played one of Dracula's brides.

Other films and series about the graph

Many spectators were attracted by the film "Dracula" (2014). Reviews, ratings say that interest in the graph is alive. The success of the picture gave rise to interest in other films about the enigmatic ear-clipper.

A year before the film was released, the audience could enjoy the Dracula series. The main role was played by the famous British actor Jonathan Rees Myers. This story is also different from the one told by Bram Stoker. The creators of the series allowed themselves to add some details, which, however, did not spoil the plot, but made it only more interesting.

One of the most famous films about the graph was the film "Dracula" in 1931. He is considered a classic. The main role was played by the cult actor Bela Lugosi. His partner on the set was Helen Chandler. Despite its decent age, the film is not obsolete and is still considered one of the best.

Dracula became one of the heroes of the painting "Van Helsing". But only in this story the main role was no longer assigned to him. The earl from this film does not look like the one Bram Stoker told about, but he managed to charm many spectators. The role of the famous vampire was played by Richard Roxburgh.

A new wave of interest in the history of the mysterious ruler of Wallachia was provoked by the tape "Dracula" (2014). Reviews of the film show that young people are once again interested in the history of this hero, which means that very soon new tapes about Dracula will appear on the screens.

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