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The Catholic priest, his rights and duties

A Catholic priest is a minister of the Catholic cult. In Catholicism, as in the Orthodox Church, the priests belong to the second degree of the priesthood. The basis of the church cult is the visible manifestations of God's grace - the sacraments, which are the actions established by Jesus Christ for the salutary salvation of people. The symbolism of the sacraments helps believers to comprehend God's love for man. According to the church teaching, participating in the sacraments, a person receives miraculous help from above.

The Catholic Church, as well as the Orthodox Church, admits seven sacraments: baptism, confirmation (chrismation), Eucharist, anointing, repentance, marriage and the priesthood. The priest of the Orthodox and Catholic church has the authority to perform five sacraments, except for the priesthood (ordination) and chrismation (for this, a special permission of the bishop of the diocese is necessary, in which the minister is incarded). Initiation into Catholic ministers takes place through the ordination of a bishop.

A Catholic priest can refer to a black or white clergy. Black clergy imply monasticism - in accordance with the vow of an ascetic way of life surrounded by a monastic community (or in seclusion). White clergy is a service in the territory of the diocese. According to the totality of liturgical customs in the Latin Catholic rite for all priests, celibacy is the obligatory rule - the vow of celibacy. Liturgical ceremonies of the Eastern Catholic Church celibacy refers to the binding rules of only monastic priests, as well as bishops.

According to the church traditions of the Catholic clergy, the clothes of the Catholic priest are a cassock, a long outer garment with long sleeves, which the minister must wear outside the worship service. The cotane is buttoned in a button row, has a collar-stand and a length reaching the heel. The color is determined according to the hierarchical position. The priest's priest must be black, the bishop is purple, the cardinal wears a purple cassock, and the pope is white.

A Catholic priest during the Liturgy must necessarily be clothed in white alba, ornate and a table. Alba is a long robe of Catholic and Lutheran clerics, which they bandage with a rope. Alba is made of fine wool, cotton or linen. Ornat (Kazul) is the symbolically embroidered cloak of the priest, who is his main attire during the Liturgy. The table is a silk ribbon up to 2 meters long and up to 10 centimeters wide, with crosses sewn on it. Crosses on the table should be located on its ends and in the center.

The Catholic priest Pope also wears rocchetu - a white pleated short clothes lined with lace. This element of vestments looks like a shirt with narrow sleeves knee length. Dresses rochecheta over the cassock. The Pope, the cardinals, bishops and abbots still wear a mozzette - a short cape with a hood. Mozzetu should be worn with a cassock. Its color depends on the priest's rank, the bishops wear purple, the cardinals are scarlet. The Pope wears a variety of mozzets, one - satin and the other - velvet dark red, decorated with fur ermine.

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