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The limitation period for penalties: what is worth knowing?

For many drivers, the question of what is the statute of limitations for a traffic police fine? After all, traffic rules are violated all the time, for this superimposed penalties are imposed. What will happen if you do not pay? So, let's first understand how this is spelled out in the legislation. The action for which traffic police inspectors can write a fine is an administrative offense. Therefore, the time after which you can be brought to a certain responsibility is determined by the Administrative Code of Russia. To be precise, this is defined in article thirty-one / nine in this regulatory act.

So, it says that the statute of limitations of fines is a length of time of two years. It turns out that a fine that is not paid for this period, then in general you can forget. But! It's only in theory. It is worth paying attention to the reverse side of the coin.

If in your name traffic police officers have issued an administrative penalty in the form of a fine, the legislator grants you the right to appeal this decision. If you refuse to contest this fact, then in ten days the named document comes into legal effect. The limitation period is counted from this number. When the time period allocated for payment has expired, no one will be able to fine you, since the penalty is recognized as expired. The document that was imposed is returned to the structure that handed it to you. The next article determines that this can be both a court and other authorities.

And now the most interesting thing! You should never forget that if within a month after the decision comes into legal force, you do not transfer the money to pay the fine, it automatically doubles. Then you have to pay, in fact, two such fine. Therefore, it is worthwhile to think carefully and weigh all possible consequences before you hope for a statute of limitations.

Also it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that in August 2011 the sanctions in the Administrative Code became tougher. If you hope for a statute of limitations and do not pay your penalty on time, an arrest of up to fifteen days may be applied to you.

What else you should keep in mind is that if an offense for which a fine has already been imposed is repeatedly committed, this fact is recognized by the court as an aggravating circumstance. This can significantly tighten your next punishment, so try not to let this happen by any means. If, after committing an offense, one year has passed, then you confess to a person who did not commit such an offense.

From all of the above, we can draw the appropriate conclusions. It is not necessary to hope and wait until the two-year statute of limitations expires for your administrative offense . In any case, you must do something (or pay this fine, or appeal it through the appropriate authorities). Thus, you can save your money, time, nerves, and also avoid most of the absolutely unnecessary problems and troubles.

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