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Who is Vladimir Zaitsev?

Vladimir Zaitsev was born in 1958 in Sverdlovsk. At the age of six, young Volodya was given the opportunity to voice the American version of the film "Mary Poppins". It can be said that this was his first role as an actor of scoring. The voice of Volodya is spoken by the secondary character George Banks. It was this little role, perhaps, which predetermined the future profession of the actor. After that he began to get involved in scoring, cinematography and acting. Like many outstanding actors, Vladimir Zaitsev started with a children's theater. He played in semi-amateur productions, which determined his future destiny.

The first role of Vladimir in the cinema

After zealous work on themselves and hone their skills, the actor got his first role in the cinema. Director Omar Gvasalia invited him to his tape under the title "Residence Permit." True, then Vladimir received one of the secondary roles. This film can be considered the first point in the filmography of Vladimir Zaitsev.

Training in the Academy and the first role in the Theater Ermolova

After graduating from high school Vladimir decided to go to Moscow in order to become a professional actor. In 1975, he successfully passed the entrance examinations to the Russian Academy of Theater Arts. He studied under the guidance of Vladimir Andreev, who helped him at the initial stages of training. In the third year of training, the actor received his first role in the Theater. MN Ermolova. One of the first roles of the actor was the role of Kai famous fairy tale "The Snow Queen". Vladimir becomes a member of the theatrical company, after which the audience will learn about it.

Vladimir Zaitsev: films and serials with his participation

The career of the movie actor at Zaitsev also went along a smooth path. Already in 1981 he received two roles in the films "Against the Current" and "They were actors". In these films, the actor played a central role. Therefore, instantly became recognized in the general public, in addition, it was noticed by many outstanding directors. Vladimir Zaitsev appeared on the screens with an enviable regularity, every year a new tape with his participation came out.

TV series

Among the best films with the participation of Vladimir Zaitsev can be identified "Admiral", "The Barber of Siberia", "State Counselor". In these pictures, the actor played not the main, but important and vivid roles. He had to work with people like Yegor Beroyev, Konstantin Khabensky, Elizaveta Boyarskaya and many others.
Vladimir Zaitsev is most often removed in television series, among them the "Molodyozhka" series can be singled out. In this tape, the actor plays the director of the sports club Vadim Yurievich Kazantsev. The series itself tells how a young team of hockey players gets a new trainer, Sergey Makeyev. Before him is the task of making them a real team.

Vladimir Zaitsev starred in the series Next 2, where he played a negative character named Makinets. To the best serials of the actor can be attributed such pictures as "Hunter", "Molodyozhka", "Legend of the Circle", "Second" and others. It is worth noting that almost all roles in the movie played background characters Vladimir Zaitsev.

The actor, while playing negative characters, but the role of the otpetogo villain does not remain after him forever. On account of Zaitsev more than eighty roles in the cinema. Such a career causes undoubted respect.

Vladimir Zaitsev. The voice of characters in movies and games

Zaytsev played an important role in the profession of sounding foreign films and video games. His voice sounds from American hits. So, it is his voice that says the famous "Iron Man" and almost all the films where Robert Downey (junior) participates, he speaks in Russian versions of the voice of Vladimir Zaitsev. In addition, the actor voices the heroes - Jason Statham, Johnny Depp, Bert Reynolds and many others. The total number of films that he voiced, already exceeds 150. In the world of video games, he participated. He voiced the characters of games such as Star Craft 2, "The Witcher", Still Life and others.

Personal life of the actor

The personal life of Vladimir Zaitsev began even on the stage of the theatrical school. At the third year of his studies at the Yermolova Theater, he met Tatiana Shumova. She also later became an actress of theater and cinema. The pair and now together continues acting career, and also brings up two fine children.

A small conclusion

Now you know who Vladimir Zaitsev is. The actor is very famous, but as an actor he has no equal at all. Vladimir Zaitsev can definitely be called a second-rate star. Probably, almost every Russian box office can not do without his participation. This means that the actor occupies a significant place in Russian cinema. The filmography of Vladimir Zaitsev is very extensive. But you can select the best films. These include such paintings as the "Battalion", "The Barber of Siberia", "The State Counselor", "My Personal Enemy".

Vladimir Zaitsev currently continues to work in the cinema and theater, as well as voice films, video games and commercials.

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