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How to clean the automatic machine with citric acid from the scale?

When you planned to purchase a washing machine, you probably hoped that it would last a long time and did not require repair before the time. However, few people think that to ensure this, it is necessary to properly care for the equipment and from time to time to clean it. After all, on the elements of the device in the process of exploitation, scale occurs, and the water from the tap does not differ in its ideal purity. In some areas it is very stiff, contains a huge amount of iron, as well as salts and other components.

When they warm up in water, they turn into sediments, which can be eliminated only with the help of acid. The higher the temperature during washing, the more scale will form on the internal elements of the machine. If clean water flowed from the tap, then such problems would not arise, but today it has a rather bad quality, but you can still cope with the problems that have arisen. Some solve this problem by installing a polyphosphate filter, with which you can soften the water and reduce the likelihood of scale on the tubular heating element.

Problems with scale

Scum does not carry danger, however it has a detrimental effect on those processes that occur inside the washing machine. This can lead to increased power consumption. Normal heating of water will be inhibited, because the upper part of the TEN will be covered by foreign elements, and this entails additional energy costs.

To know that the heating element is covered with scum, you can when the time of heating the water increases. However, there are other reasons for this. Scale can lead to equipment breakdown, because TEN has to work in an enhanced mode, which will certainly disable it, sooner or later you will encounter the need to replace this part. If the replacement is not performed in time, the machine can break even more seriously, because sometimes the software module burns. Scum can cause the formation of fungus, it gives even more problems.

Cleaning the machine with citric acid

Many housewives today are wondering whether it is possible to clean the washing machine with citric acid. There are not always at hand tools that can be used to solve the problem. And there is no need to purchase expensive chemical compounds, when you can buy cheap citric acid. Means "Calgon" can not cope with the scum, because it only softens the water. Use for this requires food acid, lemon juice does not help.

When you visit the store, you will be able to find household or special acid. The first option is sold at any grocery store. As for special acids, they are usually used in industry, they help to clean mechanisms. The concentration of hydrochloric acid should be prepared from the ratio of the percentage of the agent to the millimeter of the scale. If you prepare a solution with a concentration of more than 10%, this can cause the parts to corrode. But if you use a three-percent composition, then this tool will not be effective.

Recommendations for the use of citric acid

Cleaning with citric acid from the scale of the machine is carried out by a certain method. This tool can have a negative impact on the rubber elements of the drum. The procedure should not be used too often, in which case you may run into the leaching of the oil seal. If dissolving the acid in hot water, it can cause significant damage to the temperature sensor. However, as practice shows, this happens quite rarely. During the cleaning, you need to add a solution for the dissolution of lime, only then you can ensure that the large elements do not hammer the parts.

Cleaning technology

Cleaning the citric acid machine-machine can be carried out at home, for this, about 300 g of citric acid must be filled in the powder compartment. Next, the machine turns on, its operation is set to the mode of washing cotton clothes. The temperature can vary from 60 to 90 ° C. Powder is not necessary to use, no laundry in the drum.

Switch the machine to spin mode is not necessary. In order to remove the debris from the device, the machine must be scrolled at low temperature again. It is important to check the rubber component of the drum. In the sink you can detect large parts of the scale. Remove them by hand or sponge, while using rubber gloves. This treatment can be carried out every four months.

The citric acid against scale in the machine-machine allows to get rid of deposits cheaply and simply. If you used to spend impressive amounts on mitigants, then this time you can resort to almost free technology.

Use of chlorine and citric acid

Cleaning will be more effective when chlorine is added to citric acid. To do this, you need to take a glass of acid and the same amount of chlorine. The latter enhances the action of the first ingredient, this will achieve a radiant shine of the internal elements of the machine. Before cleaning the automatic machine with citric acid and chlorine, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the minus of this technology, which manifests itself in an unpleasant smell during the work. This cleaning can be done every three months, thereby eliminating the corrosion of rubber parts.

How to deal with mold

If you notice that the drum is covered in some places with black mold, then you can use the same citric acid for this. Previously removed the top cover, but for this the machine must be turned back. The cover is fixed on 3 screws, which can be hexagonal or cross, depending on the model. The screws are twisted to open the lid. If you are thinking about the question of how to clean the automatic machine with citric acid, then the next step is to pay attention to the pump, which is located at the bottom of the equipment. From him to the hose there is a hose. The fitting, which acts as the fastener of this hose, is often transparent. Therefore, on it you can see mold traces. The hose must be removed, examined, and if there are dark spots, then it is well rinsed with a solution of citric acid.

A putrid odor can appear when the mold descends the hose and reaches the bottom of the equipment. By the same principle, it is necessary to unscrew the attachment of the front cover of the machine, below it you will see a hose fixed to the pump. If it is not transparent, then it should be detached and inspected for mold deposits, for this you should use pliers.

Recommendations for the removal of black mold

If you are faced with the question of how to clean the automatic machine with citric acid from black mold, then you must take citric acid, install a fan in the machine to help circulate air masses. Observe this condition is necessary if the equipment is in a damp room, here you can include a basement. If necessary, the hose can be replaced.

Tips for preventing deposits

Prevention of the machine should be done about once every six months, but it will not hurt a more frequent procedure, which takes place every 2 months. Instead of citric acid, you can use antinakipin or vinegar. Each machine has a filter from below, after washing it will be dirty, so it should be cleaned regularly. How to clean the automatic machine with citric acid, you could find out if you read the information presented above. It is important to remember that the scum crystallizes when water is heated to 75 ° C. Experts advise not to reach this level of temperature, stopping at 70 ° C. The heater remains clean, so choose the appropriate program. Cleaning with citric acid can be carried out more often than recommended above, but this advice is more relevant for those who use equipment often. With the help of acid, you can remove not only the scum, but also eliminate foreign odors, if any. Prevention does not harm any detail, it is tested in practice.


Before you clean the automatic machine with citric acid, you should consider other ways of doing similar work. As an alternative solution is white vinegar, which must be poured in the amount of 2 cups. Then hot water is added, washing mode is switched on without laundry and powder. The cycle should be the longest. Before you can clean the washing machine with citric acid, you should familiarize yourself with the technology of the work. It says that after the end of the washing process with acid, the machine should once again be put on a short program.

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